For the Week of January 4, 1999

The following playlist is for one (1) week of ECHOES programming (5 days, 2
hours per day).  Your local station may run only certain segments or one
day of programming from this week's list especially if you hear Echoes on a
weekend. Your station may also reverse the hours of Echoes, so that half
hours 3&4 become 1&2.

                           HIGHLIGHTS FOR THE WEEK

                          Monday, January 4, 1999
Djivan Gasparyan is the master of the Armenian double reed instrument, the
doudouk.  Michael Brook plays infinite guitar and the recording studio.  On
"Black Rock," he takes Djivan's traditional melodies and spins them into
ambient orchestrations.  The two musicians talk about their collaboration.

                         Tuesday, January 5, 1999
Armen Chakmakian is American born, but his music reels with the rhythms and
melodies of his parent's homeland, Armenia.  Armen played with Shadowfax in
their later years and this year released his solo debut Ceremonies (Truart)
with guests including Armenian doudouk player Djivan Gasparyan, guitarist
Alex de Grassi and Vas percussionist Greg Ellis.  Armen talks about his
Armenian roots and piano fantasies.

                        Wednesday, January 6, 1999
                            ALPHA WAVE MOVEMENT
Alpha Wave Movement is Greg Kyryluk, a synthesist who grew up listening to
Steve Roach and Brian Eno.  He's been quietly releasing albums as Alpha
Wave Movement, albums which themselves explore the quieter terrains of
ambient music.  He also has a more energetic, rhythmic side, that's heard
on his latest album Concept of Motion (Groove). We explore the frequencies
of Alpha Wave Movement.

                          Friday, January 8, 1999
One of our 25 Essential Echoes CDs for 1998 was Lux Vivens by David Lynch &
Jocelyn Montgomery. Film Director Lynch (Twin Peaks, Eraserhead, Wild At
Heart) and singer Montgomery take a different look at Hildegard's music on
their album Lux Vivens (Living Light).  In Lynch's Los Angeles studio they
talk about their swirling soundscape of drones and environmental sounds for
Hildegard's music.
*denotes compilation

ID# 99-J07-00002 Monday, January 4, 1999 (Echoes Program Y45)

ARTIST                      SELECTION           RECORDING

                            First Half Hour
Ravi                        On the Way          Kora So Far
Richard Searles             Song of Elfarron    Sheltering Stones
Robert Rich                 Lapis               Seven Veils
Happy Rhodes                The Chariot         Many Worlds Are Born Tonight
Shaman's Dream              Summer Night's      Breathing

                            Second Half Hour
                            ARMENIAN AMBIENCES

Djivan Gasparyan /          Fallen Star         Black Rock
Michael Brook
Steve Tibbetts              Climbing            Safe Journey
Mark Isham                  Part 2              Tibet
Caryn Lin                   In the Abbey of     Tolerance for
                              Scartaglen        Ambiguity

                            Third Half Hour
Erik Wollo                  Rainbows            Guitar Nova
Tracy & Thea                Simple Gifts        Thanksgiving*
L.A. Guitar Quartet         Mysterious Habitats LAGQ
Bertrand Nadel              Santa-Ana           Mohave
Popol Vuh                   Brothers of         The Best of Popol Vuh 
                              Darkness--Sons of 

                            Fourth Half Hour
Mark Dwane                  The Nefilim         The Nefilim
Penguin Cafe                Steady State        Concert Program
Andreas                     Quendel & Rhomas    Kryptos
Billy McLaughlin            County Wicklow      Stories *
Jeff Johnson                The Crystal Pillar  Prayers of St. Brendan
Yungchen Lhamo              Happiness is...     Coming Home

ID# 99-J07-00003 Tuesday, January 5, 1999 (Echoes Program 2B)

ARTIST                      SELECTION           RECORDING

                            First Half Hour
Lorenzo Ponce               Night on Ontake     Imago
David Darling &             Qui Passe           Echoes Living Room
  Ketil Bjornstad                                 Concerts Vol. 4
Temps Perdu                 Desert Horizon      Terra Incognita
Carolyn Cruso               Mad Farmer's Love   Transformation

                            Second Half Hour
Peter Kater &               Within the Silence  Song for Humanity
  R. Carlos Nakai
Jon Jenkins                 Into a World of     Flow
Jan Garbarek                Rites               Rites
Jeff Pearce                 Quiet & Clear       Daylight Slowly
Kosei Yamamoto              East Ward           East Ward

                            Third Half Hour
Jeff Johnson                Nothing Immortal    Prayers of St. Brendan
Joanie Madden               Charlie Mulvihill's Song of the Irish          The Conspiracy      Whistle 2    
Luis Perez                  Distant Voices      Tales of Astral                                Travelers    
Happy Rhodes                100 Years           Many Worlds are Born
Dogon                       The Seer Mix        Redunjusta

                            Fourth Half Hour

Armen Chakmakian            Distant Lands       Ceremonies
Ceredwen                    Lady of the Flowers O'R Mabinogi
California Guitar           Classical Gas       Pathways
John Dyson                  Last Flight Home    Silverbird

ID#99-J07-00004 Wednesday, January 6, 1999 (Echoes Program 2C)

ARTIST                      SELECTION           RECORDING

                            First Half Hour
Blue Chip                   Ashes Cold & White  Red Sky Beat 
Deborah Henson-             Off She Goes/       The Celtic Album
  Conant                      She's Gone
Meadowlark                  Rivers Journey      Legend of the Land
Bel Canto                   The Suffering       Birds of Passage
Jan Garbarek                Rites               Rites

                            Second Half Hour
                        FEATURE: ALPHA WAVE MOVEMENT

Alpha Wave Movement         Linear Perspectives Concept of Motion
Rudiger Oppermann           The Golden String   Celtic Harpestry
Mark Dwane                  Life Forms          The Nefilim
Davy Spillane               Inagh               The Sea of Dreams
Candice Pacheco             Veil Nebula         The Vortex

                            Third Half Hour
Ceredwen                    In the Realm of     O'R Mabinogi
                              Summer Stars
Wendy Carlos                Title Music from    A Clockwork Orange
                              A Clockwork Orange                         
Briar Rose                  Late Winter Waltz   Christmas Collage
Echo System                 Bosphoressence      Headland
Peter Kater &               In a Peaceful       The Dance of Innocents 
  Nawang Khechog              Valley

                            Fourth Half Hour
Steve Roach                 Flatlands           Dreaming, Now and Then
Burning Sky                 Spirit Within       Enter the Earth
William Coulter &           Lament of the Sea/  Echoes Living Room 
  Mary Mclaughlin             Amen                Concerts Vol. 4
George Winston              Blossom Meadow      Winter into Spring
Vox                         Moses               Divine Rites
Ekstasis                    Midnight Mass       Wake up and Dream

ID# 98-J07-00261 Thursday, January 7, 1999 (Echoes Program W48)

ARTIST                      SELECTION           RECORDING

                            First Half Hour

Gitbox                      Journey             Touch Wood
John Wubbenhorst            Himalayan           Facing East
Vas                         The Promise         Offerings
Martin Simpson              The Week Before     Cool and Unusual
Scott Cossu                 Kalani Honua        When Spirits Fly

                            Second Half Hour
Carolyn Cruso               On Tankarana Circle Transformation
Tracy & Thea                Here I Am           Echoes Living Room
  Silverman                                       Concerts Vol. 4
Wendy Carlos                Theme from a        Clockwork Orange
                              Clockwork Orange
Jami Sieber                 Edge of My Soul     Second Sight
Paul Avgerinos              Dance of Life       Sky of Grace
Djivan Gasparyan &          Immigrant's Song    Black Rock
  Michael Brook

                            Third Half Hour
One Alternative             Boulder Sky         Changes
Peter Kater &               Miles Ahead         Song for Humanity
  R. Carlos Nakai           
Philip Glass                Prophesies          Koyaanisqatsi
Steve Roach &               The Memory Pool     Ascension of Shadows
  Vidna Obmana

                            Fourth Half Hour
Davy Spillane               The Sea of Dreams   The Sea of Dreams
Andreas                     May Green be the    Kryptos
  Vollenweider                Grass
Badi Assad                  Butterfly           Chameleon
Tuu                         Water Memory        Terma
Stewart Copeland            End Titles          Little Boy Blue

ID# 99-J07-00006 Friday, January 8, 1999 (Echoes Program 2E)

ARTIST                      SELECTION           RECORDING

                            First Half Hour                         
Willie & Lobo               Sweet Alia          Caliente
Spacecraft                  The Summon          Hummel
Bill Laswell                Derive              Nagual Site
Clannad                     Croi Croga          Lore
Nicholas Gunn               The Wishing Night   Passion in my Heart

                            Second Half Hour
Roger Eno                   Somewhere Above     Flatlands
L.A. Guitar                 Farewell to         L.A.G.Q.
  Quartet                     Stromness
Philip Glass                Pruit Igoe          Koyaanisqatsi
Hans Christian              Rapture             Echoes Living Room
                                                Concerts Vol. 2
Laurent Dury                Crystal             A Tribute to Klaus

                            Third Half Hour
Pepino D'Agostino           Grand Canyon        Venus over Venice
Tangerine Dream             Zen Garden          Le Parc
Aryeh Frankfurter           Northfjord Halling  Harp Songs of the
                                                  Midnight Sun
Omar Faruk                  Mystical Garden     Mystical Garden
Myth                        Shackera            Chorus of Tribes

                            Fourth Half Hour
                             ABBESS OF THE ABYSS

Jocelyn Montgomery  Viridissima                 Lux Vivens
 & David Lynch
Steve Gordon &              Earth Dweller       Ancient Power
  Deborah Martin
Tom Vedvik                  India Ink           Slowdiver
Baka Beyond                 Cotu                Journey Between



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