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Speaking from the famous Rainbow Studios in Oslo, where he cut many of his most influential recordings, Jan Garbarek talks about his latest album IN PRAISE OF DREAMS (ECM), a deep, smoldering meditation that's part hymn, part lament, and part Parisian café. Garbarek reflects on his poetic imagery, references to an earlier style of jazz, and the art of dreaming.

Echoes Program 0442B
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First Half Hour
0:01:00  Ruben Garcia  Pantoum  Maybe Forgotten Forever     
0:06:00  Paul Pimsler  Start Again  Music     
0:08:45  Carl Weingarten  My Beautiful Moon  Hand in the Sand     
0:12:05  Choying Drolma/Steve Tibbetts  Gayatri  Selwa     
0:15:50  Steve Roach/Byron Metcalf/Mark Seelig  One  Mantram     
0:29:00  break         

Second Half Hour

Feature: Jan Garbarek 
0:37:46  break         
0:38:07  Jan Garbarek  In Praise of Dreams  In Praise of Dreams   
0:43:26  Sounds From the Ground  Stampede  Luminal   
0:49:52  Jeff Johnson and Brian Dunning  Fossah Dreams  The Katurran Odyssey   
0:54:00  Jon Hopkins  Luna Moth  Contact Note     
0:59:00  break         

Third Half Hour
0:01:00  Larry Coryell/BadiAssad/John Abercrombie  After the Rain  Three Guitars     
0:06:01  Tom Rossi  Cherisa  Salma Har   
0:17:06  Lechner/Tsabropoulos  Chant from a Holy Book  Chants Hymns and Dances   
0:22:09  Richard Bone  Impossible Ships  The Reality Temples     
0:29:00  break         

Fourth Half Hour
0:30:01  Irari  Winter Light  Esquisses   
0:36:45  Jonathan Elias  Waiting in the Forest  American River   
0:39:08  Bruno Sanfilippo  Devocion  Ad Libitum     
0:43:35  Magic Sound Fabric  Perfect Light  Freedom Star 
0:50:12  break         
0:50:12  Clara Ponty  In Quest of New Horizons  Mirror of Truth     
0:53:59  Richard Leo Johnson  Her to Hymn  Poetry of Appliance   

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