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February 21-25, 2005

Following is a listing of the musical selections on Echoes this week.  The playlists include start times that indicate the approximate beginning of that piece of music, represented in minutes and seconds after the start of the hour. 

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Tuesday 02/22/05
Between 1984 and 1988, Miami Vice lit up TV screens as the hippest cop show ever. Part of its hipness was the kinetic soundtrack composed by Jan Hammer. The synthesist came to renown with The Mahavishnu Orchestra and Jeff Beck, but hit number one with his theme to Miami Vice. With ricochet percussion samples and screaming electric guitar and synthesizer lines, Miami Vice completely altered the TV scoring landscape. The TV series is now being released on DVD. We return to the scene of the crime, with Miami Vice composer, Jan Hammer.

Wednesday 02/23/05
Stellamara is a Bay Area band creating a world music of the imagination, filtered through eastern European refrains, spun in Persian grooves, blended in medieval modalities and supercharged by San Franciscan multi-cultural sensibilities. It's all centered by the vocal incantations of Sonja Drakulich whose voice evokes Bulgarian choirs and middle eastern ululations in this richly layered, percussive world fusion. They've just released their first CD in 8 years, called THE SEVEN VALLEYS (Lucidity Music.) We hear them playing live, on Echoes.

Thursday 02/24/05
Darshan Ambient is the recording persona of Bay Area-based musician Michael Allison. He began as a rock and roll bassist, playing in groups that included former Labelle singer Nona Hendryx. But he switched several years ago into more ambient designs, inspired by his studies in yoga and other spiritual disciplines. He's released nearly a dozen albums, most of them on But he's just put out his first conventional disc, AUTUMN'S APPLE on the Lotus Spike label in Pittsburgh. We return to our first conversation with Darshan Ambient.

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