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We've been fortunate to interview Brian Eno several times over the last 2 decades, first for TOTALLY WIRED and then for ECHOES.

Without really trying, Brian Eno has become a defining figure of late 20th century music. Since his days with the band, Roxy Music in the early 1970s, he's become rock music's leading conceptualist, drawing upon the avant-garde traditions of John Cage, minimalism and electronic music. But he applies their concepts to the most popular music with his productions of U2, Talking Heads and David Bowie. His 1975 album Another Green World is a bible for most cutting edge musicians and his Ambient music series helped craft the New Age and then the ambient arm of techno music.

It's not that Brian Eno is necessarily the most popular artist on Echoes, but his influence, more than any other, pervades almost everything we play. That's why, when we looked back at the music of Echoes after our first decade, he was picked the first, among Ten Artists for Ten Years of Echoes. We knew it back at the beginning: in the second week of Echoes, in October of 1989, we ran a five part series on Brian Eno:

Brian Eno: Profile

Also available for Echoes On-Line subscribers:

Brian Eno: Ambient music

Brian Eno: Light & Sound sculptures

Brian Eno: Collaborations

Brian Eno: The Studio as an Instrument

In subsequent years, we've kept up with Eno's latest directions, here are two features about later developments in his music:

BRIAN ENO: Nerve Net

Because of albums like Another Green World and in his work with David Bowie, Talking Heads and U2, most people think of Brian Eno as a musician on the leading edge of technology. After the release his album My Squelchy Life was delayed, Eno scrapped the whole project and moved on to something more on the cutting edge. The new album was Nerve Net, and it explored dancy grooves in a style Eno dubbed "Somadelic".


Brian Eno's Drawn from Life album in 2001 found him playing live, along with German electronic composer, J. Peter Schwalm. From Eno's studio in London and Schwalm's in Frankfurt, Kimberly Haas crosses the wires of two electronic artists.

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