Echoes Playlist

Echoes Program 0912C - Wednesday, March 25th
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name/Amazon/CDBaby

First Half Hour
0:01:00 Stephen Duros Arrival Thira
0:06:00 Balmorhea  Truth  All is Wild, All is Silent
0:13:04 Donna DeLory Jai Ma Sanctuary
0:19:23 Morgan Doctor Rebel  Other Life
0:23:49 misc.  Chocolate Noir Happiness is Easy
0:29:00 break   

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0:30:00 Whitetree Ulysses and the Cats  Cloudland
0:32:38 Atomic Skunk Chronoswamp  Binary Scenes
0:39:24 Philip Clemo A Hand Replaces the Face  The Rooms
0:42:50 break    
0:43:30 David Darling  Untold Stories  Prayer For Compassion
0:48:08 Patrick O'Hearn  Black Delilah Eldorado
0:53:16 The Malah O2 Nature  Sound Spectrum
0:59:00 break   

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0:01:00 Soulfood & Billy McLaughlin  The Pond Guitar Meditations Volume II
0:06:00 Matthew Schoenning Leap of Faith  The Art of Live Looping
0:16:06 Axess  Roppongi Hills Voices of Dawn
0:22:13 Si-O Man from Atlantis  Winds of Wi-Fi
0:26:22 Erik Scott  Donnie and Sancho  Other Planets / CDBaby
0:29:00 break   

Fourth Half Hour
0:30:00 Peter Phippen and Jason Introwitz Sacrifice  Clear Water Reflections (v/a)*
0:33:09 Codona Like That of Sky  The Codona Trilogy
0:43:51 James Murray Fear of Falling  Where Edges Meet
0:50:09 break    
0:50:49 Neil Jacobs The Llama and the Dragon 12-String Guitar  / CDBaby
0:53:40 Songs of Water Up from the Depths  Songs of Water
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