Echoes Playlist

Echoes Program 0919B - Tuesday, May 12th & Thursday, July 2nd
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name/Amazon/CDBaby

First Half Hour
0:01:00  Kaki King Doing the Wrong Thing Legs to Make Us Longer
0:06:00  Alison Brown Drawing Down the Moon The Company You Keep
0:11:18  Bob Sneider and Joe LockeKatya  Fallen Angel
0:14:53  Leo Abrahams Spring Snow  The Grape and the Grain
0:21:06  SkalaArchitecture  Tundra
0:24:32  Mark Dwane Other Worlds  Other Worlds
0:29:00  break  

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0:30:00  A Living Room Concert with Acoustic Eidolon
0:31:51  Acoustic EidolonCasa de la Memoria (Live) River of Fire / CDBaby
0:39:24  Acoustic EidolonStairway to Heaven (Live) River of Fire / CDBaby
0:43:52  Acoustic EidolonRiver of Fire (Live) River of Fire / CDBaby
0:48:18  Acoustic EidolonAsia Rains (Live) River of Fire / CDBaby
0:52:52  break   
0:53:12  Ruben Garcia Pantoun Through the Looking Glass
0:59:00  break  

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0:01:00  Joan JeanrenaudWaiting  Strange Toys
0:06:00  Fiona Joy Hawkins Contemplating  Blue Dream / CDBaby
0:12:05  Solar FieldsSol  Movements
0:19:03  John Luther Adams In the Rain The Place We Began
0:29:00  break  

Fourth Half Hour
0:30:00  Nalepa Durian Flatlands
0:35:19  Casey Driessen Rose Tea Waltz Oog
0:39:51  Matthew Schoening All White  The Art of Live Looping
0:43:21  break   
0:44:01  Bob Holroyd At the Water's Edge  Re:cycled Re:visited Re:mastered
0:51:03  Jeffrey Koepper Blue SectorRadiate / CDBaby
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