For the Week of March 23, 1998

The following playlist is for one (1) week of ECHOES programming (5 days, 2
hours per day).  Your local station may run only certain segments or one
day of programming from this week's list especially if you hear Echoes on a
weekend. Your station may also reverse the hours of Echoes, so that half
hours 3&4 become 1&2.

                 *******HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK ON ECHOES*******

                          MONDAY, MARCH 23, 1998

                          TUESDAY, MARCH 24, 1998
                       BOB HOLROYD'S GLOBAL PICTURES

                         WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25, 1998

                         THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 1998
                        TECHNO-TRIBAL & TIMBUK TUU

*denotes compilation

ARTIST                 SELECTION             RECORDING

            ID# 98-J07-00058 Monday, March 16, 1998 (Echoes W-5)

                       First Half Hour
Trapezoid              Elegy: The Dry Leaves Long Time Down This Road
                       of Autumn

Gustavo Santaolalla    Coyita                Ronroco
Maire Breatnach        Fand                  Celtic Lovers
Michael Nyman          The Promise           The Piano
George Winston         Moon                  Echoes Living Room Concerts
                                             Volume 3
Tim Farrell            On A Winter's Night   Skydancer

                       Second Half Hour


Will Ackerman          Sound of Wind Driven  Sound of Wind Driven
                       Rain                  Rain

Joaquin Lievano        Rainforest Dance      Ecologie
Stellamara             Karuna                Star of the Sea

                       Third Half Hour
Peadar O'Riada         Fiach                 Winds Gentle Whisper

Lisa Lynne             Gentle Place          Daughter of the Celtic Moon
Mercan Dede            Dream of Shams        Sufi Dreams
Laurie Anderson        Coolsville            Strange Angels
Kevin Braheny          Till You Get There    Secret Rooms

                       Fourth Half Hour
R. Carlos Nakai        Swallows & Nighthawks Mythic Dreamer
Mark Dwane             The Martian Sphynx    The Monuments of Mars
Loreena McKennitt      Prologue              The Book of Secrets
Luis Paniagua          El Claro Oscuro       La Bolso O La Vida
Trial of the Bow       Borderland            Release Your Mind Vol. 2*
           ID# 98-J07-00059 Tuesday, March 24, 1998 (Echoes W-13)

                       First Half Hour
Barry Cleveland        Voluntary Dreaming    Barry Cleveland

Craig Armstrong        Glasgow               The Space Between Us
Michael Thomas Berkley Liquid Canopy         Images From Earth
R. Carlos Nakai        Silver Salmon Bear    Mythic Dreamer
Dadawa                 The Believer          Voices From the Sky
Xumantra               Xumantra              Sacred Singing Metals

                       Second Half Hour
Helen O'Hara           Ceide                 Southern Hearts
Dominic Miller         Looking For           First Touch
Daniel Lanios          Whtie Mustang II      Acadie
Armen Chakmakian       Ceremonies            Ceremonies
McLaughlin & Coulter   The Weeping of the    Celtic Requiem
                       Women in the Slaughter
Monk                   Lullaby               Quiver
Liz Story              Out of Time           17 Seconds to Anywhere

                       Third Half Hour
Ulli                   Certainly Maybe       Ageless

Jon Hassell            Empire Pt. 3          Aka Darbari Java
Pilgrimage             Ceremony              9 Songs of Ecstacy
Jonn Serrie            Gentle the Night      And the Stars Go With You
John Wubbenhorst       All Bliss             Facing East

                       Fourth Half Hour

Bob Holroyd            In An Angel's         Fluidity and Structure

Cherish the Ladies     Her Mantle So Green   Threads of Time
George Winston         Hummingbird           All the Seasons
                                             of George Winston
Ceredwen               Lady of the Flowers   Or Mabinogi
              ID# 98-J07-00060 Wednesday, March 25, 1997 (X-13)

                       First Half Hour
Kevin Braheny          Forgiveness           Secret Rooms

Vox                    O Successores         Diadema
                       Fortissime Leonis
Aine Minogue           The Butterfly         Circle of the Sun
Tim Farrell            Joyride to            Sky Dancer
Bang on a Can          1/1                   Music for Airports

                       Second Half Hour

                                             ORIGINAL ALBUM
Fortuna                Dane Tu Fuerza        Women of Spirit
Fortuna                Halelu'ya             Mediterraneo
Fortuna                La Consagracion de    Mediterraneo
Fortuna                Ha Mavdil             La Prima Vez

William Lopez          Maine Song            The Journey
Michael Brook          Shona Bridge          Cobalt Blue

                       Third Half Hour
Bartz                  Strange Alliance      P.O.E.A.S.

Mychael Danna          Finale (excerpt)      The Ice Storm
Vicki Richards         Monsoon               Parting the Waters
Will Ackerman          Lion's in the Sky     Sound of Wind Driven Rain
Jeff Pearce            The Outer Circle      Vestiges

                       Fourth Half Hour
Robin Bullock          Tiger Baby's Lullaby  Between Earth and Sky
Mecca Bodega           One Winged Angel      Hammered Dulcimer
Dead Can Dance         Nierika               Echoes LRC Vol. 3
Patrick O'Hearn        Amazon Waltz          Eldorado
Peter Ratzenbeck       Dolphin's Dance       Travelogue
Ulli                   A Touch of Yearning   Ageless
              ID# 98-J07-00061 Thursday, March 26, 1998 (Y-13)

                       First Half Hour
Paul Avgerinos         The Flames Are        Balancing Spheres (not avail.)

Michael Hedges         Java Man              Sounds of Wood & Steel
Oruc Guvac             version 2             Rivers of One
Forrest Fang           Archipelago           World Diary
Sven Vath              L'Esperanza           Accident in Paradise

                       Second Half Hour
Will Ackerman          Unconditional         Sound of Wind Driven Rain
Yas-Kaz                Journey from Water    Darkness in Dreams
George Winston         Northern Plians       All the Seasons....
Ceoltoiri              My Darling, I'm Fond  Women of Ireland
                       of You
Gustavo Santaolalla    Pampa                 Ronroco
Mark Hafer             The Arrival           Eturnum

                       Third Half Hour
David Pritchard        Driven                Just One Look

Robert Rich            Rites of the Bronze   Echoes LRC Vol. 3
Roedelius              More of It            Aquarello
Liz Story              17 Seconds to         17 Seconds to Anywhere
Helen O'Hara           Love and Respect      Southern Hearts

                       Fourth Half Hour
                       FEATURE: TUU

Tuu                    All Our Ancestors     All Our Ancestors

Bill Nelson            Her Presence in       Practically Wired
Najma                  Jeel Me Chand         Pukar
Maire Breatnach        Diarmuid              Celtic Lovers
               ID# 98-J07-00062 Friday, March 27, 1998 (Z-13)

                       First Half Hour
Tim Story              Her Cathedral         Beguiled

Optical Image          Sequences             Another Treasure Point
Frank Steiner, Jr.     K'an                  I Ching Symphony
Diva                   Chora Por Mim         Music from the Edge of Europe:

                       Second Half Hour
Herman Delago          Second Day            Didge Goes World
Paul Haslinger         Rainmaker's Dream     World Without Rules
Pilgrimage             Land of Ecstacy       9 Songs of Ecstasy
Thomas Newman          Prayer Wounds         Oscar & Lucinda

                       Third Half Hour
Peter Rubissow         As You Leave          The Group

McLaughlin & Coulter   Keening o/the 3 Marys Celtic Requiem
John Wubbenhorst       No Mind               Facing East
Tim Farrell            Sky Dancer            Sky Dancer
Mecca Bodega           Ephipany Mayfair      Hammered Dulcimer

                       Fourth Half Hour
Hans Christian         Reflections           Surrender
Sanjay Mishra          Before Summer Rain    Blue Incantation
Aine Minogue           Gabhaim Molta Bride   Circle of the Sun
Michael Thomas Berkley Dawn                  Images from Earth
Roedelius              Isleta                Aquarello
Robin Bullock          Between Earth & Sky   Between Earth and Sky

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