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This Week's Echoes Programs

Echoes Programs for the week of February 13, 2006











Please Note: these playlists reflect the dates on which the programs were distributed to our affiliate public radio stations. Some stations delay the broadcast of Echoes, or do not run all of the hours that we produce. Please check with your local station if it is not clear which program was aired.

This Sunday's Echoes Programs
February 19 , 2006

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Tuesday 02/14/06
A Valentine’s soundscape for the romantic and the erotic

Echoes celebrates St. Valentine's Day with a sensual soundscape of atmospheric moods and poetic murmurs. We'll walk into Rasa's TEMPLE OF LOVE and hear evocations of the heart from around the world and out into space.View the Playlist

Wednesday 02/15/06

Mellow cellos, chilled cellos, global cellos in a Cellorama soundscape

For some reason, among all the classical instrumentalists, cellists are stretching out into new forms more than anyone. Cellists are electrifying and looping their instruments, sending them into world music terrain and more. In this special edition of Echoes, we stretch our bow across Cello Delights, some of the best of the new cello directions including Yo-Yo Ma, Zoe Keating, Hans Christian (Rasa), and Jorane. Put on your tux and tails, gowns and garters and plug in for Cello Delights. View the Playlist

Thursday 02/16/06
Ambient guitarist trades his 6 string guitar for the 10 string Chapman Stick

Jeff Pearce has been an avatar of ambient guitar for over a decade, creating albums of tremulous, ice crystal melodies and layered textured drones. Up until now, he's done it all on a six string electric but recently he's been entranced by the Chapman Stick, a 10 stringed instrument that looks like a guitar fretboard on steroids. Pearce plugs in and talks about slow motion music on 10 strings. View the Playlist

Friday 02/17/06
Electric guitar band channels Duane Eddy in Minimalist ambiences

Tristeza is among a new breed of guitar instrumentalists who take the sound of groups like The Ventures and launch them into the 21st century. In a San Diego living room, we gather the original members of the group, including departed founding member, Jimmy LaValle, now with The Album Leaf. They talk about a sound emerging from surf guitar, spaghetti westerns, minimalism and more on their new CD, A COLORES. View the Playlist



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