Echoes Producer Jeff Towne is that rare combination, a tech-head with aesthetic sensibilities. Jeff has been with Echoes from the beginning but John and Kim have worked with him since the early 1980s when he was a disc jockey at WXPN. He was also a DJ on the Diaspar show and he still sits in on Star's End occasionally.

Jeff grew up near Rochester, New York and worked at his high school radio station, WRHR-FM, playing progressive music. Jeff thought the "Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman" was the zenith of electronic music until he heard the Vangelis album Albedo 0.39 and Tangerine Dream's Stratosfear while in junior high. Thus launched into space, he was fully prepared when he came to WXPN while a student at the University of Pennsylvania. Echoes saved him from a life of business conferences as the head of the audio-visual department in a Philadelphia hotel.

Jeff works behind the scenes, but is responsible for much of what goes in your ears on Echoes. Besides putting Echoes together and recording virtually all of our living room concerts, Jeff plans out most of the Echoes programs, does occasional interviews and feature productions and can occasionally be heard narrating a feature. Jeff has also become the Echoes webmaster, laying out the web pages and creating the graphics for the site.

Jeff is also the "Tools Editor" for a Peabody Award-winning website dedicated to channeling new work and voices to public radio. He also gives occasional workshops and lectures about audio production. Some of those skills have come into play in his role as recording engineer for various musical projects, including the CD "Pendulum" by the group One Alternative.


You can e-mail Jeff with questions or comments about the site.