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At An Die Musik in Baltimore we enjoy a private and intimate performance by German cellist Anja Lechner and Greek pianist Vasillis Tsabropoulos. Their latest album, CHANTS, HYMNS AND DANCES (ECM) is one of the most perfectly pitched, subtly nuanced recordings of 2004. The two artists adapt the music of Armenian mystic G.I. Gurdjieff and Thomas de Hartmann in a series of serene improvisations that will have you redefining your concepts of beauty. We hear them in a live and spontaneous performance.

Echoes Program 0447C - Wednesday, November 24, 2004
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First Half Hour
0:01:00  Erik Wollo  Sedona  Blue Sky Red Guitars 
0:06:00  George Winston  Sky  Montana - A Love Story 

0:09:08  Marcus Reuter/Ian Boddy  The Source  Pure   
0:12:52  Craig Armstrong  Gentle Piece  Piano Works 

0:15:33  Callisto  Naiad pts 1+2  Signal to the Stars 
0:29:00  break       

Second Half Hour
0:30:01  Richard Leo Johnson  Her to Hymn  Poetry of Appliance 
0:34:12  Moya Brennan   Bi Liom  Passages: The Echoes living Room Concerts Volume 10  more info
0:38:30  Green Isac  Dr Talks Bagpipe  Etnotronica 

0:43:03  break       
0:43:33  Martin Tillman  Spontaneous in Portofino  A Year in Zurich   
0:46:56  Brian Eno  Unfamilar Wind  Ambient 4: On Land (reissue)   
0:51:49  Darin Schaffer  Water  Darin Schaffer   
0:59:00  break       

Third Half Hour
0:01:00  Mike Oldfield  Harmonics  Tubular Bells 2003 
0:06:00  Steve Nieve  Window #1  Windows 

0:12:11  Kaki King  Can the Gwot Save Us?  Legs to Make Us Longer 

0:16:26  Stellamara  Maliks  The Seven Valleys 
0:24:21  Richard Bone  Impossible Ships  The Reality Temples 
0:29:00  break       

Fourth Half Hour

A Living Room Concert with Anja Lechner and Vassilis Tsabropoulos 
  Lechner/Tsabropoulos Bayaty Chants Hymns and Dances
  Lechner/Tsabropoulos Duduki Chants Hymns and Dances
  Lechner/Tsabropoulos Trois morceaux apres des hymnes byzantins II Chants Hymns and Dances
  Lechner/Tsabropoulos Chant from a Holy Book Chants Hymns and Dances
  Lechner/Tsabropoulos Interlude One Chants Hymns and Dances  

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