Echoes Playlist

ID#04-J07-00061 Echoes Program 0412D
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name More Info

First Half Hour
0:01:00 T.J. Rehmi You Are We Am I The Warm Chill
0:06:01 Aryeh Frankfurter Sudenrita/Oira Aurora of the Northern Harp More info
0:12:24 Michael Whalen Months of Constant Change From Conception to Birth
0:17:05 Zero 7 When It Falls When It Falls
0:22:29 Hans Joachim Roedelius Voila, That's it American Steamboat  
0:24:54 Rob Eberhard Young Silence Consistent Variation  
0:29:00 break

Second Half Hour
0:30:01 Don Rooke Nuevo Laredo Atlas Travel  
0:34:49 Omar Faruk Tekbilek Red Skies One Truth
0:41:25 David Pritchard Pattern 6 Velocity
0:47:10 break
0:47:40 Suzanne Teng Motherland Miles Beyond
0:53:56 Zero One Robots Psy-Fi
0:58:30 close
0:59:00 break

Third Half Hour
0:01:00 Tim Story Sister of the Flood The Perfect Flaw
0:06:01 Life in Balance United Dream States Star  
0:10:43 Makyo Pashyanti Skydancing Nada Masala vol3 (v/a)* More info
0:20:07 Philip Glass Evil Grade The Fog of War  
0:23:11 The California Guitar Trio Punta Patri The First Decade
0:26:59 Williamson Time You'll Never Get Back A Few Things to hear Before We All Blow Up
0:29:00 break

Fourth Half Hour
0:30:01 Keola Beamer Alekoki Tales from the Dream Guitar
0:33:22 Susheela Raman Sakhi Maro Love Trap
0:38:06 Buedi Siebert The Lotus in the Mountains Om Mani Padme Hum  
0:44:18 break
0:44:48 Erik Wollo Blue Passage (Ceramic Theme) The Echoes Living Room Concerts vol 9 (v/a)* More info
0:50:39 Bruno San filippo Giant Patagon Suita Patagonia  
0:57:07 Scott August Among the Pines Sacred Dreams
0:58:25 close

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