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Echoes Program 0949B - Tuesday, December 8th
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name

First Half Hour
0:01:00 Jon Durant Here Comes the Flood  FloodCDBaby
0:06:00 Jeff Pearce Veil of Lake Snow To the Shores of Heaven
0:09:40 Inara George Bomb  Accidental Experimental
0:12:54 Belgium Screwheads Grass
0:26:30 George Winston Cloudy This Morning  Forest
0:29:00 break   

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0:30:00  An interview with Robin Guthrie
0:37:46 break    
0:38:06 Robin Guthrie Some Sort of Paradise  Carousel
0:41:55 Bat for Lashes Siren Song  Two Suns
0:46:40 Ben Neill Monochromatic  Night Science
0:51:34 Aryeh Frankfurter  She Moved Through the Faire The Twisting of the Rope / CDBaby
0:55:07 Willy Porter Where Are My Keys?  Available Light
0:59:00 break   

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0:01:00 Kaki King Doing the Wrong Thing Legs to Make Us Longer
0:06:00 Matthew Schoening  Emotional Clockwork Still: Echoes: The Echoes Living Room Concerts Vol. 15 (v/a)*
0:12:12 Digitonal The Beating of Her Heart  Save Your Light for Darker Days / CDBaby
0:16:42 Robert Rich Ibn Sina  Seven Veils
0:25:06 Jesse Cook Rain Day  The Rumba Foundation
0:29:00 break   

Fourth Half Hour
0:30:00 Jimmy Wahlsteen 1998  181st Songs
0:32:35  Roger O'Donnell Trains on Bridges  Charlie Crow: Trains on Bridges
0:37:35 Hol Baumann Handwritten Notes  Imaginary Friends (v/a)*
0:42:58 Deodato Venus  Deodato 2
0:46:31 break    
0:47:16 Al Petteway Hushabye Mountain  Poppin' Guitars (v/a)*
0:49:22 Marconi Union Hatsunori  Tokyo
0:53:23 Air Night Hunter  Love 2
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