For the Week of March 16, 1998

The following playlist is for one (1) week of ECHOES programming (5 days, 2
hours per day).  Your local station may run only certain segments or one
day of programming from this week's list especially if you hear Echoes on a
weekend. Your station may also reverse the hours of Echoes, so that half
hours 3&4 become 1&2.

                 *******HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK ON ECHOES*******

                          Monday, March 16, 1998

                          Tuesday, March 17, 1998
                               CELTIC ECHOES

                         Wednesday, March 18, 1998

                          Friday, March 20, 1998

*denotes compilation

ARTIST                 SELECTION             RECORDING

            ID# 98-J07-00053 Monday, March 16, 1998 (Echoes X-4)

                       First Half Hour
Bruce BecVar           Sands of Time         Forever Blue Sky

Mike Oldfield          She Moves Through     Voyager
                       The Fair
Caroline Lavelle       Turning Ground        Spirit
Open Canvas            Haj                   Nomadic Impressions
Kurt Bestor            Windrunner            Sketches
Hilmar Orn Hilmarson   Sudurgata             Children of Nature

                       Second Half Hour

Mark Isham             Never Cry Wolf        Film Music

Optical Image          Sequences             Another Treasure Point
Mars Lasar             Vision Quest          Music of Olympic Nat'l Park
Thomas Newman          Prayer Wounds         Oscar and Lucinda

                       Third Half Hour
Tim Clement            Mawhje's Outlook      Waterstation

Tunde Jegede           Fountain of a         Malian Royal Court Music
                       People's Hope
David Pritchard        Driven                Just One Look
Love is Colder Than    Oxeia                 Heavenly Voices*
Mecca Bodega           Subway Stories        Subway Stories
David Downes           Unstill               The Rusted Wheel of Things

                       Fourth Half Hour
Gustavo Santaolalla    Iguazu                Ronroco
Mychael Danna          Procession            The Sweet Hereafter
Dead Can Dance         Nierika               Echoes Living Room Concerts
                                             Volume 3
Art Turner             We-No-Nah             Story Water
Paul Winter            Canyon Chaconne       Canyon Lullaby
Syndrone               Beneath the Surface   Blind Date

           ID# 98-J07-00054 Tuesday, March 17, 1998 (Echoes W-12)

                              A CELTIC ECHOES:
                      A SOUNDSCAPE FOR S. PATRICK'S DAY

                       First Half Hour
Solas                  Song of the Kelpie    Sunny Spells &
                                             Scattered Showers

Mychael & Jeff Danna   The Vision            A Celtic Tale
Helen O'Hara           Ceide                 Southern Hearts
Aine Minogue           Gabhaim Molta Bride   Circle of the Sun
Maire Breatnach        Diarmaid              Celtic Lovers
Noirin Ni Riain        Kitty My Love         Celtic Soul

                       Second Half Hour
Jeff Johnson &         The Bard&the Warrior  Music of Celtic Legends
 Brian Dunning
Andrew White           Breda                 The Heart of the Celtic Guitar
Mike Oldfield          Celtic Rain           Voyager
Declan Masterson       Spanish Point         Celtic Planet*
William Coulter &      Caoineadh na Mara     Celtic Requiem
 Mary McLaughlin
Sharon Murphy          Home Again in Eireann Women of the World Celtic 2

                       Third Half Hour
Shelly Phillips        The Fairie Round      The Fairie Round

Jon Mark               Mayday Morning        A Celtic Story
Nightnoise             Night in that Land    The White Horse Sessions
Emer Kenny             Una                   Emer Kenny
Baka Beyond            Ohureo                The Meeting Pool
Bill Whelan            Some Mother's Son     Some Mother's Son

                       Fourth Half Hour
William Jackson        The Skye Boat Song    Celtic Experience
Iarla O'Lionaird       Lament at Calvary     The 7 Steps to Mercy
Spirit of Eden         Legend of the Cuan    The Sun, the Moon & the Stars
Cherish the Ladies     Her Mantle So Green   Threads of Time
Lisa Lynne             Branwin's Secret      Daughters of the Celtic Moon
Davy Spillane          Promised Rain         A Place Among the Stones

              ID# 98-J07-00055 Wednesday, March 18, 1997 (X-12)

                       First Half Hour
Northern Lights        Pyramid-In the Wood-  Northern Lights
                       In the Bright Light

Roger Eno & St. John   Days of Delay         The Familiar
Craig Armstrong        Glasgow               The Space Between Us
Pilgrimage             Land of Ecstasy       9 Songs of Ecstasy
Mychael Danna          Shoplift              The Ice Storm*
Incierto Insecto       Tierra Simple,        The Event Horizon Theta*
                       Tierra Plana

                       Second Half Hour


David Toop             Sunless               Spirit World

Dominic Miller         Looking For           First Touch
Liz Story              Out of Time           17 Seconds to Anywhere
Jeff Pearce            The Outer Circle      Vestiges

                       Third Half Hour
Huayucaltia            Rumbita               Amazonas

Will Ackerman          I Know this River     Sound of Wind Driven Rain
R. Carlos Nakai        Rocks and Rills       Mythic Dreamer
Dadawa                 Question from the     Voices from the Sky
                       Other Shore
Bang On A Can          2/2                   Music for Airports

                       Fourth Half Hour
Tim Farrell            Joyride to            Sky Dancer
Robyn Miller           Atrus' Theme          Riven
Michael Thomas Berkley Dawn                  Images From Earth
Gustavo Santaolalla    Gaucho                Ronroco
Savina Yannatou        El Sueno de la Hija   Women of Spirit*
                       del Rey
Mark Hafer             Cavern                Eturnum
              ID# 98-J07-00056 Thursday, March 19, 1998 (Y-12)

                       First Half Hour
Asiabeat               Carolina              Spirit of the People

Mecca Bodega           The Giving Pants      Hammered Dulcimer
Optical Image          Act of Innocence      Another Treasure Point
Najma                  Pukar                 Pukar
David Helpling         Where the Sky Meets   Echoes Living Room Concerts
                       The Sea               Volume 3

                       Second Half Hour
Liz Story              The Promise           17 Seconds to Anywhere
Michael Gulezian       Morning Star          Distant Memories & Dreams
Willie & Lobo          Plight of the Whale   Fandango Nights
Ulli                   Angie                 Ageless
A.R. Rahman            Missing               Vande Mataram
Gina Balducci          Rain                  Waterbase

                       Third Half Hour
Patrick O'Hearn        3 Circles             Trust

Loreena McKennitt      La Serenissma         The Book of Secrets
Kronos Quartet         Synchrony #2          Early Music
Frank Steiner Jr.      K'an                  I Ching Symphony
Vangelis               Fields of Coral       Oceanic

                       Fourth Half Hour
Hiroko Okano           Cosmic Wind           The Ambient Eclipse
Thomas Newman          The Seduction of      Oscar and Lucinda
                       Mrs. Chadwick
Anton Mizerak/         Waiting for Rain      Desert Bloom
 Karl Joseph/Chuck Wilson
Trial of the Bow       Borderland            Release Your Mind vol.2*
Will Ackerman          Sound of Wind Driven  Sound of Wind Driven Rain
Anthony Phillips/      Schuan Journey        Time and Tide
 Joji Hirota

               ID# 98-J07-00057 Friday, March 20, 1998 (Z-12)

                       First Half Hour
Eddie Jobson           Lakemist              Theme of Secrets

Steve Roach/           Grotto of Time Lost   Strata
 Robert Rich
Snuffy Walden          Who Lives up There    Sounds of Wood and Steel*
Turtle Island          Sorcerer of Sorts     A Shock to the System
 String Quartet
Xumantra               Xumantra              Sacred Singing Metals

                       Second Half Hour
Liquid Didj            Moonlight Didj        Submerged
Pilgrimage             Ceremony              9 Songs of Ecstasy
Jeff Pearce            With the              Vestiges
                       Morning Light
Tony Geballe           Native of the Rain    Native of the Rain
Vas                    Roya                  Echoes Living Room Concerts
                                             Volume 3
Art Turner             Gateway               Story Water

                       Third Half Hour
Nightnoise             Morning in Madrid     A Different Shore

Ulli                   Children's Dance      Ageless
Ry Cooder              End Titles            The End of Violence
Madredeus              O Parasio             O Parasio
Mercan Dede            Dream of Shams        Sufi Dreams
Andrew Thomas Wilson   Skirmish              Oz: Tales from the Blue Ship

                       Fourth Half Hour


Tunde Jegede           Caravans of Gold      Lamentation

Loituma                There is My Lover     Things of Beauty
Mecca Bodega           The Isle of Cadapous  Hammered Dulcimer
Steve Erquiaga         Presto                Cafe Paradiso

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