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Jean-Luc Ponty is the world renowned French violinist who was an icon of jazz-fusion in the 1970s and 80s. In addition to stints with Frank Zappa, The Mahavishnu Orchestra and dozens of his own recordings, he also had some children, among them, pianist Clara Ponty. She's just released her first album in five years. It's called MIRROR OF TRUTH (JLP Productions) and marks the first time the father and daughter have recorded together. We gather the two musicians together where they talk of a youthful prodigy and a woman who is finding her own musical voice.

Echoes Program 0441B
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First Half Hour
0:01:00  Kevin Bartlett  Lighting is Everything  Near Life Experience   
0:06:01  Dom F Scab  Complicity  Twelve Stories  more info   
0:12:55  Jonathan Elias  American River  American River 
0:17:55  Jan Garbarek  In Praise of Dreams  In Praise of Dreams   
0:23:13  Green Filter  Love  Chill Buenos Aires Sessions (v/a)*   
0:29:00  break         

Second Half Hour

Feature: Clara and Jen-Luc Ponty 
0:37:46  Clara Ponty  In the Shadow of Stars  Mirror of Truth   
0:42:35  break         
0:43:05  Paul Pimsler  Strength  Music     
0:45:31  Deborah Martin/Cheryl Gallagher  Palace  Tibet 
0:53:05  Richard Bone  Impossible Ships  The Reality Temples   
0:59:00  break         

Third Half Hour
0:01:00  Kaki King  Lies  Legs to Make Us Longer 
0:06:01  Adrian Legg  English Blue  Inheritance 
0:11:43  Jeff Johnson and Brian Dunning  Behind the Water Wall  The Katurran Odyssey 
0:16:53  Cell  Audio Deepest Night  Farenheit Project pt 4 (v/a)*     
0:25:21  Paco  Satie  This Is Where We Live   
0:29:00  break         

Fourth Half Hour
0:30:00  John Lakveet  Apsis  Building Sequential Stones Vol.2   more info   
0:33:04  Eleni Karaindrou  Prayer  The Weeping Meadow     
0:37:11  Choying Drolma/Steve Tibbetts  Vakritunda  Selwa 
0:41:18  Richard Leo Johnson  Eulogy  Poetry of Appliance   
0:47:14  break         
0:47:44  Jon Hopkins  Luna Moth  Contact Note   
0:52:51  Will Ackerman  Barbara's Song  Returning 

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