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Pianist Peter Kater spent most of the 1990s working with Native American flute player R. Carlos Nakai in a series of acclaimed CDs of duets, chamber ensembles and soundtracks. On his latest CD, RED MOON (Silverwave), Kater returns to that fertile soil, recording an album of Native American chamber arrangements with an undertow of electronica rhythms. Teaming up with Nakai, Mary Youngblood and other Native musicians, Kater orchestrates an ambient native chamber music, even though during its making, few of the players were ever in the same state, let alone the same studio. Kater shows us how he created his virtual ensemble.

ID#03-J07-00044 Echoes Program 10V
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name More Info

   First Half Hour
0:01:00 Peter Kater The West Red Moon
0:06:01 Joanne Shenandoah Dance of the North Peace & Power: The Best of Joanne Shenandoah
0:11:48 Adham Shaikh Sabadhi Essence  
0:19:38 Yuval Ron/Omar Faruk Tekbilek Resistance One  
0:24:54 Jeff Johnson/Brian Dunning Adagio from Handels' Sonata in G Adagio*  
0:29:30 break

Second Half Hour

Feature: Peter Kater
0:37:31 Peter Kater Deep Waters Red Moon
0:43:00 break
0:43:30 Aurah The Phoenix Songs of the Alchemist
0:49:23 Dom F Scab Invitation to Memory Facta
0:58:20 close
0:59:00 break

Third Half Hour
0:01:00 Will Ackerman The Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit Echoes LRC volume 4*
0:08:59 Mari Boine Alddagasat Ipmilat Odda Hamis  
0:14:33 George Winston Night Sky Forest
0:16:18 Red Shift Mantra Cloudnoise Deep Field Image  
0:23:45 Hiroki Okano/Nigel Shaw/Guillermo Martinez Pacific Atlantic Bamboo Cedar Oak  
0:29:30 break

Fourth Half Hour
0:30:01 Wall Matthews Enryaku Zen Gardens  
0:34:28 Odessi Moments of Ambience Chilled Euphoria*
0:39:59 Ranga Innocence Radiant Awakening
0:44:57 break
0:45:27 Baka Beyond Silver Whistle East to West
0:49:54 Philip Glass Religion Naqoyqatsi
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