Echoes Playlist
Echoes marks the coming of Spring with music for when day and night are equal, seeds go into the ground, and flowers spring to life. Celebrate the turning of the season with an Echoes soundscape of ambient designs and acoustic textures drawn from nature as crickets, birds, wind and ocean are drawn into a sonnet of music to praise the world around us.

ID#03-J07-00057 Thursday March 20, 2003 (Echoes Program 12Y)

First Half Hour

0:01:00 Ruben Romero/Robert Tree Cody Gentle Wind Native Brotherhood
0:06:00 Erik Wollo Open Land/Spring Poem Wind Journey
0:11:20 Kitaro Mori No Tami Ancient Journey
0:19:00 Will Ackerman Somewhere in all this Green Hearing Voices
0:23:33 Ben Verdery Song Before Spring Ufonia

Second Half Hour

0:30:00 Robert Sequoia Essence of Life Essence of Life
0:36:00 Jalan Jalan Sekar Bali Dua
0:42:10 John Huling Night of the Mockingbird Under One Sky
0:44:45 Samite Mirembe Kambu Angels
 0:49:40  break
0:50:40 Ancient Future Forest Frolic Planet Passion
0:55:00 Kazu Matsui Talking with the Rice Spirit Bamboo

Third Half Hour
0:01:00 Lisa Lynne Springs New Morning  
0:06:00 Gary Sill  Migration Restless Hearts  
0:09:00 Scott August Emergence Distant Spirits
0:15:30 Ishq Bhakti Orchid more info
0:25:00 Autumn's Child Yellow Field Storyteller

Fourth Half Hour
0:31:00  Cindy Combs Kalena Kai Slack Key Lady
0:34:20  Monica Robelotto Morning Tranzdanz
 0:41:40  break
0:42:15  Wendy Carlos Spring Sonic Seasonings
0:49:50  B-Tribe Reprise Spiritual/Sunset in San Carlos Spiritual Spiritual

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