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Over the years certain artists have emerged as icons of the Echoes soundscape. These are musicians who shifted the direction of music, whose work influenced a generation and usually, musicians who also tend to be articulate thinkers about their art. In this series, you'll hear features Echoes has produced on these artists, often encompassing their entire careers.


PAT METHENY: An Icon of Echoes

In this special Icons of Echoes collection, you'll hear six sound portraits of Pat Metheny that span 15 years of his very diverse career, plus his first-ever Echoes Living Room Concert.


Pat Metheny is the most highly regarded of electric jazz guitarists, noted for his sophisticated fusion with the Pat Metheny Group and for taking extreme chances in his music, including electric distortion freak-outs to recordings with Ornette Coleman. But on his new album One Quiet Night, the New York based guitarist takes a turn towards quiet ruminations on solo acoustic guitar, largely inspired by post 9-11 moods. Pat Metheny talks about his improvised reveries.


Guitarist Pat Metheny's music has a cinematic quality born of the wide open Missouri spaces where he grew up. In 2000, he scored a soundtrack to the movie A Map of the World that tapped into that pastoral, mid-America sound with Metheny playing acoustic guitar. Pat Metheny and director Scott Elliott talked about their musical coordinates on A Map of the World.

Pat Metheny's Secret Story     (1992)

Guitarist Pat Metheny has been the guitar hero of jazz for decades, but he frequently steps out of the jazz mold with special projects. In the fall of 1992, we found him in a symphonic mode. We spoke with Pat Metheny about his cinematic album, Secret Story, which merged orchestras with synthesizers, Brazilian percussion and jazz improvisation.

Pat Metheny Profile (1989)
Pat Metheny has been at the top of the jazz field for nearly a quarter century. He emerged in the 1970s with Gary Burton's group, recorded an important trio album with the late bassist Jaco Pastorius and then went onto to his signature work on the ECM label with the Pat Metheny Group. Never one to simply ride a commercial trend, Metheny has challenged his audience with soundscape recordings like As Falls Witchita, So Falls Witchita Falls and free jazz improvisations with iconoclast Ornette Coleman. In 1989, we took a look back at Pat Metheny's career up to that point.

Pat Metheny & computers (1989)
Pat Metheny has never been a jazz purist and he was quick to adopt new technology into his music. In the 1980s, he worked extensively with synthesizers, guitar-synthesizers and in particular, the Synclavier, at the time, the Rolls Royce of digital synthesizers. Among Metheny's recognizibale characteristics is that elephantine trumpet cry he elicits form his guitar synthesizer. Metheny talked about incorporating synthesizers into jazz.

Pat Metheny in Brazil (1989)
This is the first Echoes feature we ran on Pat Metheny in October of 1989, the first week of Echoes. By then, The Pat Metheny Group was already the most popular, critically acclaimed electric jazz ensembles of the last two decades. Metheny had already begun infusing their music with South American elements, particularly from Brazil. Those sounds were heard on their latest and still one of their most popular albums, Letter From Home.

A Living Room Concert with Pat Metheny
World renowned jazz guitarist Pat Metheny sits in the Echoes Living Room to play his acoustic baritone guitar. In 2003, Metheny released his first solo acoustic guitar album, One Quiet Night. Metheny plays music from that album, including meditative covers of songs by Norah Jones and Gerry & the Pacemakers, and a spontaneous improvisation drawn from the serene states of One Quiet Night.

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