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A Guide to Echoes On-Line

Recent Changes (July 2012)

What happened to the Real Audio player?

Over the years, we've had a love-hate relationship with the Real Audio player. We stuck with it as long as we did because it provided good audio quality across a variety of connections, and included embedded real-time scrolling playlists. We kept hoping that there would be support for mobile devices, but that never came, or doesn't dowhat we need. More important: listeners often had trouble getting the software installed, or complained that Real Audio took over their computers. So, at last, we've left Real Audio behind, and now use an embedded audio format that should play directly from your web browser. You don't need to install anything, it should just play.

Audio isn't playing:

After you hit a "listen" link, audio should start playing automatically in most cases. If you're on a page with several different streams, you may need to hit the PLAY triangle on the white player bar beneath the program description. If you only see a gray rectangle, and/or text saying "Your browser does not support Flash or iPhone/iPad streaming." you may need to update your browser. Please see our Technical FAQ here>>

Hey, what happened to all those Beyond Echoes streams?

Over the many years of Echoes On Line, we built up a large collection of "Beyond Echoes" streams and other special features. Not all of those were intended to be permanent, but even for those that are: it's taking a lot of time to re-encode so much audio in our new format. We didn't want to wait any longer to provide this new service, so we'll be adding many of those older streams back as we get them converted. If there's one you particularly miss, please drop us a line and let us know, and we'll try to get to it sooner!

Why are there only four shows per week, not five?

You may have noticed that for many years, the Friday program has been a repeat, often of a show that was available further down the page! In order to streamline the display of the programs, we've dropped that friday repeat from the grid, but we're still producing as many new programs as ever, and we'll be leaving access to some older shows open for longer, so you'll still have just as many Echoes programs to listen to!

What happened to the scrolling playlist?

That real-time track listing was one of our favorite features of the Real Audio player, and we're working on returning that functionality soon. Please stand by! In the interim, all streams wil have links to a playlist, which includes start times, so check the elapsed time as shown on the progress bar of the audio player, and that should tell you where to look on the playlist for a particular track. (Of course, the times shift a little bit in the real-world, so those start times might not be exact... )

Levels of Access

There are two levels of Echoes On-Line subscriptions, and each has its own password-protected files. Echoes "Program of the Week" subscribers can access programs from this page:

"Standard Service" subscribers have access to our complete archive, but can NOT access the files from the "Program of the Week" page. Those same programs are duplicated in the Standard Service area, accessed at:

There's also a special one-week trial membership for only $2.99. Details here>>

Access Problems

If you can't get to the appropriate level of access, first, do the basics. Look at your log-in and password. We all scramble letters, use incorrect cases, and have those Homer Simpson moments. Your log-in and password need to be exactly the same as when you signed up for Echoes On-Line.

Forgotten/Lost Password

If you forget your Log-in or Password, please do not contact Echoes. Instead, please contact our transaction service provider, Epoch. They manage your passwords and billing, so that you can get access 24-hours-a-day.

You can retrieve the information on-line from Epoch here.

Or, if you need personal assistance, you can call them 24-hours-a-day:

800-893-8871 (if you are in the U.S. or Canada)
310-664-5810 (if you are anywhere else)

E-mail Epoch

The wrong program, feature or concert is playing instead of the one I selected

If you find a show that does not seem to be playing correctly, please let us know and we'll fix it as soon as possible. E-Mail Echoes On-Line

Downloading Echoes to an MP3 player, computer or device to be named later

We're not allowed to provide downloads: that would be illegal. At least, for now. Even before the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, copyright law did not allow us to offer programs, music, etc. on-line in a downloadable format. The reason for this is the legal difference between broadcasting music, and selling copies of music. Downloads are considered copies, just like a CD. The Echoes On-Line service can only legally provide streaming, not downloading. There are many options for purchasing downloads of the individual tracks we play (click the Amazon and iTunes links from our playlists) but not the complete programs.

Identifying Music

There are playlist links next to all the "listen" links, and all the recent playlists have start times for each track. While they may not be exact to the second, they should give a good idea of which song you are hearing. We're currently working on restoring the real-time scrolling playlists that were part of the Real Player, we hope to have that feature back in place soon.

For more information and purchasing options, go to the playlist and click the "buy it" button.

Accessing specific shows

Individual shows are arranged by week, by hours, searching the playlists may help locate specific features.

With sixteen years (over 5,000 original hours!) of Echoes programs, interview features and Living Room Concerts in our tape archive, we can't have it all available on-line all the time, the bandwidth storage costs would be astronomical. So we've designed the Echoes Online service to offer an ever-changing array of programs, features and concerts from our archive. You can check the schedule to see what's coming up at

We certainly want to provide the programs and features our members want, so if there's a particular program, feature, concert, artist or topic you'd like to hear, please make a suggestion at We'll be sure to consider your suggestions.

The cost of on-line streaming

Providing on-demand audio is expensive, and Echoes On-Line does not have any advertisements or pleas for donations. The majority of your subscription fee goes to the costs of storage and streaming, music rights and royalties, processing and customer-service fees. In return for your subscription, you can listen to the shows you want, when you want, and don't forget: no annoying ads!

Our "Program of the Week" subscription costs only about $2.52 a week and provides a high-quality audio stream. For an additional 48 cents each week, you can subscribe to the full service and archive.

The cost of preparing, storing and delivering content to you on-demand is still quite high, so in exchange for your subscription, we think we've put together a unique, growing and ever-changing service of the best music, features and concerts anywhere. And it's available whenever you want to listen, and without those pesky pop-ups or banner ads. We hope you'll appreciate the quality of our service. Access to hours of Echoes and extended features still work out to less than the cost of one new CD every month.

We'll continue to pass on cost savings to you as the price of bandwidth goes down. And when you subscribe quarterly instead of monthly, we pass the savings from credit card transactions directly to you.

Vacations, leaves of absence, military service, planetary departures

Are you going where Echoes On-Line doesn't? Don't worry. Monthly subscribers can cancel their subscription and then re-up upon return. But remember, the Internet is everywhere and so is Echoes. If you're traveling in Europe or the Caribbean, Asia or Africa, as long as you have a laptop computer and an Internet connection, you can hear Echoes anywhere, anytime. In fact, you can be an ambassador of Echoes around the world.

Changing subscriptions

To make changes to your Echoes On-Line Subscription, such as upgrading, canceling, or using a different credit card, contact our billing service provider, by e-mail at: or by phone, 24 hours a day, at 800-893-8871, or 310-664-5810. If you need to cancel your subscription you can do that here.

If changes to your subscription are made mid-month, charges will be prorated.

Renewal is automatic, until you tell Epoch to stop, so you don't need to worry that you'll be cut-off because you forgot to pay the Echoes bill!

E-mail Epoch

RealAudio vs. Other File-Types

This area of the technology is changing every day, and we will be keeping an eye on future developments. We recently switched from Real Player to a more universal format, so that users could listen on more devices, including smart phones and tablet computers. We'll continue to assess the best formats that can provide good audio quality to the widest variety of listening devices.

OnLine Technical F.A.Q.

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