Echoes Playlist

Echoes Program 0617C - Wednesday, April 26, 2006 and Friday, June 30, 2006
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First Half Hour
0:01:00  Rena Jones Aurora Borealis Beneath the Surface (v/a)* Buy From Amazon
0:06:01  Deborah Martin/Cheryl Gallagher  Palace Tibet  Buy From Amazon
0:12:44  Marconi Union  Sleepless  Distance  Buy From Amazon
0:18:02  Jan Garbarek  Twelve Moons  Twelve Moons  Buy From Amazon  
0:22:20  William Orbit  Fragamosia  Hello Waveforms  Buy From Amazon
0:29:00  break         

Second Half Hour
0:30:00  Edgar Meyer Interview        
0:38:06  Edgar Meyer  Woody Creek  Edgar Meyer  Buy From Amazon
0:42:05  Caryn Lin  The Clock  The Call  Buy From CDBaby

0:45:06  Michael Hoenig  Forgotten Thoughts  Xcept One  Buy From Amazon
0:52:05  Rasa  Doya Koro  Temple of Love  Buy From Amazon
0:59:00  break         

Third Half Hour
0:01:00  Sumner McKane  Nashville Nashton Nasheopolis  Night Blooming Cereus     
0:06:01  Jalan Jalan  Wari  Bali Dua  Buy From Amazon
0:12:35  Robin Guthrie  Crescent  Continental  Buy From Amazon
0:16:02  Vacabou  Life As Interference  Vacabou Buy From Amazon
0:22:05  Manual  La Torche  Bajamar  Buy From Amazon
0:25:20  Christopher O'Riley   I Better Be Quiet Now  Home to Oblivion: Elliott Smith Tribute  Buy From Amazon
0:29:00  break         

Fourth Half Hour
0:30:00  Lanterna  Hope  Desert Ocean  Buy From Amazon
0:35:03  Bluetech  Leaving Winter Behind  Sines and Singularities Buy From CDBaby
0:42:55  Thomas Newman  Six Feet Under Title Theme  Six Feet Under (v/a*)  Buy From Amazon
0:45:01  Anouar Brahem  Halfaouine  Le Voyage de Sahar Buy From Amazon
0:46:56  Andreas Vollenweider  Chanson De L'Heure Bleue  Book of Roses Buy From Amazon
0:48:31  Andreas Vollenweider  Czippa and the Ursanian Girl  Book of Roses Buy From Amazon
0:51:43  Andreas Vollenweider  The Birds of Tilmun  Book of Roses Buy From Amazon
0:53:53  Andreas Vollenweider  Hirzel  Book of Roses Buy From Amazon

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