Echoes Playlist

Earth Day 2003

broadcast on Echoes

Sunday April 20, 2003

Tuesday April 22, 2003

On this Earth Day, Echoes presents musicians speaking about music drawn from nature. From the wind whistling across a reed or a musician beating drums to the rising sun, nature has always been integral to music. We celebrate that relationship on this Earth Day. We'll hear from artists such as Paul Winter, Samite of Uganda, the Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart, The Soundings of the Planet Ensemble, Bernie Krause and Robert Rich with contemplations on the land from which their music springs. Their thoughts will be wrapped in music from the plains piano of George Winston to the canyon calls of Paul Winter and many more. The sound of the planet lives on in an Echoes Soundscape and Reflection on Earth Day.


*denotes compilation 

2000-2159 ET Echoes Program 17W

First Half Hour

Michael Gettel Sucia San Juan Suite
Suzanne Cianni Full Moon Sonata Pianissimo III
David Hudson Shakimsa pt 1 Guardians of the Reef
Mickey Hart Temple Caves Planet Drum
Jalan Jalan Sembahyang Pagi Bali

Second Half Hour
Paul Winter Canyon Chaconne Canyon Lullaby
Robert Rich Veil of Mist Rainforest
Chuck Jonkey The Gathering Rio Amazonas
Samite Mirembe Kambu Angels

Third Half Hour
Mychael Danna Cootes Paradise North of Niagara
Philip Aaberg Maria's River Breakdown Soundtrack: Ansel Adams*  
Keola Beamer Sweet Singing Bamboo Tales from the Dream Guitar
Dean Evenson Clearing the Air Forest Rain
Bernie Krause Theme for a Summer's Day Nature  

Fourth Half Hour
R. Carlos Nakai/Paul Horn Anasazi Journeys Inside Canyon de Celly
Steve Roach World's Edge World's Edge
Gary Stroutsos Falcon Cave Echoes LRC Vol 7*
George Winston Rain Winter Into Spring

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