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Stellamara is a Bay Area band creating a world music of the imagination, filtered through eastern European refrains, spun in Persian grooves, blended in medieval modalities and supercharged by San Francisco's multi-cultural sensibilities. It's all centered by the vocal incantations of Sonja Drakulich, whose voice evokes Bulgarian choirs and middle eastern ululations in this richly layered, percussive world fusion. They've just released their first CD in 8 years, called THE SEVEN VALLEYS (Lucidity Music.) In their Oakland home, Stellamara boards a music caravan from Persia to Bulgaria.

Echoes Program 0513A
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First Half Hour
0:01:00  California Guitar Trio  The Marsh  Whitewater 
0:06:01  Harold Budd  Three Faces West  Avalon Sutra 
0:08:36  Dom F. Scab  Dace  Crosswords  More info
0:19:57  Keren Ann   For You and I  Nolita 
0:23:39  Michael Gulezian  Little Meggie  Concert at Sa. Olaf College 
0:29:00  break       

Second Half Hour

Feature: Stellamara 
0:37:46  break       
0:38:06  Stellamara  Szerelem  The Seven Valleys 
0:43:59  Erik Ian Walker & Marit Brook-Kothlow  The Garden  I Have Never Told You   
0:47:55  Nawang Khechog  Meditation  Music as Medicine 
0:52:53  The Album Leaf  Window/Thule  In A Safe Place 
0:59:00  break       

Third Half Hour
0:01:00  Joan Jeanrenaud/Paul McCandless  Calling You  Cinema (v/a)* 
0:06:00  Eugene Friesen  Humpback Harmony  In the Shade of Angels   
0:10:18  Solar Fields  Water Silence  Farenheit Project 5 (v/a)*   
0:15:59  Cyril Morin  Hymns  Ayurveda (ost) 
0:20:59  Mundi  Mappamundi  Apple Howling   
0:24:31  Solas  Doireann's Waltz  Waiting for an Echo 
0:29:00  break       

Fourth Half Hour
0:30:01  Jeff Johnson  Blessed Is The Man  Vespers 
0:34:36  Tommy Emmanuel  Morning Aire  Endless Road 
0:40:33  break       
0:40:33  Jami Sieber  Hidden Sky  Hidden Sky 
0:47:28  Jon Hassell  Divine SOS  Maarifa Street 
0:54:27  Soulfood  Canyon Echoes  Mystic Canyons 

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