Echoes Playlist February 12-16, 2001

Following is a listing of the musical selections airing on Echoes for - February 12-16, 2001.  The dates on the playlists are the dates the programs are distributed to stations.  Please check the program ID number to verify the program if your station broadcasts the program on a different day than it is distributed.

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Monday February 12, 2001
Forrest Fang is classically trained on violin, but his music has always been a collage. His Richmond California home is stuffed with instruments from around the world made of animal horns, bones, skin, gourds, and metal. Using computers, synthesizers and fractal programs he works them into ambient designs. We visit Forrest Fang's sound museum and talk about his recent album, GONGLAND (Projekt).

Tuesday February 13, 2001
Carl Weingarten is an exploratory guitarist who has worked at the outer edges of progressive music for the last 20 years. Lately he's been taking the acoustic dobro and extending its sound into evocative worlds, fusing it with electric treatments and global instruments. In Oakland, California where he lives, Carl sits down in the Echoes Living Room along with virtuoso electric bassist Michael Manring (Montreux, Windham Hill). He plays music from his latest CD, Blue Faith (Multiphase Records) and debuts new material in a country-blues ambient cinema of sound.

Wednesday February 14, 2001
Echoes celebrates St. Valentine's Day with a soundscape of sensual moods and poetic utterances.

Friday February 16, 2001
Richard Leo Johnson turned a few heads, and knocked a few others off with his album, FINGERTIP SHIP, early last year. Now he's returned with a follow-up album that continues his quirky relationship with the acoustic guitar. Language is full of twisted impressionism and odd angles, as Johnson orchestrates a finger ballet on his double-necked acoustic 6&12 String Guitar. He's still playing fast but he slows down long enough to talk about his new journey into the fretboard and beyond.

*denotes compilation 

ID#01-J07-00031 Monday February 12, 2001 (Echoes Program 49J)


First Half Hour
Mark Dwane Paragons Archives   
Dave Cullen Ebb and Flow Indigo Blue  
Oregon Waterwheel Oregon in Moscow  
Ounapu Osakas Huvastijatukellad Helevalgelt Platoolt Fragile   

Second Half Hour
Habib Khan Midnight Dream Longing  
David Sylvian Boy With the Gun Everything and Nothing  
J. Arif Verner Within the Portals Through the Timeless  
Barry Phillips I Love to See the Wheels in Motion Cello  
Chris Spheeris Magaya Dancing with the Muse  

Echoes 49-J Hour 2

Third Half Hour
Forrest Fang The Luminous Crowd The Wolf at the Ruins  
Zbignew Preisner About Passing 10 Easy Pieces for Piano  
Hydraulic Vindaloo Interior Horizons*  
Ron Boots Giants of Once Before Close But Not Touching   

Fourth Half Hour

Forrest Fang Sierpinski Plain Gongland  
The Guarneri Underground Assizi Captive  
Jesse Cook Incantation Free Fall  

ID#01-J07-00032 Tuesday February 13 2001 (Echoes Program 7L)


First Half Hour
Wim Mertens And Bring You Back Integer Valor
Angels of Venice Tears of the World Angels of Venice
John Wubbenhorst Bengali Folk Song Bansuri Dreams  
Jeff Pearce Lattice of Memory Echoes LRC Vol 6*
Patrick O'Hearn So Flows the Current Echoes LRC Vol 6*

Second Half Hour
The Maskit Chamber English Countryside Heaven Machine  
Mars Lasar Great Beast of Wisdom Karma  
Afro Celt Sound System Release Release
Tim Story A Broken Alphabet Echoes LRC Vol 6*
Kate Price The Isle of Dreaming Echoes LRC Vol. 6*

Echoes 7L Hour 2
Carl Weingarten Illumina Suite Blue Faith
Habib Khan Midnight Dream Longing
William Coulter/Barry Phillips Rain Into Snow Echoes LRC Vol 6*
Coyote Oldman Canyon Flutes Echoes LRC Vol 6*
Zero One Search Prototype 2

Fourth Half Hour

and Michael Manring
 Artist  Composition  Original CD  
Carl Weingarten Come With Me Blue Faith
Carl Weingarten Hand in the Sand Unreleased  
Carl Weingarten Lafayette Unreleased  
Nakai/Eaton/Clipman/Khechog Aspen Wind A Distant Place
Ekova Steel Bird Space Lullabies
Martin Tillman Amadeus on the Nile Eastern Twin

ID#01-J07-00033 Wednesday February 14, 2001 (Echoes Program 7M)

First Half Hour
Peter Kater Heart's Desire Heart's Desire  
Michael Hoppe/Tim Wheater/Martin Tillman Shadow's Fall Afterglow  
Jonn Serrie Annie by the Sea Tingri  
William Coulter Lagan Love/The Lark in the Morning Celtic Crossing   

Second Half Hour
Tim Story And Evening Falls Beguiled  
Rupert Parker Listen to My Heart Disturbing Dreams   
Steve Roach & Robert Rich Love Magick Soma  
Clara Ponty The Embrace The Embrace  
Heidi Berry Cradle Love  
Scott Huckabay Spice of Love Peace Dance  

Echoes 7M Hour 2
Alex De Grassi Deep at Night Deep at Night   
Richard Burmer Closer than Love Shining by the River  
Djivan Gasparyan & Michael Brook Together Forever Black Rock  
Kate Bush Deeper Understanding The Sensual World  
Howard Green Aire Romanticello   

Fourth Half Hour
Kay Gardner The Greenwood
(Heart Chacra)
A Rainbow Path  
Sheila Chandra Waiting The Zen Kiss  
Kentucky Standard Band Lost Hearts Kentucky Skies   
Nightnoise The Tryst The Parting Tide  
Isadar Love Chaconne Active Imagination  

ID#01-J07-00034 Thursday February 15 2001 (Echoes Program 7N)


First Half Hour
Andreas Vollenweider Stella Cosmopoly
Vicki Richards Shilong Time In Between
Michael Mandrell Bhagavan Dude Echoes LRC Vol 6*
Vas Sevdama In the Garden of Souls
The Mermen Heart Beatitude The Amazing California Health and Happiness Road Show

Second Half Hour
Steve Roach/Roger King Gone West Dust to Dust
Marty Stuart Waltz for Hope All The Pretty Horses
Patrick O'Hearn Northwest Passage So Flows the Current
Levi Chen Levitation Liquid Gardens
Ralf Illenberger First Touch The Kiss

Echoes 7N Hour 2
 Azuma  Tea Ceremony  Azuma  
Tingstad & Rumbel Paradise Paradise
Sorma Bagus Flyer Mirage of the East
Solea Amphibia Intergalactica Stratosphear
James Asher Royal Blue Feet in the Soil Vol 2

Fourth Half Hour
William Watson Garden of Zen Echoes LRC Vol 6*
Scott Huckaby Neptune's Forest Echoes LRC Vol 5*
Lisa Gerrard Bylar Echoes LRC Vol 2*
Nancy Tucker Lullaby to a Baby Wolf The Longing  
Eri Sugai Horizon Mai

ID#01-J07-00035 Friday February 16 2001 (Echoes Program 7P)


First Half Hour
Richard Leo Johnson Sketches of Miles Language
Ronu Majumdar Vaisnava Bhajan Hollow Bamboo
Monica Ramos Angelina Behind that Light
Eri Sugai Rakuen Mai
Patrick O'Hearn Panning the Sands So Flows the Current

Second Half Hour

Richard Leo Johnson Event Horizon Language
Timothy Vajda October Bootstrap Physics
Thomas Ronkin Reichenbach Symmetric  
Lisa Walker Mysticete Grooved Whale  

Echoes 7P Hour 2
Vangelis L'Enfant Opera Sauvage
Soulfood Evolution Tranquility  
Jeff Johnson/Brian Dunning Over Kells Byzantium
Zero One Possibilities Prototype 2
Instrumental Little Fluffy Clouds Acoustek

Fourth Half Hour
Nakai/Eaton/Clipman My Wild Heart Sings In a Distant Place
Jack or Jive Your Long Shadow Kismet  
Cormac Breatnach/Martin Dunlea Sue's Hornpipe & Last Train Music for Whistle & Guitar  
Tangerine Dream The Orange Breath The 7 Letters from Tibet
Habib Khan Merge Longing

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