For the Week of January 18, 1999

The following playlist is for one (1) week of ECHOES programming (5 days, 2
hours per day).  Your local station may run only certain segments or one
day of programming from this week's list especially if you hear Echoes on a
weekend. Your station may also reverse the hours of Echoes, so that half
hours 3&4 become 1&2.

                           HIGHLIGHTS FOR THE WEEK

                         Monday, January 18, 1999 
The Mediaeval Baebes are a dozen British singers, headed up by Kathryn
Blake formerly of Miranda Sex Garden.  They sing medieval plainsong and
they sing it fairly straight, but they look as if they're more likely to
inhabit brothels than monasteries. The Baebes talk about their unusual
approach to chant and the mixing of image and art. 

                         Tuesday, January 19, 1999
                           DEEP SPACE EXCURSION
We take another trip into deep space with some of the latest synthesizer
excursions from Spacecraft, Jonn Serrie, Mark Dwane and a tribute to the
godfather of space music, Klaus Schulze

                        Thursday, January 21, 1999 
Nicky Skopelitis is a guitar alchemist who makes his instrument run through
dozens of sonic transformations.   As EKSTASIS (Greek for ecstacy), he's
creating 21st century cyber-trance music, merging Indian tablas, Greek
baglama, dark dub bass and mysterious atmospheres into one of the most
entrancing albums of the year.  Nicky Skopelitis talks about his trance
                         Friday January 22, 1999 
Deborah Henson-Conant is best known for her jazz harp albums in the early
1990s, but in recent years, she's taken a turn towards more Celtic sounds. 
She has an electric blue electric harp that she slings around her waist
like a guitar, spinning out improvisations on Celtic themes. Deborah
Henson-Conant talks about her Celtic epiphany on Echoes.

*denotes compilation

ID# 99-J07-00012 Monday, January 18, 1999 (Echoes Program X46)
ARTIST                      SELECTION           RECORDING

                            First Half Hour
Ceoltoiri                   Women of Ireland    Women of Ireland
Paul Winter                 Cathedral Pines     Greatest Hits
Mychael Danna               House Tour          The Adjuster
Jami Sieber                 Edge of My Soul     Second Sight
Mark Dwane                  Genetic Drift       The Nefilim

                            Second Half Hour
                        FEATURE: THE MEDIAEVAL BAEBES
The Mediaeval               Salva Nos           Salva Nos
Richard Searles             Song of Elfarron    Sheltering Stones
Luis Perez                  Sleeping Woman      Tales of Astral
Robert Rich                 Ibn Sina            Seven Veils
                            Third Half Hour
Night Ark                   Keesher Bar         In Wonderland
Soulfood                    Wayob               Breathe
Ravi                        The Sea             Kora so Far
Michael Manring             The Book of Living  The Book of Flame
                              And Dying
Spool                       3                   Spool

                            Fourth Half Hour
Ruben Garcia                I Can Feel the      I Can Feel the
                              Heat Closing in    Heat Closing in 
L.A. Guitar                 Mysterious Habitats L.A.G.Q.
Anouar Brahem               Mazad               Thimar
Tracy & Thea                Simple Gifts        Thanksgiving*
Vas                         The Promise         Offerings
Alex DeGrassi               Vanishing Point     The Water Garden
ID# 99-J07-00013 Tuesday, January 19, 1999 (Echoes Program 4B)
ARTIST                      SELECTION           RECORDING

                            First Half Hour
John Wubbenhorst            Purnima             Facing East
Paul Winter                 The Minstrel's      Celtic Solstice
Rob Eberhard Young          Glass Houses        Echoes Living Room 
                                                  Concerts Vol. IV
Richard Drueding &          Wissahickon         Wissahickon
  Stephe Ferraro            
Dogon                       The Seer Mix        Redunjusta

                            Second Half Hour
Shelley Phillips            The Faerie Queene   Celtic Treasure II*
Wendy Luck                  Winds of the        The Ancient Key
Phil Thornton               Phoenix             Fire Queen
Talvin Singh                Disser/ Point.      OK
Martin Simpson              The Week Before     Cool and Unusual
Burning Sky                 Spirit Within       Enter the Earth
One                         The Rage            Four September Suns

                            Third Half Hour
Mark Dwane                  Genetic Drift       The Nefilim
Optical Image               Art of Silence      Moonchild
Spacecraft                  Hummel              Hummel
Laurent Dury                Crystal             A Tribute to Klaus

                            Fourth Half Hour
Jonn Serrie                 Vision Quest        Spirit Keepers
Jon Jenkins                 The Power/ Washed   Flow
Alpha Wave                  Linear Perspectives Concept of Motion
Steve Roach                 Seeking             Dreaming, Now, Then
Eric Van der                (hidden track)      Da Capo
ID#99-J07-00014 Wednesday, January 20, 1999 (Echoes Program W50)
ARTIST                      SELECTION           RECORDING

                            First Half Hour
Ancient Future              So Near, So Far     Dreamchaser
Paul Avgerinos              Dance of Life       Sky of Grace
Osamu Kitajima              The Three Orders    Behind the Light
Martin Simpson              The Week Before     Cool and Unusual
Shaman's Dream              Healing Seas        Breathing

                            Second Half Hour
Rob Eberhard Young          Glass Houses        Echoes Living Room
                                                  Concerts Vol. 4
Belfast Harp                A Walk on Belfast   Celtic Harpestry*
Shelley Snow                Echoes of the       Shamaneya
                              Ancient Ones
Optical Image               Art of Silence      Moonchild
Peter Kater &               Within the Silence  Song for Humanity 
  R. Carlos Nakai
Lucia Hwong                 Golden Light        Awakening

                            Third Half Hour
Patrick O'Hearn             The Women of        Metaphor
Anouar Brahem               Mazad               Thimar
Jami Sieber                 Tell it by Heart    Second Sight
Spacecraft                  Hummel              Hummel

                            Fourth Half Hour
Adrian Legg                 Tracy's Big Moment  Guitars and Other
David Darling &             Qui Passe           Echoes Living Room 
  Ketil Bjornstad                                 Concerts Vol. 4
Djivan Gasparyan &          Fallen Star         Black Rock
  Michael Brook
Stewart Copeland            End Titles          Little Boy Blue
Happy Rhodes                If Wishes Were      Many Worlds Are Born
                              Horses, How         Tonight
                              Beggars Would
Myth                        Shakera             Chorus of Tribes

ID# 98-J07-00015 Thursday, January 21, 1999 (Echoes Program 4D)

ARTIST                      SELECTION           RECORDING

                            First Half Hour
Tingstad & Rumbel           Elysian Fields      Pastorale
Jeff Pearce                 Quiet & Clear       Daylight Slowly
Vox                         Moses               Divine Rites
Ralf Illenberger            Secret Canyon       Sedona
Vangelis                    Echoes              Voices

                            Second Half Hour

Ekstasis                    Midnight Mass       Wake Up and Dream
777                         Batukau             System 7.3 Fire & Water
Tom & Sue                   Sound of a Full     Many Moons
  Wasinger                    Moon
Joanie Madden               Charlie Mulvihill's Song of the Irish
                              The Conspiracy      Whistle II

                            Third Half Hour 
Meadowlark                  River's Journey     Legend of the Land
Carolyn Cruso               Under the Cedars    Transformation
Davy Spillane               Daire's Dream       The Sea of Dreams
Happy Rhodes                Ra is a Busy God    Many Worlds are Born 
Jan Garbarek                Last Rites          Rites

                            Fourth Half Hour
Kit Watkins                 Three Colors        Holographic Tapestries
Mike Oldfield               Women of Ireland    Voyager
Trancendental               Hamam               Steam
Roger Eno                   Elevation           The Flatlands
Peter Kater &               Prayer for the      The Dance of Innocents
  Nawang Khechog              Millenium
Jami Sieber                 Tell it by Heart    Second Sight 


ID# 99-J07-00016 Friday, January 22, 1999 (Echoes Program 4E)

ARTIST                      SELECTION           RECORDING

                            First Half Hour     
Ray Russell                 Outland             Childscape
Mark Gould                  Nana                Cafe 1930
Jade Warrior                Heaven Stone        Way of the Sun
Paul Avgerinos              Dance of Life       Sky of Grace
David Sylvian               Answered Prayers    Gone to Earth
Shaman's Dream              Summer Night's      Breathing

                            Second Half Hour
Colin Towns                 Kate                Full Circle
Richard Drueding &          The Day After the   Wissahickon
  Stephe Ferraro              Night Before
Pierre Bensusan             The Alchemist       Echoes Living Room
                                                  Concerts Vol. IV
Cirque du Soleil            Jeux d'Eau          O
Jan Garbarek                We are the Stars    Rites
Solitaire                   Black Cloud         Ritual Ground

                            Third Half Hour
C'est What?                 The Dahlia Raga     Still Waters
Doug Smith                  Saints be Praised   Alone at Last
Richie Buckley              Tina                The General
Paul Winter                 Dawnwalker          Celtic Solstice*
Richard Souther             Red River Falling   Illumination
Andrew Thomas               Gamelans of Ubud    Oz: Tales from the
  Wilson                                          Blue Ship

                            Fourth Half Hour

Deborah Henson-             Loch Lamond         The Celtic Album

Andy Narell                 Outland             Behind the Bridge
Liz Story                   Out of Time         Echoes Living Room
                                                  Concerts Vol. IV
Spool                       Algo                Spool
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