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Nawang Khechog is a former Tibetan monk who has been living in the U.S. for many years. His music is featured extensively on the soundtrack to TIBET: CRY OF THE SNOW LION (Triloka), and he also has his own CD out, UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS (Sounds True). Nawang talks about the spirit of peace he tries to bring to the world through his flute playing and singing.

Echoes Program 0429C
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First Half Hour
0:01:00  David Michael  Sands of Time  Heart of the Harp     
0:06:01  Hans-Joachim Roedelius  Voila That's it  American Steamboat     
0:08:26  jhno  Raise and Illuminate  membrane     
0:16:02  BT  The Bus Stop  Music from and Inspired by the Film Monster     
0:25:41  Ian Melrose  Prince Charlie  A Scottish Legacy     
0:29:00  break         

Second Half Hour
0:30:01  Mark Holland  The Plans I Have for You  For Such at Time as This     
0:33:33  Ryan Farish  Enchanted  Beautiful     
0:38:34  Vienna Teng  Feather Moon  Warm Strangers     
0:42:36  Michael Whalen  Part Three  Like Rain Through My Hands     
0:50:45  break         
0:51:15  Carl Weingarten  Kelli's Tune  Redwood Melodies     
0:53:37  Mark Dwane  Legned of the Dogon  The Sirius Link     
0:59:00  break         

Third Half Hour
0:01:00  Jeff Beal/Nawang Khechog  The Mandala  Tibet:Cry of the Snow Lion     
0:06:01  David Darling  Wulu Mist  Mudanin Kata     
0:08:46  Ian Boddy  Chiasmata  Chiasmata  more info   
0:14:37  Jai Uttal/Ben Leinbach  Govinda  Music for Yoga and Other Joys     
0:29:00  break         

Fourth Half Hour

Feature: Nawang Khechog 
0:37:46  Nawang Khechog  The Wish-Fulfilling Jewel in the Himalayas  Universal Love     
0:46:38  break         
0:46:58  Magical Strings  The unseen Journey  Where Dragons Dance     
0:51:08  Kaya Project  Labess  Walking Through     
0:57:09  Yann Tiersen  Childhood (2)  Good Bye Lenin     

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