Echoes Playlist

Echoes Program 0710D - March 8, 2007
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name Amazon/iTunes/Misc  

First Half Hour
0:01:00  Nancy Rumbel Tree of Life Notes from the Tree of LifeBuy From Amazon
0:06:01  Banshee in the Kitchen (Live) The French Café Set Catching the MooncoinMore Info  
0:11:01  Laurel MacDonald Sirenaria Luscinia's LullabyBuy From Amazon
0:16:18  Kaki King Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers Until We Felt RedBuy From Amazon
0:20:21  Vicki Genfan Si Up Close and PersonalBuy from CDBaby
0:23:35  Marcia Sloane Skyward Skyward Buy From CDBaby
0:29:00 break      

Second Half Hour
0:30:01  Ronnda Cadle Rosemary's Dawn The River Runs Buy From CDBaby
0:33:58  Liz Story Inside Out Escape of the Circus PoniesBuy From Amazon
0:37:32  Loreena McKennitt The Gates of Istanbul An Ancient MuseBuy From Amazon
0:44:31 break       
0:45:01  Eleni Karaindrou Young Man's Theme I The Weeping MeadowBuy From Amazon  
0:46:57  Gretchen Yanover Geometry of Dreams Bow and CelloBuy From Amazon
Buy From CDBaby
0:53:01  Laurie Anderson Tightrope Bright RedBuy From Amazon
0:59:00 break     

Third Half Hour
0:01:00  Lisa Gerrard Sailing to Byzantium Immortal MemoryBuy From Amazon  
0:06:01  Amiina Seoul Seoul 
0:12:52  Rena JonesPhotosynthesis  DriftwoodBuy From Amazon
0:17:59  Mariam Matossian Oror Far From Home Buy From CDBaby
0:22:04  Deborah Martin & Cheryl Gallagher Glacier TibetBuy From Amazon
0:29:00 break     

Fourth Half Hour
0:30:01  Anoushka Shankar Prayer in Passing RiseBuy From Amazon
0:36:15  Caryn Lin The Call The Call Buy From CDBaby
0:39:35 break       
0:40:05  Mary Youngblood On our Journey Dance with the WindBuy From Amazon
0:43:57  Ashana Ave Maria All is ForgivenBuy From Amazon 
0:53:23  Lisa Lynne Chanter's Tune Maiden's PrayerBuy From Amazon

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