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Banshee in the Kitchen is a California trio whose hearts reside in Ireland. Brenda Hunter, Mary Tulin and Jill Eglund make up the Banshees, playing hammered dulcimer & fiddle, guitar & bouzouki, and flute & accordion respectively. In the flatlands of Bakersfield, they've forged an evocative Celtic sound that merges folk, classical and world music elements heard on their latest CD, CATCHING THE MOONCOIN. We catch Banshee in the Kitchen in Mary Tulin's living room, where they create their own brand of Celtic enchantment.

ID#04-J07-00195 Program 0427B
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First Half Hour
0:01:00  David Michael  Sands of Time  Heart of the Harp   
0:06:01  Harold Budd  The Photo of Santiago McKinn  By the Dawn's Early Light     
0:12:47  Steve Kuhn  Lullaby  Promises Kept     
0:17:19  Jami Sieber  Out of the Mist  Hidden Sky     
0:22:54  Layne Redmond  Seven Heaven  Invoking the Muse   

Second Half Hour

A Living Room Concert with Banshee in the Kitchen 
0:31:11  Banshee in the Kitchen (Live)  The Mooncoin Set  Catching the Mooncoin  More info  
0:35:43  Banshee in the Kitchen (Live)  Maids of Mitchelstown  Catching the Mooncoin  More info  
0:41:11  Banshee in the Kitchen (Live)  Rhythm of the Rain  Catching the Mooncoin  More info  
0:46:36  Banshee in the Kitchen (Live)  Aran Boat Song  (unreleased)      
0:51:19  Banshee in the Kitchen (Live)  The French Café Set  Catching the Mooncoin  More info  

Third Half Hour
0:01:00  Annbjorg Lien  Astra  Aliens Alive     
0:06:01  Acoustic Eidolon  November Woods Reprise  Live to Dance     
0:09:33  Jeff Beal/Nawang Khechog  The Mandala  Tibet:Cry of the Snow Lion     
0:15:04  Lori Carson  She Can't Decide  The Finest Thing     
0:22:57  Jon Durant  A Map of Tenderness  Things Behind the Sun   

Fourth Half Hour
0:30:00  Musica Divina  My Heart is in the Highlands  Mysteries     
0:34:19  Vas  Moksha  Feast of Silence     
0:39:09  Shankar and Gingger  Sunrise  Celestial Body     
0:44:55  Richard Ashe  Y.K.W.I.S.  Ether Static vol2     
0:48:47  Ryuichi Sakamoto  Seven Samurai (ending theme)  Chasm     
0:54:22  Laurel DR01  Laurel     

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