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Echoes Program 0520A - Monday, May 16, 2005
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First Half Hour
0:01:00  Ministry of Inside Things  Love Attack  Passages: The Echoes living Room Concerts Volume 10  more info
0:06:01  Richard Souther  Red River Falling  Illumination 
0:10:29  Eugene Friesen  Misono Vespers  Sono Miho   
0:16:18  Radio Massacre International  A Priest Crossing Frozen Water  Emissaries 
0:29:00  break       

Second Half Hour
0:30:01  Tim Story  Monster in these Mountains  Caravan 
0:32:28  Two Siberians  On the Tundra  Out of Nowhere 

0:35:35  The Album Leaf  Seal Beach  Seal Beach 

0:39:36  Max Richter  On the Nature of Daylight  The Blue Notebooks 
0:45:48  break       
0:46:18  The Hermit  Estuary  Flying out of Solitude 
0:54:21  Jeff Johnson  Blessed Is The Man  Vespers 

0:59:00  break       

Third Half Hour
0:01:00  Nawang Khechog  Healing Through Kindness  Music as Medicine 
0:06:01  Jon Hassell  Divine SOS  Maarifa Street 
0:13:09  Adham Shaikh  Ohm  Fusion   
0:19:52  William Coulter  Place of Gold  The Road Home 

0:23:06  Strunz and Farah  Tone Painting  Zona Torrida 
0:29:00  break       

Fourth Half Hour
0:30:01  Richard Searles  Bryn Y Ellyllon  Echoes LRC volume 8*  more info
0:33:58  Bill Burke  Views of an Icy Horizon  Comma   
0:39:24  Dom F. Scab  Lighthouse  Crosswords  more info
0:46:11  break       
0:46:41  Hi Fi Sky  Ocean Bear  Music For Synchronized Swimming in Space   
0:52:38  Tim Story/Hans Joachim Roedelius  Lunz-Ulrich Schnausss Remix  Lunz Reintrpretations 

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