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Friday 12/06/02
Ed Bilous is a journeyman composer working in commercials, soundtracks and TV scores. This past year, he composed an atmospheric score for PBS's reality series, FRONTIER HOUSE." Bilous didn't just key in on the rustic sounds of 19th century America in the west, but instead used minimalist techniques, world music elements and the warm guitar sound of Kristofer Ricat to sculpt the emotions and landscapes of the series. In his studio, we talk with Ed Bilous about heading west from Manhattan.

ID#02-J07-00244 Friday December 06, 2002 (Echoes Program 40T)

First Half Hour
Ed Bilous Rain/Coming Home Frontier House
Michael Brook/Djivan Gasparyan Fallen Star Echoes LRC vol 6*
Gary Stroutsos Bablau Aye Oru: The Natural Order
Dom F. Scab Procesos Analogical Confessions More Info

Second Half Hour

Ed Bilous As Time Unfolds Frontier House
Carl Weingarten Child's Play Escapesilence
Darvish Dawn Before Time Darvish
Loreena McKennitt Prologue The Book of Secrets
Steve Tibbetts Lupra A Man About A Horse

Third Half Hour
Tom Vedvik India Ink Slowdiver
Cam Newton Morning of the Gypsy King  Ipso Facto
Blue States Coloration Man Mountain
Madredeus Ecos Na Catredral Electronico
Drala Home Drala

Fourth Half Hour
Stephan Micus Flying Horses Towards the Wind
Dominic Gaudious Embrace Where I Stand
Cyber Zen Sound Engine Brightly Brightly and with Beauty Auslander
Steve Gordon Balance Dance Drum Prayer
Dave Stringer Brink Brink

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