For the Week of February 8, 1999

The following playlist is for one (1) week of ECHOES programming (5 days, 2 hours per day). Your local station may run only certain segments or one day of programming from this week's list especially if you hear Echoes on a weekend. Your station may also reverse the hours of Echoes, so that half hours 3&4 become 1&2.

                   HIGHLIGHTS FOR THE WEEK

                   Monday, February 8, 1999 
  Over the last two years, Vas has been among the most popular
   groups on Echoes.  At radio station WVXU, the Echoes affiliate in
 Cincinnati, we capture Vas in a live performance that includes
       music from their latest album, Offerings (Narada).
                 Wednesday, February 10, 1999 
  Alex de Grassi is the virtuoso finger-picking guitarist who
   helped launch Windham Hill records in the 1970s.  Now he's
 launching his own label, Tropo Music with a new CD called The
Watergarden.  We talk with Alex about his first solo guitar album
                      in nearly a decade.
                  Thursday, February 11, 1999
      Spool is a quartet of musicians creating an ambient
improvisational music that draws from jazz and electronics, Bill
Evans and Pink Floyd.  Their music is the sound of late evenings
 and film noir bars 2 minutes before closing time.  Keyboardist
Jhno and John Ridenour talk about their improvisational approach
  to mood on their self-titled debut, Spool (New Dog Records).
                   Friday, February 12, 1999
                       MONK-NOT MONASTIC
   Ric Hordinski is a musician between worlds. He's a singer-
songwriter who used to be a member of the group, Over the Rhine,
but he's also an ambient composer.  As Monk, he sculpts low-tech
dreamscapes for guitars and other instruments on Hush (Ether). 
   Yet, when he plays live, he surrounds himself with tablas,
 djembes and other world music sounds.  We go between the lines
              with this Cincinnati based musician.
*denotes compilation

ID# 99-J07-00027 Monday, February 8, 1999 (Echoes Program Z50)

ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING

                    First Half Hour
Martin Shaw         Garuda              New World Mosaic
Chinmaya Dunster &  The Mists of        Celtic Ragas
Vidroha Jamie       Ruantallain
Peter Kater &       Shaman's Call       Song for Humanity 
  R. Carlos Nakai
Dogon               Chet's Dream        Redunjusta
Spacecraft          The Summon          Hummel

                    Second Half Hour
                    A LIVING ROOM CONCERT WITH VAS

ARTIST              TITLE               ORIGINAL ALBUM
Vas                 Temple of the       Offerings
Vas                 Roya                Offerings
Vas                 Sevdama             unreleased

                    Third Half Hour
Stellamara          Maris               Star of the Sea
Take Dake           Ocean Motion        Asian Roots
Tuu                 Tidal Memory        Echoes Living Room
                                        Concerts Vol. 4
Wendy Carlos        Title Music From    Clockwork Orange
                    A Clockwork Orange
Monk                Afterglow           Quiver

                    Fourth Half Hour
Lucia Hwong         Light               Celestial Realms
Evidence            Awakening the Light Piano
Aryeh Frankfurter   Northfjord Halling  Harp Songs of the 
                                        Midnight Sun
Irina Mikhailova    Molihta             Echoes Living Room
                                        Concerts Vol. 4
Myth                Into Morocco        Chorus of Tribes
ID# 99-J07-00028 Tuesday, February 9, 1999 (Echoes Program 7B)

ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING

                    First Half Hour
Kentucky Standard   Kites over the      Angels of Mercy 
  Band               Ocean
Paul Winter         Dawnwalker          Celtic Solstice
Global              Betaphase           Pentamorous 
  Communication                           Metamorphosis
Paul Reisler &      Wonder's Web        Birth of a River
 Bobby Read
Jeff Pearce         Quiet and Clear     Daylight Slowly

                    Second Half Hour
William Watson      Garden of Zen       Burnham Woods
Ry Cooder           Paris Texas         Music by Ry Cooder
Alpha Wave Movement Linear Perspectives Concept of Motion
Davy Spillane       Inagh               The Sea of Dreams
Mark Dwane          The Genesis Engram  The Nefilim

                    Third Half Hour
Nightnoise          The Kid on the Cot  The Parting Tide
Flesh & Bone        Dirge               Pagan Saints
The Kornicki        Fire Essence        Deep Time
Hans Zimmer         Journey to the Line The Thin Red Line
Dom F. Scab         Distance Sorrow     Innerseed

                    Fourth Half Hour 
Tracy & Thea        Here I Am           Echoes Living Room 
  Silverman                               Concerts Vol. IV
Rudiger Oppermann   The Golden String   Celtic Harpestry*
Jon Jenkins         Into a World of     Flow
Jami Sieber         Tell it by Heart    Second Sight

Paul Avgerinos      Dance of Life       Sky of Grace
Jason Dennie        Sign                Living on Melody Lane
ID#99-J07-00029 Wednesday, February 10, 1999 (Echoes Program )

ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING

                    First Half Hour
Orealis             L'Hiver Sur         Celtic Music
Michael Hedges      Java Man            Torched
Baka Beyond         Ngombi              Spirit of the Forest 
Peter Kater &       Shaman's Call       Song for Humanity
  R. Carlos Nakai   
Djivan Gasparyan &  Fallen Star         Black Rock
  Michael Brook
Steve Roach &       Born of Fire        Body Electric
  Vir Unis

                    Second Half Hour

Alex De Grassi      Cumulus Rising      The Water Garden
Liz Story           Out of Time         Echoes Living Room
                                          Concerts Vol. IV
Aryeh Frankfurter   The Morning Dew     Harp Songs of the
                                          Midnight Sun
Optical Image       Different Places    Moonchild

                    Third Half Hour
One Alternative     Boulder Sky         Changes
Richie Buckley      Martin, Frances &   The General
David Helpling      Stormchaser         Between Green & Blue
Mike Oldfield       Moonwatch           Tubular Bells 3
Lucia Hwong         Beauty              Celestial Realms

                    Fourth Half Hour
Craig Armstrong     Glasgow             The Space Between Us
Ravi                The Sea             Kora so Far
David Michael &     Moonlight Waltz     Courtship of the Moon
  Randy Mead
Richard Leo         Tony Bennett        Fingertip Ship
Burning Sky         Spirit Within       Enter the Earth
Trancendental       Disiu               Steam
ID# 98-J07-00030 Thursday, February 11, 1999 (Echoes Program )

ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING

                    First Half Hour
Joaquin Lievano     Asia                Ecologie
Patrick O'Hearn     Black Delilah       Eldorado
Eileen Ivers        Dear Irish Boy      Crossing the Bridge
Peter Kater &       Touch of an Angel   The Dance of Innocents
  Nawang Khechog
Richie Buckley      Tina                The General

                    Second Half Hour
Carolyn Cruso       Fire Sister         Transformation
Vox                 Moses               Divine Rites
Alpha Wave Movement Gaia's Heartbeat    Concept of Motion
Knut Hamre &        Huldra-mi           A
  Steve Tibbetts
Shaman's Dream      Healing Seas        Breathing

                    Third Half Hour
Gitbox              Journey             Touch Wood
Steve Roach         Towards the Dream   Dreaming, Now, Then
Ekstasis            Midnight Mass       Wake up and Dream
Neil Jacobs         Gypsy Waltz         World Blue 
Richard Drueding &  Castaneda           Wissahickon
  Stephe Ferraro

                    Fourth Half Hour
Spool               Y                   Spool
Andy Narell         Jutland             Behind the Bridge
Myth                Shackera            Chorus of Tribes
ID# 99-J07-00031 Friday, February 12, 1999 (Echoes Program X49)

ARTIST              SELECTION           RECORDING

                    First Half Hour     
Steven Pasero       Her Flying Horses   Songs for the Wild
Jonn Serrie         Great Plains        Spirit Keepers
Aryeh Frankfurter   The Morning Dew     Harp Songs of the 
                                          Midnight Sun 
Vas                 The Promise         Offerings
Tracy & Thea        Here I am           Echoes Living Room
                                          Concerts Vol. IV

                    Second Half Hour
Giovanni Sollima    Aria                Aquilarco
Myth                Into Morocco        Chorus of Tribes
Popol Vuh           Wo Bist Du?         Popol Vuh
Danny Heines        Without a Trace     Vanishing Border
Rudiger Oppermann   The Butterfly       Celtic Harpestry

                    Third Half Hour
Synergy             Ancestors           Audion
Angels of Venice    A Chantar Mer       Awake Inside a Dream
Mark Dwane          The Genesis Engram  The Nefilim
Loreena McKennitt   The Mystic's Dream  The Mask & Mirror

                    Fourth Half Hour
                    FEATURE: MONK NOT MONASTIC
Monk                Tattoo              Hush
The Henrys          Travels with My Ant Desert Cure
Paul Winter         Canyon Chaconne     Echoes Living Room
                                          Concerts Vol. IV
Mark Biehl          Mustang             Landscapes
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