Echoes Playlist

Echoes Program 0904D - Thursday, January 29th
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name

First Half Hour
0:01:00  Michael BrookDarker Room  BellCurve 
0:06:01  Motionfield Embrace Optical Flow 
0:13:15  Bombay Dub OrchestraFeasting with Panthers  3 Cities 
0:21:56  Ayala/Redhouse/Clipman Monsoon Sonoran Nights 
0:27:02  Hans-Joachim Roedelius & Tim StoryIntermittent Haiku  Inlandish 
0:29:00  break   

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0:30:00  A Living Room Concert with Sundad 
0:31:45  SundadBirdman (Live)  Journey to Eternity
0:38:40  Sundad Moonlight in Manhattan (Live) The Journey Continues
0:44:45  Sundad New Mexico Land of Magic (Live) Journey to Eternity
0:52:08  Sundad Out of Body (Live) The Journey Continues
0:57:30  Sundad The Veil (Excerpt) The Journey Continues
0:59:00  break   

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0:01:00  Lucia HwongBeauty Goddess: Celestial Realms
0:06:01  RhoDemos of Bloomington  Breathing Through the Liquid System
0:12:16  Wolfert Brederode Quartet Common Fields  Currents
0:20:31  David Helpling and Jon Jenkins Treasure Beyond Words
0:26:05  Michel Banabila A Man in a Room Precious Images
0:29:00  break   

Fourth Half Hour
0:30:01  HibernationSome Things Never Change  Some Things Never Change
0:36:43  Mark Holland and Cory Edwards Reflection 2 Reflections  / CDBaby
0:42:59  Darshan AmbientThe Geometer of Dreams  From Pale Hands to Weary Skies
0:47:32  break    
0:48:02  Jen PumoMoon  All Over the Moon
0:54:09  Loor AmbientRandom Source  Truth in a Minor Scale
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