Echoes Playlist

March 25-29, 2002

Following is a listing of the musical selections airing on Echoes for the week of March 25-29, 2002.  The dates on the playlists are the dates the programs are distributed to stations.  Please check the program ID number to verify the program if your station broadcasts the program on a different day than it is distributed.

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Tuesday 03/26/02
David and Diane Arkenstone invite Echoes into their living room north of Los Angeles where they create their music of fantasy live. David Arkenstone is a multi-instrumentalist best known for his elaborate, cinematic keyboard orchestrations including several Grammy nominated albums. David and Diane got an ensemble together for a rare live performance of their music in the most intimate setting possible, their own home. They play music from across David's career, including his latest album, MUSIC INSPIRED BY MIDDLE EARTH (Neo-Pacifica).

Wednesday 03/27/02
A self-described "jazz drummer gone AWOL," Alex Cline takes into a world of rhythm and Zen in his Los Angeles percussion room. A longtime fixture on Southern California's noisy avant-garde jazz scene, Cline explores a more contemplative sound on his own recordings, including his latest THE CONSTANT FLAME (Cryptogramophone). The liquid melodies of violin, guitar and voice overlay his restrained rhythms to create a sound somewhere between chamber jazz and Japanese court music. We take a tour through Cline's massive percussion arsenal, and talk with him about the zen of improvised music.

Thursday 03/28/02
Brian Gore is from a third generation of finger-style guitarists influenced by the "grandfathers" Leo Kottke and John Fahey and the "fathers," Will Ackerman and Alex de Grassi. He's a solo guitar proselytizer who stages International Guitar Night performances with the leading exponents of finger-style guitar. Brian Gore talks about his acoustic guitar crusade, his guitar playing family, and his own music, heard on the recent album, LEGACY (Acoustic Music).

Friday 03/29/02
Celtic harpist Lisa Lynne has released several albums, including CDs on the Windham Hill label and her latest, MAIDEN'S PRAYER (New Earth). In her southern California home, Lisa tells the story behind her new album, which fuses her Celtic themes with a Persian group, The Lian Ensemble. She also talks about Harps for Hearts, where she performs at children's hospitals, women's shelters and recovery centers, often leaving behind a gift of a small Celtic harp.

*denotes compilation 

ID#02-J07-00060 Monday March 25, 2002 (Echoes Program 3U)

First Half Hour
Popol Vuh Wind of the Stars In Their Eyes For You and Me
Popol Vuh As Though the Angels Walked on Earth Best of Popol Vuh
Popol Vuh Departure Hosianna Mantra
Popol Vuh Listen He Who Ventures Tantric Songs
Popol Vuh Wo Bist Du Popol Vuh  
Popol Vuh In the Gardens of Pharao In the Gardens of Pharao
Popol Vuh Aguirre Aguirre

Second Half Hour
Popol Vuh Wanderer am Himmel Popol Vuh  
Popol Vuh Woe be to Khorazin Best of Popol Vuh
Popol Vuh Spirit of Peace Pt 1 In the Gardens of Pharao
Popol Vuh Brothers of Darkness Sons of Light Tantric Songs

Third Half Hour
Darshan Ambient The Promise Vermillion Sky  
Keola Beamer Na Hala O Nave Soliloquy
Scott August Coyote Dance Distant Spirits
Vangelis Pulstar Albedo 0.39
Bang On A Can In C Terry Riley In C

Fourth Half Hour
Love Spirals Aspen Glow Excelsis 3: A Prelude  
John Doan Wayfarer Wayfarer
Shadowfax The Dreams of Children Dreams of Children
Moonmen Galaxia Deep & Chilled Euphoria
Lumin Stiga Lumin  
Medwyn Goodall Kilimanjaro Snows of Kilimanjaro  

ID#02-J07-00061 Tuesday March 26, 2002 (Echoes Program 13R)

First Half Hour
David Michael/Randy Mead Distant Bells Mountain in the Sky
Liz Story Broken Arrow Drive Welcome Home
Solas Prelude #1/Black Annis The Edge of Silence
Phil Thornton Desert Dream Dreamscapes  
Ancient Future El Zaffa Planet Passion

Second Half Hour

Artist Title Original Album (Artist)  
David Arkenstone Spirit Wind Spirit Wind
David & Diane Arkenstone Arwen & Aragorn Music Inspired by Middle Earth
David & Diane Arkenstone Spirit Dance The Spirit of Mesa Verde  
David & Diane Arkenstone Echoes of Tuscany Music Reflections from the Wine Country  
David & Diane Arkenstone Road to Rivendell Music Inspired by Middle Earth

Third Half Hour
Ozzie Kotani Pavahi O'Kalani To Honor a Queen
Kazu Matsui Small Monk Opening the Gate Bamboo
Barbara Higbie Variations on a Happy Ending Variations on a Happy Ending
John Lakveet Perspicio Sequentiagite

Fourth Half Hour
Mark Isham If I Could Kiss You Life as a House
Philip Aaberg Before Barbed Wire Live from Montana  
Moodswings Opium 45 Degrees Horizontal
Green Planet Bowl Games Les chemins de la Sagesse  
Richard Bone A Splendid Flow of Grace Disorient

ID#02-J07-00062 Wednesday March 27, 2002 (Echoes Program 13S)

First Half Hour
Outback Desert Rain Dance the Devil Away
The Circular Ruins Confluence Confluence  
Gary Stroutsos Silent Wave Pacific Moon
Ed Gerhard Howl Soundtrack: Mark Twain*
Will Ackerman Before we left this all Behind Hearing Voices
Carl Witt Part 1 Quiet Mind  

Second Half Hour
Kitaro Wave of Sound An Ancient Journey
Robert Rich/Ian Boddy State of Flux Outpost  
Jeff Johnson/Brian Dunning Elieson Echoes LRC Vol 7*
Michelle Shocked I Know What You Dub Dub Natural  
Shaman's Dream Warming the Soul Prana

Third Half Hour
Alex Cline Emerald Light The Lamp and the Star
Daniel Ho Between Friends Pineapple Mango  
Patrick Ball Bobby Casey's Fair Play  
Michael Hedges Dream Beach Beyond Boundaries
Ishq Yu Orchid

Fourth Half Hour

Alex Cline Ensemble Benediction The Constant Flame
Tony McManus The Old Bush Ceol More
Drala Home Drala

ID#02-J07-00063 Thursday March 28, 2002 (Echoes Program 13T)

First Half Hour
John Huling Nightfall of Hoskini Mesa Sunrise
Ben Verdery Song Before Spring Ufonia
Richard Searles In Winter's Shadow The Green Man
Dead Can Dance Yulunga 1981-1998
David & Steve Gordon Light of the Canyon Sacred Drum Visions

Second Half Hour
Taluin Singh/Rakesh Chaurasia Meeting Vira
Kit Watkins Evening Mothra The Gathering Set 2  
Susan Craig Winsberg Hebridean Medley Celtic Love Songs
Scott Huckabay Delphinius Alchemy
Zero 7 Red Dust Simple Things

Third Half Hour
Brian Gore Legacy Legacy
David Darling Prayer and Word Cello Blue
Ma Ja Le/James Johnson Outside In Seed
Chinmaya Dunster Natrani On Sacred Ground
Michael Conn Sub-Aqua Globe Trekker*

Fourth Half Hour

Brian Gore Loom of Desire Legacy
Daniel Ho After the Rain Pineapple Mango  
Ron Clearfield Baqti Time on Earth
Samite Zenina Kambu Angels

ID#02-J07-00064 Friday March 29, 2002 (Echoes Program 5S)

First Half Hour
Lisa Lynne Chanter's Tone Maiden's Prayer
Ben Verdery Song Before Spring Ufonia
Hans Zimmer Mogadishu Blues Black Hawk Down
Drala Home Drala
3AM Veldt Distant Early Warning  

Second Half Hour

Lisa Lynne Winter Moon Maiden's Prayer
Afro Celt Sound System The Silken Whip Echoes LRC Vol 7*
Mark Dwane Under the Sphinx Planetary Mysteries  

Third Half Hour
Roedelius Isleta Aquarello
Scott August Emergence Distant Spirits
David Darling Morning Cello Blue
Solas Maybe in a Prayer The Edge of Silence
Trammell Starks Creature Regions A Trilogy of Fantasy pt 1  

Fourth Half Hour
Ishq Skyblue Orchid  
Mark Isham Round Robin Life as a House
Dead Can Dance The Lotus Eaters 1981-1998
Martin Posen South Portage Lake Road Listening Hands  
Habib Khan Jewel of Jewels Jewel of Heart

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