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This Week's Echoes Programs

Echoes Programs for the week of February 20, 2006











Please Note: these playlists reflect the dates on which the programs were distributed to our affiliate public radio stations. Some stations delay the broadcast of Echoes, or do not run all of the hours that we produce. Please check with your local station if it is not clear which program was aired.

This Sunday's Echoes Programs
February 26 , 2006

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Monday 02/20/06
English retro-space musician plugs in and takes off in Echoes’ Living Room

Mark Jenkins has a house full of vintage synthesizers, but when he comes into the Echoes Living Room, he just plugs up a small keyboard and a briefcase full of electronics to get sounds that took Tangerine Dream a stage full of equipment to achieve 30 years ago. Jenkins has been on the English electronic music scene for years, as a music editor of some of England's biggest electronic music magazines, starting his own record label, and making retro-space music in his spare time. Mark Jenkins crossed the pond to visit the Echoes studio and play his music live.View the Playlist

Tuesday 02/21/06
Infinite cellos on an ambient chamber music plateau

Zoe Keating plays cello, but she's never really followed the classical path. Instead you'll find her wearing a bustier and playing with the cello-gothic rock band, Rasputina or accompanying techno-pop siren Imogen Heap. But on her own, she dresses down and creates cello echoes in a real time looping system to build layered compositions with up to 16 cello lines. Born in Canada and until recently a resident of San Francisco's Natoma Street, Zoe Keating talks about her cello deviations and her latest CD, named NATOMA.View the Playlist

Wednesday 02/22/06
Musings and memories from the soul caretaker of the digital age

Laurie Anderson is an American treasure, a chronicler of life on this planet, observing the mundane and the profound. While the artist was almost a pop star in the 1980s, appearing on magazine covers in a white tuxedo with her white violin, she's never lost her sense of reflection, self-awareness and a gift for detecting the absurd. On break from a performance of her latest work, THE END OF THE MOON, at Philadelphia's Prince Music Theater, the poet laureate of the digital age reflects on the United States of American consciousness as she approaches her 60th birthday in 2007. View the Playlist

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