Echoes Playlist January 22-26, 2001

Following is a listing of the musical selections airing on Echoes for - January 22-26, 2001.  The dates on the playlists are the dates the programs are distributed to stations.  Please check the program ID number to verify the program if your station broadcasts the program on a different day than it is distributed.

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Monday January 22, 2001
Just about every culture has a flute, from the cedar flutes of Native America to the silver flute of Europe. In Japan they have shakuchachis, in Ireland, whistles, and in Turkey they have the ney. The combination of sensuality and vocal quality make the flute perfect vehicle for melody and in this hour, we'll be hearing lots of it with winds blown by Coyote Oldman, Suzanne Teng, R. Carlos Nakai and many more.

Tuesday January 23, 2001
When Shao Rong plays her Pipa, she holds it tight to her body, wrapping herself around it, caressing it like a lover, her eyes closed her head arching on her neck in gentle ecstacy. A Chinese born musician living in Japan, Shao Rong uses her lute along with artists from the Pacific Moon label to create a gentle global chamber music on her album, ORCHID. Shao Rong revelas the secrets of her instrument on Echoes.

Wednesday January 24, 2001
Saul Stokes has been called "Popular Mechanics musician of the year" because he builds his own instruments, stylish futuristic constructions of blinking LEDs, patch cords and knobs. These custom devices give this Philadelphia-based musician a distinctive sound that's been heard on several recordings, including his latest, OUTFOLDING (Hypnos). Saul uses the flaws and unpredictability of his home-built synthesizers, to provide the expressiveness typical of acoustic instruments. Saul Stokes talks about making music from the wires up.

ID#01-J07-00016 Monday  January 22 2001 (Echoes Program 47G)

First Half Hour
Erik Wollo Hildring Guitar Nova  
Suzanne Teng Topanga Dream Echoes LRC Vol 6  
Oregon Beneath An Evening Sky Oregon in Moscow  
State of Grace Veni Creator Spiritus State of Grace  
Klaus Schonning Flickering Emission Stars in the Night   
Will Ackerman Driving Sound of the Wind Driven Rain  

Second Half Hour
Tangerine Dream The Orange Breath The 7 Letters from Tibet  
Enya Tempus Vernum/Deora Ar Mo Chroi A Day Without Rain  
Martin Tillman Amadeus on the Nile Eastern Twin  
Paul Winter Yahu Journey With the Sun  
Mark Hunton Water Falling Before the Storm Echoes LRC Vol 6  

Third Half Hour
Rhonda Larson Be Still My Soul Communion With God  
Coyote Oldman Canyon Flutes Echoes LRC Vol 6  
Deuter Horizon Sun Spirit  
Stephen Micus Gates of Fire The Garden of Mirrors  
Anima Spirit Dance The Spirit of Mesa   

Fourth Half Hour
Nakai/Khechog/Eaton/Nawang In A Distant Place In A Distant Place  
Jeff Johnson/Brian Dunning Over Kells Byzantium  
Yashu Longing Oasis  
Milladoiro Ribeirana E Golpe Auga de Maio  
Jonn Serrie/Gary Stroutsos Hidden World Hidden World  
Omar Faruk Tekbilek Song of the Pharoahs Dance into Eternity  

ID#01-J07-00017 Tuesday  January 23 2001 (Echoes Program 4L)


First Half Hour
Bob Holroyd The Sheer Weight of Memory A Different Space  
Arto Tuncboyacian Heaven for My Father Every Day is a New Life  
Timothy Vajda Push off Time Bootstrap Physics   
John Wubbenhorst Noon Mist Bansuri Dreams   
Adiemus Children of Dannu The Eternal Knot  

Second Half Hour
Carl Weingarten Blue Faith Blue Faith  
Oregon The Rapids Oregon   
George Kahumoku Jr Nakalele Hawaiian Love Songs  
Jeff Johnson/Brian Dunning Byzantium Byzantium  
Ashera Play Ground Color Glow   

Third Half Hour
Shao Rong Bamboo Dance Orchid  
Levi Chen Essential Liquid Gardens  
Coyote Oldman Canyon Flutes Echoes LRC Vol 6*  
Gjallarhorn Dolphin Calling Sjofn  
Joshua Seurkamp Yearning Garden of Sound   

Fourth Half Hour

Shao Rong One More Tale Orchid  
Will Ackerman/Samite Omwoyo Simple Gifts*  
Ralf Illenberger First Touch The Kiss  

ID#01-J07-00018 Wednesday  January 24 2001 (Echoes Program 4M)


First Half Hour
Saul Stokes First Jump Zo Pilots  
Oregon Beneath an Evening Sky Oregon in Moscow  
Tan Dun Farewell Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon  
Loop Guru Out Here Loop Bites Dog   
Night Ark Picture Treasures  
Michael Mandrell Bhagavan Dude Echoes LRC Vol 6  

Second Half Hour

Saul Stokes Cloud Shaping Outfolding  
Paul Winter Yabu Journey With the Sun  
Glen Velez Higher Calling Breathing Rhythms  

Third Half Hour
Erik Wollo Quiet River Guitar Nova  
Ron Clearfield Baqti Time on Earth  
Ekova Steel Bird Space Lullabies  
Steve Tibbetts 100 Moons Big Map Idea  
Tangerine Dream The Orange Breath The 7 Letters From Tibet  

Fourth Half Hour
Cedar Wind Dance of the Fireflies Cedar Wind   
Eri Sugai Konjaku Monogatori Mai  
Zero One Possibilities Prototype 2  
Arto Tuncboyacian I Miss You Every Minute My Brother Every Day is a New Life  
Freeworm Nagin Ekkocentric  

ID#01-J07-00019 Thursday  January 25 2001 (Echoes Program 4N)


First Half Hour
Richard Leo Johnson Sketches of Miles Language  
Nakai/Eaton/Clipman/Nawang A Gathering of Eagles In a Distant Place  
Eri Sugai Rakven Mai  
Forrest Fang Sierpinski Plain Gongland  

Second Half Hour
Cormac Breatnach/Martin Dunlea Sue's Hornpipe & Last Train Music for Whistle and Guitar   
Mizuyo Komiya A Lullaby of Shimabara Lullaby  
Habib Khan Midnight Dream Longing  
Chicane Saltwater Behind the Sun  
Rhonda Larson Be Still My Soul Communion With God  

Third Half Hour
Dean Evenson Evensong Desert Moon Song  
Robert Tree Cody/Xavier Quijas Yxayoti Procession of the Jaguar Kings Crossroads  
Arc Radio Sputnik Radio Sputnik   
Carol Noonan Lagan Love Carol Noonan  
Soulfood/Steve Keuther Evolution Tranquility   

Fourth Half Hour

Dean Evenson/Li Xianting Deeper Forever Tao of Healing  
The Guarneri Underground Assisi Captive  
Shweta Jhaveri To a Beloved Anahita  

ID#01-J07-00020 Friday January 26 2001 (Echoes Program 47H)
ARTIST                        SELECTION RECORDING  

First Half Hour
Kitaro Wings Tenku   
Dean Evenson/Li Xianting Silver Bamboo The Tao of Healing  
Ian Boddy Shrouded Echoes LRC Vol 6*  
Jan Garbarek Parce mihi domine Officium    
Harold Budd The Room of Corners The Room  

Second Half Hour
Ron Boots Giants of Once Before Close But Not Touching   
Levi Chen Essential Liquid Gardens   
Aoife Ni Fhearraigh Seacht Suailci Na Maighdine Muire Trance Planet 5*  
Runestone Revelations Swirling Dreams   

Third Half Hour
One Alternative Boulder Sky Changes  
Dagda Escape Into Darkness Underworld  
Thomas Barquee Guru Temple  
John Wubbenhorst No Mind   

Fourth Half Hour
Vas Prayer for Soheil In the Garden of Souls  
Tingstad/Rumbel Sailing Paradise  
William Watson Garden of Zen Echoes LRC Vol 6*  
Caryn Linn The Little King No One to Blame   
David Sylvian Blackwater Everything & Nothing  

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