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The Mundi Ensemble sounds like the name of a classical group polaying ancient music on Original instruments. The Mundi Ensemble does play Ancient music, but with a post-modern sensibility. Headed up by British born guitarist Darrel Mayer, the ensemble plays ancient songs and new compositions with a minimalist sensibility and a hint of Duane Eddy, albeit on classical guitar. Their second album, AS BARLEY FALLS (check) is a whimsical mix of the old and new, recorded live in an Austin church where they're based. Members of the Mundi Ensemble talk about ancient sounds in the Texan heartland.

ID#03-J07-00007 Echoes Program 02Y
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First Half Hour
0:01:00 The Mundi Ensemble Stories from the Tree As Barley Falls  
0:06:01 Joanne Shenandoah Peace and Power Peace & Power: The Best of Joanne Shenandoah  
0:09:17 Shastro Shaman's Healing Shaman's Healing
0:23:15 New Power Trio Dane Lane Echo Park  
0:29:30 break

Second Half Hour

Feature: The Mundi Ensemble
0:37:31 The Mundi Ensemble Quinque As Barley Falls  
0:41:44 Break
0:42:14 California Guitar Trio Eve CGT+2
0:46:10 David Michael & Randy Mead Aerial Crossings Magic Carpet  
0:52:18 Neil Smith Not What You Think Lush One  

Third Half Hour
0:01:00 Briar Rose Mr. & Mrs. MacLean of Snaigow The Captive Maiden  
0:06:01 Jalan Jalan Wari Bali Dua
0:12:30 Energy 52 Café Del Mar Chilled Euphoria*
0:22:16 Sacred Source Dance of Eresh Kigal Spirit  
0:29:30 break

Fourth Half Hour
0:30:00 Nigel Shaw Hallowed Earth Requiem: Well of Souls  
0:36:20 Adiemus Cantus Inaequalis Songs of Sanctuary
0:39:33 John Doan Wayfarer Wayfarer
0:44:11 break
0:44:41 Pat Thomi Time Pyramids
0:51:23 Jairamji Chime Voodoo Roux Deux*  

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