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Thursday 04/29/04
The Ministry of Inside Things is synthesist Chuck Van Zyl and guitarist Art Cohen. Van Zyl is a disciple of 70's space music and hosts the long-running space music radio show, Stars End at WXPN in Philadelphia. When he isn't spinning CDs of heroes like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and their more recent descendants, he creates his own electronic dreamscapes with Art Cohen. Their debut CD is EVERLASTING MOMENT (Synkronos). In Van Zyl's Upper Darby home, Van Zyl and Cohen talk about the inspiration, directions and secrets of The Ministry of Inside Things.

ID#04-J07-00086 Echoes Program 0417D
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name More Info

First Half Hour
0:01:00 Tim Story & Hans-Joachim Roedelius Clue Lunz
0:06:01 Zero7 When It Falls When It Falls
0:11:24 Rhonda Larson Creator Distant Mirrors
0:15:38 Jami Sieber Edge of my Soul Second Sight
0:21:37 Steve Roach Wicked Dream (excerpt) Fever Dreams
0:29:00 break

Second Half Hour
0:30:01 Aine Minogue King of the Faeries The Twilight Realm
0:35:40 Giles Reaves Reverie Sea of Glass
0:40:36 Yann Tiersen Father and Mother Good Bye Lenin
0:43:30 break
0:44:00 Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson Ars Moriendi Children of Nature
0:49:38 Klangwelt Wheel of Fortune The Age of Numbers  
0:58:30 close
0:59:00 break

Third Half Hour
0:01:00 The Ministry of Inside Things Hibernation Dreams Everlasting Moment More info
0:06:01 Conrad Praetzel Myths and Memories Myths and Memories
0:09:46 Mark Nelson The Water is Wide The Water is Wide
0:13:40 Don Rooke Blackpool Atlas Travel  
0:16:42 Jai Uttal & Ben Leinbach Govinda Music for Yoga and Other Joys
0:29:00 break

Fourth Half Hour

Feature: The Ministry of Inside Things
0:37:46 The Ministry of Inside Things VM-75 Everlasting Moment More info
0:44:13 break
0:44:33 Aldo Silent Star Close to You
0:48:45 Rakesh Chaurasia Sounds of the Mountains Destiny: Call of the Divine  
0:58:25 close

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