Echoes Playlist April 9-13, 2001

Following is a listing of the musical selections airing on Echoes for April 9-13, 2001.  The dates on the playlists are the dates the programs are distributed to stations.  Please check the program ID number to verify the program if your station broadcasts the program on a different day than it is distributed.

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Monday April 9, 2001
Acclaimed saxophonist Paul Winter and Armenian singer and multi- instrumentalist, Arto Tuncboyaciyan, come to the Echoes living room like minstrels, playing music from their two new albums, Paul Winters JOURNEY WITH THE SUN and Arto Tuncboyaciyan's EVERY DAY IS A NEW LIFE. Paul weaves his soprano around the soulful laments of Arto, singing in his imaginary language and playing his lute called the sazabo.

Tuesday April 10, 2001
Green Isac is a Norwegian duo that blends acoustic instruments from around the world, but turns them into electronic landscapes that are both evocative and organic. Back in 1996 we visited Green Isac in their Oslo, Norway studio where they took us inside the sound of their music and also previewed new music that has just come out on a new CD called GROUNDRUSH (Spotted Peccary). We revisit this feature on Echoes.

Wednesday April 11, 2001
Joshua Seurkamp is the percussionist of choice in Cincinnati, working with many artists, among them Ric Hordinski a.k.a. Monk. Joshua recently released his solo debut, GARDEN OF SOUND (Blue Jordan), a largely brooding and meditative album full of swampy atmospheres, trancey percussion and the blues and country inflected guitars of Ric Hordinski. With his neon pink hair and soul patch beard, Joshua takes us into the musical and spiritual journey of his music, including playing some of his unique ceramic instruments.

Friday April 13, 2001
Kate Price plays mountain hammered dulcimer and uses it as an entry into a global music landscape. Often compared to Loreena McKennitt, Price shares McKennitt's passion for Celtic music and world music and sings in a soaring soprano voice. Her latest CD, THE ISLE OF DREAMING (Omtown) is a richly textured atmosphere full of ethnic touches like Indian sarangi, Swedish nyckelharpe and clay pots. Kate talks about a musical odyssey that began with Balkan folk dancing.

*denotes compilation 

ID#01-J07-00071 Monday April 9, 2001 (Echoes Program 6L)

First Half Hour
Johnson/Dunning Byzantium Byzantium  
William Watson Garden of Zen Echoes LRC vol 6*  
John Wubbenhorst Bengali Folk Song Bansuri Dreams   
Lisa Walker Mysticete Grooved Whale   
Kevin Keller Blood of the Raven Intermezzo  

Second Half Hour

A Living Room Concert with Paul Winter and Arto Tuncboyacian



 Original CD
 Paul Winter/Arto Tunboyacian  Ballad in 7/8  unreleased  
 Arto Tunboyaciyan  Thank God I Wake Up Again Every Day Is A New Life  
 Paul Winter  Bach Air  unreleased  Paul Winter's Latest CD
Arto Tuncboyaciyan/
Paul Winter
 Broken Arm Every Day Is A New Life
Journey with the Sun

Third Half Hour
Michael Thomas Berkeley Moonlit Warmth Arctic  
George Winston No Ke Ano Ahiahi Plains  
Bill Frisell Throughout In Line   
Marty Stewart Waltz for Hope All the Pretty Horses
Habib Khan Rose Longing  

Fourth Half Hour
Colter/Phillips Rain Into Snow Echoes LRC Vol 6*  
Patrick O'Hearn Northwest Passage So Flows the Current
One Night Hawks Blue Desires  
David Helpling Divine Whisper Sleeping on the Edge of the World
Davey Spillane River of Gems The Sea of Dreams
Air La Femme D'Argent Moon Safari

ID#01-J07-00072 Tuesday April 10 2001 (Echoes Program 15L)

First Half Hour
Another Fine Day Scarborough Faire Salvage
Gerry O'Beirne Off the Rocks at Clahane Half Moon Bay   
William Coulter/Benjamin Verdery Tibetan Prayer Song Song for our Ancestors  
Jalan Jalan Bulan Bali Dua
Dom F. Scab Crazy Trigonometry Binary Secrets  

Second Half Hour
Carol Tatum Persentio Music for Harp
Jeff Johnson/Brian Dunning Wayfarer The Enduring Story
Jade Warrior Grey Lake Red Mountain Horizen  
State of Grace Veni Creator Spiritus State of Grace*
Luis Delgado Clara El Hechizo de Babilonia

Third Half Hour
Green Isac Mifune Groundrush
Ralph Towner Solitary Woman Anthem
Gareth Jones Wave Goodbye Classical Trance  
Steve Roach Early Man Early Man

Fourth Half Hour

Green Isac Caravan Groundrush
Bruce Kaphan Clouds Slider
Suzanne Teng Topanga Dreams Echoes LRC Vol 6*

ID#01-J07-00073 Wednesday April 11 2001 (Echoes Program 15M)
ARTIST                        SELECTION RECORDING

First Half Hour
Joshua Seurkamp Lost on a Road to Bethlehem Garden of Sound  
Tim Story When all Beyond was Wild Shadowplay
Gary Stroutsos Afternoon Wave Pacific Moon
Carol Tatum Voyage of the Sea Witch Music for Harp
John Iverson Metalanguage Alternesia

Second Half Hour

Joshua Seurkamp Yearning Garden of Sound  
Shooglenifty August Untamed*
Oracle Flow (Motion) Freezone 1*  

Third Half Hour
Shadowfax Shadowdance What Goes Around
Lisa Gerrard Rome is the Light More Music from Gladiator
Don Ross Thin Air Huron Street
Patrick O'Hearn Northwest Passage So Flows the Current
Rasha Umani Let Me Be
Andreas Vollenweider The Play of the 5 Balls The Essential ...

Fourth Half Hour
Trisan Mother & Son Trisan
Kim Robertson Broken Prayer Dance to Your Shadow
Luis Delgado El Dewan de las Poetisas El Hechizo de Babilonia
Stephan Micus Mikhail's Dream Desert Poems
Kit Watkins Evening Mothra The Unseen  

ID#01-J07-00074 Thursday April 12, 2001 (Echoes Program 5M)
ARTIST                        SELECTION RECORDING  

First Half Hour
Michael Gulezian Morning Star Distant Memories and Dreams   
Makyo Skin as Soft as Moonlight Interior Horizons*  
Jan Hammer Red Dragon Snapshots 1.2  
Iarla O'Lionaird Lament at Calvary The Seven Steps to Mercy  
Michael Stearns Chaco Landlight The Middle of Time   

Second Half Hour
William Watson Garden of Zen Echoes LRC Vol 6*  
Matt Balitsaris/Jeff Berman The Long Walk Big Black Sun  
Solar Quest Singtree Orgship  
Preston Reed Crossing Open Water Handwritten Notes  
Steve Roach/Roger King Gone West Dust to Dust  

Third Half Hour
Ira Stein Trio Nun Lieget Alles Unter Dir Bach Improvisations  
Steve Stevens Letter to a Memory Flamenco.A.Go.Go  
Harold Budd The Room of Ancillary Dreams The Room  
Sheila Chandra Nada Brahma Nada Brahma  
Tunde Jegede Song of the Waterfall Trance Planet 5*  

Fourth Half Hour
Sam Cardon Floodplain of the Nile Earth Cinema  
Tim Story/Roedelius A Broken Alphabet Echoes LRC Vol 6*  
Al Petteway/Amy White Gratitude Gratitude  
Levi Chen Essential Liquid Gardens  
Paul Winter Yabu Journey With the Sun  
Zero One Search Prototype 2  

ID#01-J07-00075 Friday April 13 2001 (Echoes Program 15P)

First Half Hour
Kate Price Kate Counts 8 The Isle of Dreaming
Riley Lee By the River Buddha's Dream
Nan Simopoulos Midnight After the Moon
Revival The End of Time Noua Romanie*

Second Half Hour

Kate Price The Isle of Dreaming The Isle of Dreaming
Gerry O'Beirne The Glass Boat Half Moon Bay  
Gary Stroutsos Morning Wave Pacific Moon
Green Isac Red Guitar Groundrush

Third Half Hour
Scott Moulton Monument Four Corners Suite  
Tim Story Slippery Hours Shadowplay
Stellamara Kereshine Star of the Sea
Van Zyl/Gulch/Rath Aural Explorations The Sound Museum  

Fourth Half Hour
William Coulter An Daingen Song for Our Ancestors  
Bruce Kaphan High Desert Slider
Tonto's Expanding Headband Tama Tonto Rides Again  
Dom F. Scab The Unpredictable Device Binary Secrets  
Enya Tempus Vernum Deora Ar Mo Chroi  
Jeff Beal Plant Your Garden Pollock Soundtrack

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