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Echoes Program 0509B
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First Half Hour
0:01:00  David Helpling  Worlds  Between Green and Blue 
0:06:01  Tim Story & Hans-Joachim Roedelius  Clue  Lunz 
0:10:04  Glen Tarachow  Dissolve  Waterclock 
0:17:06  Chris Coco & Sacha Putnam  Spiegel im Spiegel  Remasterpiece 
0:24:53  Pat Metheny Group  Part Three (excerpt)   The Way Up 

0:29:00  break       

Second Half Hour
0:30:01  John Lakveet  In-Kant-able  The Force of Reason  More info
0:35:24  Sarah MacLachlan  World on Fire  Chillout 06* 
0:43:43  Kila  Baroki  Passages: The Echoes Living Room Concerts volume 10 (v/a)*  more info
0:49:36  Skychasers  Edge of the Rez  Full Moon Session 
0:54:47  Richard Searles  Orb Weaver  The Green Man 
0:59:00  break       

Third Half Hour
0:01:00  Davy Spillane  Daire's Dream  The Sea of Dreams 
0:06:01  Jeff Johnson and Brian Dunning  Behind the Water Well  The Katurran Odyssey 

0:11:04  Terra Ambient  The Gate  The Gate 

0:18:30  Paul Winter  Yabu  Journey with the Sun 
0:22:49  Craig Padilla  Parallels  To the Sky and Beyond the Stars (v/a)*   
0:29:00  break       

Fourth Half Hour
0:30:01  Erik Wollo  Red Guitars  Blue Sky Red Guitars 
0:35:05  Ben Cox  Grebe  On Water 
0:43:52  Chinmaya Dunster  Chance Finding  Fragrance of the East 
0:50:02  break       
0:50:32  Ministry of Inside Things  Love Attack  Passages: The Echoes living Room Concerts Volume 10  more info
0:55:39  Darin Schaffer  Ladders  Darin Schaffer 

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