Echoes Playlist

Echoes Program 0937D - Thursday, September 17th
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name

First Half Hour
0:01:00 Clive Carroll Black Moon/Westward Move  The Red Guitar
0:06:00 Richard Ashe Free Yourself  108 / CDBaby
0:10:39 Mono  Everlasting Light / Follow the Map  Hymn to the Immortal Wind
0:16:29 Frank van Bogaert with Erik Wollo  Insomnia  Air Machine / CDBaby
0:24:21 Anna Schaad  Mermaid  Dream Within a Dream / CDBaby
0:29:00 break   

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0:30:00  A Living Room Concert with Ken Bonfield
0:32:01 Ken Bonfield  Summer Rain (Live) Mystic Morning
0:38:10 Ken Bonfield Dancing with Shadows (live) American Baroque: Steel String Surprise
0:44:47 Ken Bonfield The Fisherman (Live) Whistlin' Past the Graveyard / CDBaby 
0:49:47 Ken Bonfield Prelude (Live)  Whistlin' Past the Graveyard / CDBaby
0:54:05 Ken Bonfield  Renaissance (Live) Harbor Town
0:59:00 break   

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0:01:00 John Huling  Wolf Creek Pass Ancestral Waters
0:06:00 Whitetree Other Nature  Cloudland
0:10:22 Andrew Bird  You Woke Me Up! Useless Creatures
0:17:44 Urban Nature  Blessing  Coming Home / CDBaby
0:23:53 Christopher Young  Love is Love is Love  The Informers (OST)
0:29:00 break   

Fourth Half Hour
0:30:00 Paul Lawler and Paul Speer  Amazonia  Wonders
0:37:05 Mike Oldfield  Supernova The Songs of Distant Earth
0:40:28 Mike Oldfield  Magellan/First LandingThe Songs of Distant Earth
0:45:38 break    
0:46:23 Christopher O'Riley The Rip Out of My Hands
0:52:51 Colm Mac Con Iomaire The Cuckoo of Glen Nephin  The Hare's Corner
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