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Based in New Hampshire, Randy Armstrong is a gifted acoustic guitarist who has been on the world fusion scene since the mid 1970s when he was a member of the world fusion chamber group, Doah. Since that band broke up, this New Hampshire-based artist has played more world fusion with Uno Mundo and his own trio. He recently composed the score to the PBS series, Dinner on the Diner (Ellipsis Arts) and now has a new solo CD, No Regrets (Domo). Randy comes to Echoes to talk about his music journey.

ID#03-J07-00142 Thursday July 17, 2003 Echoes Program 29Y
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name more info

First Half Hour
0:01:00 Randy Armstrong Tribute II No Regrets
0:06:01 Larry Coryell/BadiAssad/John Abercrombie Suspended Circles Three Guitars
0:11:26 Kristi Stassinopoulou The Secrets of the Rocks The Secrets of the Rocks
0:17:19 Deep Sky Divers At the Heart of the Cyclone The New Fast Lane  
0:29:00 break

Second Half Hour

Feature:Randy Armstrong
0:37:46 Randy Armstrong Song for Peace No Regrets
0:43:27 break
0:43:57 Patrick O'Hearn Black Delilah Eldorado
0:48:56 Gino D'Auri Rondena para Sabicas Flamenco Mystico
0:58:30 close
0:59:00 break

Third Half Hour
0:06:00 Brian Sparks Lost Horizons Wind Voyages  
0:10:12 Mari Boine Gula Gula: Chilluminati Remix Odda Hamis  
0:14:42 Manish Vyas Sattva Sattva
0:21:41 Saul Stokes Iris…My Observatory Fields more info
0:29:00 break

Fourth Half Hour
0:30:01 Vas Ellora Offerings
0:39:05 Gert Emmens Gaspra Wanderer of Time more info
0:48:41 break
0:49:11 Steve Hackett Wind Sand and Stars To Watch the Storms
0:53:22 Bob Holroyd The Spaces In Between Without Within
0:58:25 close

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