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Echoes Program 0504C
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First Half Hour
0:01:00  Michael Mandrell  Ancient Art of Soul Travel  The Great Spiral Dance   
0:06:01  Martin Tillman  Spontaneous in Portofino  A Year in Zurich 
0:09:39  Mark Mothersbaugh  Let Me Tell You About My Boat  The Life Aquatic with Steve Zizzou* 
0:11:13  Mundi  The Sun Chemist  Apple Howling   
0:24:07  Secret Frequency Crew  Willow Patch Wormhole/Neon Bridge  Forest of the Echoe Downs   
0:29:00  break       

Second Half Hour
0:30:01  Stephen Trask  The Chase  In Good Company* 
0:31:25  Ulrich Schnauss  In All the Wrong Places  A Strangely Isolated Place 
0:38:08  Jeff Johnson and Brian Dunning  Shifting Sands/A City Dead  The Katurran Odyssey 

0:43:00  Lechner/Tsabropoulos  Bayaty  Chants Hymns and Dances 
0:47:18  break       
0:47:48  Karunesh  For the Joy of It All  Call of the Mystic 
0:54:03  Green Isac  Siamese Drum  Etnotronica 

0:59:00  break       

Third Half Hour
0:06:00  Luis Perez  Sleeping Woman  Tales of Astral Travelers 
0:11:37  Michael Barry-Rec  A Chance to Dream  On the Road to North Mountain   
0:15:15  Stellamara  Maliks  The Seven Valleys 
0:23:10  Robin Guthrie  Imperial  Imperial 
0:29:19  Mark Dwane  Cosmological  The Sirius Link   
0:29:00  break       

Fourth Half Hour
0:30:01  Dan Nadel  Warm Shades of Beauty  Brooklyn Prayer   
0:37:22  Rohan  Come to me Slowly  Elysian Vibes (v/a)* 
0:40:17  Marina Belica  Waterwheel  One Sky 
0:44:12  break       
0:44:42  Hiccup Road  The Radiant Hour  The Time of Disappearing 
0:49:17  Darshan Ambient  Autumn's Apple  Autumn's Apple 

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