For the Week of January 25, 1999

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                            FEATURES FOR THE WEEK

                         Monday, January 25, 1999 
Steve Erquiaga is a veteran guitarist who's first album came out on Windham
Hill records.  Now signed to Imaginary Roads, his latest CD, Cafe Paradiso,
takes classical themes and arranges them into musical fantasias for the six
 strings of his guitar.  Steve talks about his arrangements of music from
                   Bach to Morricone, Fauré to Erquiaga.
                        Wednesday, January 27, 1999
                       MUSIC FROM A TIBETAN PLATEAU
   The spirituality and landscapes of Tibet have inspired musicians from
around the world.  We'll hear compositions drawn from those inspirations by
Philip Glass and Dean Evenson as well as music from a Tibetan nun, Choying
  Drolma, and a former Tibetan monk, Nawang Khechog and Tibetan refugee,
 Yunghen Lhamo.  These artists create an image of Tibet that takes you to
                    the summit of the Tibetan Plateau.
                        Thursday, January 28, 1999 
                      A LIVING ROOM CONCERT WITH MONK
 Monk is guitarist Ric Hordinski who weaves earthy dobro melodies through
   electronic effects and global rhythms.  His instrumental album, Hush
  (Ether), is a gritty, intentionally coarse sounding ambient affair that
made the 25 Essential Echoes CDs of 1998. In concert, Monk gets a different
sound with Indian tablas and middle eastern percussion.  We'll hear Monk in
             a performance recorded at Echoes affiliate WVXU.
                         Friday, January 29, 1999 
     Tim Farrell is from the post-Windham Hill generation of acoustic
  guitarists, those musicians weaned on Will Ackerman, Alex De Grassi and
   Michael Hedges.  Tim has been finding his own way on guitar, weaving
 intricate finger-picking techniques with hammer-ons, pull-offs and a gift
 for memorable melodies. Those are heard on his two self-produced albums,
       "Very" and "Skydancer."  Tim talks about his guitar travels.

*denotes compilation

ID# 99-J07-00017 Monday, January 25, 1999 (Echoes Program X47)

ARTIST                      SELECTION           RECORDING

                            First Half Hour
Project Lo                  Rajah               Black Canvas
The Henrys                  Why, Arizona        Desert Cure
Rudiger Oppermann           The Golden String   Celtic Harpestry*
Paul Avgerinos              Muse of the Round   Muse of the Round
                              Sky                Sky
Vas                         The Promise         Offerings
Bertrand Nadel              Santa-Ana           Mohave

                            Second Half Hour

Steve Erquiaga              Presto              Cafe Paradiso
Davy Spillane               The May Morning     The Sea of Dreams
Take Dake                   Ocean Motion        Asian Roots
Capercaille                 M'Ionam             Beautiful Wasteland

                            Third Half Hour
Yas-Kaz                     Journey from Water  Darkness in Dreams
Giovanni Sollima            Hinton's Drawings   Aquilarco
Wendy Carlos                Aurora Borealis     Sonic Seasonings

                            Fourth Half Hour 
Mo Boma                     Strange Attractors  Jijimuge
William Bowden              Dawn Becomes Day    Dream of the Currawong
Peter Kater &               Prayer for the      The Dance of Innocents
  Nawang Khechog              Millennium
Ulli                        Certainly Maybe     Ageless
Yungchen Lhamo              Happiness is...     Coming Home
ID# 99-J07-00018 Tuesday, January 26, 1999 (Echoes Program 5B)

ARTIST                      SELECTION           RECORDING

                            First Half Hour
Trancendental               Disiu               Steam
Meg Bowles                  The Fire Sower      Blue Cosmos
Djivan Gasparyan            A Cool Wind is      I Will Not Be Sad in
                              Blowing            This World
Paul Haslinger              Fantastic Voyage    Score
Kate Bush                   Under Ice           Hounds of Love

                            Second Half Hour 
Carolyn Cruso               Fire Sister         Transformation
Michael Pluznick            Solar Safari        Where the Rain is Born
Steve Reich &               Music for 18        Reich Re-mixed
  Coldcut                     Musicians
John Huling                 Wupatki             Desert Plateau
Nanci Griffith              Year Down in New    Sounds of Wood &
                              Orleans            Steel 2 
Rudiger Oppermann           Fragile Balance     Fragile Balance
Ian Boddy                   Lammergeyer         Odyssey

                            Third Half Hour
Ancient Future              Bookenka            Asian Fusion
Magical Strings             Lullaby for a       Bell off the Ledge
                              Soul's Journey
Peter Kater &               Within the Silence  Song for Humanity
  R. Carlos Nakai
Kevin Keller                Allegro: Blood of   Intermezzo
                              The Raven
Air                         Modulator Mix       Premier Symptomes

                            Fourth Half Hour
Alpha Wave Movement         Gaia's Heartbeat    Concept of Motion
Bill Laswell                Derive              Nagual Site
Burning Sky                 Spirit Within       Enter the Earth
Ketil Bjornstad &           Qui Passe           Echoes Living Room
 David Darling                                    Concerts Vol. IV
Clannad                     Harry's Game        Anam
Kitaro                      Morning Prayer      Oasis
ID#99-J07-00019 Wednesday, January 27, 1999 (Echoes Program 6B)

ARTIST                      SELECTION           RECORDING

                            First Half Hour
                        MUSIC FROM A TIBETAN PLATEAU

Sven Grandberg              Going               Milarepa
Choying Drolma &            Kyamdro Semkye      Cho
  Steve Tibbetts
Phil Thornton &             The Way             Tibetan Horn
  Steven Cragg
Nawang Khechog              Tibet               Karuna
Dean Evenson                Mystic Mountain     Ascension 

                            Second Half Hour

Philip Glass                Sand Mandala        Kundun
Rick Heizman                Himalayan Solitude  Wanderings, Wanderings
Yungchen Lhamo              Happiness is...     Coming Home
Peter Kater &               Prayer for the      The Dance of Innocents
  Nawang Khechog             Millennium 
Dadawa                      Home Without Shadow Sister Drum

                            Third Half Hour
Scott Cossu                 Soaring             When Spirits Fly
Doug Smith                  The Tempest         Alone at Last 
Paul Avgerinos              Golden Threads      Sky of Grace
William Coulter &           Lament of the Sea/  Echoes Living Room
  Mary McLaughlin            Amen                Concerts Vol. IV
Steve Roach                 Flatlands           Dreaming...Now, Then
Capercaillie                M'ionam             Beautiful Wasteland

                            Fourth Half Hour
Ralf Illenberger            Secret Canyon       Sedona
Jay Ansill                  The Fact            Origami
Spacecraft                  The Summon          Hummel
Beasts of Paradise          Red Rock            Gathered at the Edge

ID# 98-J07-00020 Thursday, January 28, 1999 (Echoes Program 5D)

ARTIST                      SELECTION           RECORDING

                            First Half Hour
Daniel Shell                If Windows They     If Windows They
                              Have               Have
Wendy Carlos                Title Music from A  Clockwork Orange
                              Clockwork Orange
Lucia Hwong                 Astral Angel        Awakening
The Iron Horse              Raindance           Celtic Voices
Stewart Copeland            End Titles          Little Boy Blue
Ashra                       Sunrain             Sunrain

                            Second Half Hour
Wendy Luck                  Sacred Mysteries    The Ancient Key
Chris Spheeris              Island of 1000      Mystic Traveler
Paul Winter                 After the Fleadh/   Celtic Solstice
                              Running Through
                              The Woods with
Roger Eno                   Just Once           The Flatlands
This Mortal Coil            Another Day         It'll End in Tears
Synergy                     Electric Blue       Audion

                            Third Half Hour
Lisa Lynne                  Sister Moon         Daughters of the
                                                  Celtic Moon
Kronos Quartet              Fratres             25 Years
Loop Guru                   9AM Distant Train   The Third Chamber
Samite                      Kalimba             Salina Musango

                            Fourth Half Hour
                       A LIVING ROOM CONCERT WITH MONK
ARTIST                      TITLE               ORIGINAL ALBUM
Monk                        Tattoo              Hush
Monk                        Lullabye            Quiver
Monk                        Ring Out Ye Crystal Hush
Monk                        Waite Hill/         Unreleased
ID# 99-J07-00021 Friday, January 29, 1999 (Echoes Program 5E)

ARTIST                      SELECTION           RECORDING

                            First Half Hour 
Mark Dwane                  The Nefilim         The Nefilim
Jeff Pearce                 Spiral              Daylight Slowly
Soulfood                    Wayob               Breathe
Antonio Colagero            Out of the Door,    La Rosa del Deserto
                              Over the Wall
Rudiger Oppermann           Wide Horizon        Fragile Balance
Adiemus                     Adiemus             Songs of Sanctuary

                            Second Half Hour

Tim Farrell                 Skydancer           Skydancer
David Arkenstone            Under the Canopy    Another Star in the
Badi Assad                  Waves               Chameleon
Ekstasis                    Providence          Wake up and Dream

                            Third Half Hour
Bertrand Nadel              Santa Ana           Mohave
Richard Drueding &          Wissahickon         Wissahickon
  Stephe Ferraro
Ry Cooder                   Theme from          Music by Ry Cooder
                              Southern Comfort
Cornsmoke                   Feast of the        Comet Tales
Steve Roach &               Born of Fire        Body Electric
  Vir Unis

                            Fourth Half Hour
Liz Story                   Inside Out          Escape of the Circus
Hans Christian              Rapture             Echoes Living Room 
                                                  Concerts Vol. IV
The Spirit Level            Clear Light         Of Earth and Sky
Richie Buckley              Martin, Frances     The General
                              and Tina
Jamshied Sharifi            Ammeh Kimia         A Prayer for the
                                                  Soul of Layla
Ken Bonfield                Taos                Homecoming
Phil Manzanera              Ice Age 2000        Nowamowa

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