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Echoes Program 0826D - Thursday, June 26, 2008
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First Half Hour
0:01:00  Mark Dwane Spirits of the Rainforest Angels Aliens and Archetypes Buy From Amazon
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0:06:01 Clint Mansell  An Evening at the Odeon Definitely, Maybe Buy From Amazon
0:07:56  Robert Rich & Ian Boddy Ice Fields React Buy From Amazon
0:15:01  Kronos Quartet and Wu Man The Cusp of Magic Terry Riley: The Cusp of Magic Buy From Amazon
0:24:51 Sundad The Midnight Express The Journey Continues Buy From Amazon
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0:29:00  break        

Second Half Hour
0:30:00  An Interview with Gooding      
0:37:46  break        
0:38:06  Gooding Zone 314 Songs for Grey Days Buy From Amazon
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0:42:52  Nalepa Floating Hot Air Baloon Future Sound Theory 2 (v/a)* Buy From Amazon
0:48:33  Lawson Rollins The Awakening Infinita Buy From Amazon
0:52:52 Shen Embrace (Deadbeat's Soaking in the Tub Remix) Bioluminescense (v/a)* Buy From Amazon
0:59:00  break        

Third Half Hour
0:01:00  KooKoon Mind's Ear Magnetic Moon  
0:06:00  Aurah Goodbye Loving Annabelle  
0:08:16 Gerry O'Beirne Stranger in Texas The Bog Bodies and Other Stories Buy From Amazon
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0:11:47  Deobrat Mishra & David Michael Himilayan Crossroad Himilayan Crossroad Buy From CDBaby
0:19:51  Hands Upon Black Earth Golden Bullets Liminal  
0:29:00  break        

Fourth Half Hour
0:30:00  Robin Guthrie Imperial Imperial Buy From Amazon
0:36:12  Fernwood Sandpiper Almeria Buy from CDBaby
0:41:38  John Zorn Mow Mow The Dreamers Buy From Amazon
0:44:42  break        
0:45:22  J Ralph One Millon Miles Away The Illusionary Movements of Geraldine and Nazu Buy From Amazon
0:49:00  Jeffrey Koepper Near Machinery Seqentaria Buy From Amazon
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