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February 28-March 4, 2005

Following is a listing of the musical selections on Echoes this week.  The playlists include start times that indicate the approximate beginning of that piece of music, represented in minutes and seconds after the start of the hour. 

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Monday 02/28/05
We travel to the San Francisco basement studio of Aryeh Frankfurter where he plays Nordic music for Celtic harp live on Echoes. Aryeh Frankfurter is a multi-instrumentalist based in San Francisco who can whip off world jazz fusion solos on violin or pluck the most delicate melody on Celtic harp. On his latest album, AURORA OF THE NORTHERN HARP (Lion Harp), he adapts music for Swedish Cow horn and clogged fiddle to his Celtic strings. We hear him do it live.

Wednesday 03/02/05
Bill Fontana is a trained musician and composer, but his music doesn't use any orchestral instruments. Instead, he takes natural sounds from the environment, like ocean waves at Normandy, the clockworks of Big Ben, or the foghorns of his home by the San Francisco Bay, and transmits them to distant locales. Fontana creates a sonic dislocation, allowing us to hear these sounds and landscapes in new ways. In his studio, Bill Fontana takes us out to the world and into sound.

Thursday 03/03/05
Irina Mikhailova grew up in Kazakhstan, but since moving to San Francisco in 1992, she's become a diva of the global music scene there, singing with the world fusion groups Lumin and Medicine Drum and the Bulgarian choir, Kitka. Now she's teamed up with Oakland-based pianist Ira Stein, formerly of the Windham Hill duo Ira Stein and Russel Walder. Together, they create chamber works from Bulgarian, Rumanian and Russian folk songs on their CD, ESQUISSE. Ira Stein and Irina Mikhailova talk about their unlikely collaboration.

Friday 03/04/05
HBO's Carnivale is a dark, mystical peek inside a depression-era carnival touring dust bowl that exist in a nether world between Christianity and the supernatural. The DVD of the first season has just been released as well as a soundtrack CD (on Varese Sarabande). The second season begins this month. Jeff Beal, whose recent work includes scores for TIBET: CRY OF THE SNOW LION and POLLACK, composes the music for this deep psychological landscape that harkens back to a rustic americana but with a distinctly ambient sound. Beal and series executive producer Howard Klein talk about a music full of dust storms and magic.

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