For the Week of April 6, 1998

The following playlist is for one (1) week of ECHOES programming (5 days, 2
hours per day).  Your local station may run only certain segments or one
day of programming from this week's list especially if you hear Echoes on a
weekend. Your station may also reverse the hours of Echoes, so that half
hours 3&4 become 1&2.

                 *******HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK ON ECHOES*******

                            Monday, April 6, 1998
                            AIR: FLOATING ON AIR

                          Tuesday, April 7, 1998
                           YATRI'S CRYSTAL MUSIC

                         Wednesday, April 8, 1998
                           NAJMA: PERFUMED LOVE

                          Friday, April 10, 1998
                        JIM COLE'S HARMONIC VOICES

*denotes compilation
ARTIST                 SELECTION             RECORDING

             ID# 98-J07-00068 Monday, April 6, 1998 (Echoes X-7)

                       First Half Hour
Ben Tavera King        Coyote Moon           Coyote Moon

Oregon                 Claridade             Northwest Passage
Kees Aerts             Darkness              Slices of Time
Art Turner             Unseen Mountain       Story Water
Loreena McKennitt      Marco Polo            The Book of Secrets

                       Second Half Hour

                       FEATURE: AIR

Air                    La Femme D'Argent     Moon Safari

Peter Ratzenbeck       Dolphin Dance         Travelogue
Jason Carter           Belonging             Kindred Spirits
Axiom of Choice        Valeh                 Beyond Denial

                       Third Half Hour
Sanjay Mishra          For Julia             Blue Incantation

Thomas Newman          Prince Rupert's Drop  Oscar & Lucinda
Madredeus              Haja O Que Houver     O Paraiso
David Pritchard        Tropic Cascade        Just One Look
Chicane                Already There         Far From the Maddening Crowds
Ceredwen               The Wasteland/        Or Mabinogi
                       Pryderi's Lament

                       Fourth Half Hour
William Penn           Cloud Chambers        Living in the Next Great
                                             Ice Age
Liz Story              Captain April         17 Seconds to Anywhere
Re-Orient              Child of the          Indian World Music Fusion
                       Emerald Air
Aine Minogue           Maire Mhor            Circle of the Sun
Hemisphere             Spiritual Tramp       From Inside the Cyclone
            ID# 98-J07-00069 Tuesday, April 7, 1998 (Echoes W-15)

                       First Half Hour
Open Canvas            Haj                   Nomadic Impressions

Mychael Danna          Shoplift              The Ice Storm
Strat Andriotis &      The 5th Column        Duo

 Tom Carney
Clannad                Loch Na Cailli        Landmarks
Ken Bonfield           Taos                  Homecoming
Mark Rownd             Eyes of Azure         Painting Twilight

                       Second Half Hour
Mary Youngblood        Eagle Clan            The Offering
Liquid Didj            Moonlight Didj        Submerged
Michael Thomas Berkley Dawn                  Images From Earth
Richard Bone           Electropica           Electropica
Pilgrimage             Ceremony              9 Songs of Ecstasy
Will Ackerman          Pontchartrain         Sound of Wind Driven Rain

                       Third Half Hour
David Falcone          Secrets of Sherwood   Secrets of Sherwood

Steve Roach/Roger King Gone West             Dust to Dust
Phillips & Hirota      Slow Boat to China    Time and Tide
Irina Mikhailova       Streamlet             Russian Twilight
Arc                    Who Walks Behind You  Octane

                       Fourth Half Hour

                       FEATURE: YATRI'S CRYSTAL MUSIC

Yatri                  Mist Weaver           Crystal Spirit

Aine Minogue           Gabhaim Molta Bride   Circle of the Sun
John Wubbenhorst       Himilayan             Facing East
Soul Food              Deeper Part 1         Breathe

              ID# 98-J07-00070 Wednesday, April 8, 1997 (X-15)

                       First Half Hour
Medwyn Goodall         Raven                 Celtic Journey

Darling & Bjornstad    II                    The River
Bernard Scholl         Watermoon             Light of the Moon
Lisa Gerrard &         Human Game            Duality
 Pieter Bourke
Monk                   Tatoo                 Hush

                       Second Half Hour
George Winston         Cradle                All the Seasons of..
Maire Breatnach        Ailill                Celtic Lovers
Soul Food              Wayob                 Breathe
Michael Rother         Fernmarme             Chronicles 1
Michael Thomas Berkley Liquid Canopy         Images from Earth
Baka Beyond            Cota                  Journey Between

                       Third Half Hour
Tangerine Dream        Reflection            Oasis

Coulter & McLaughlin   Caoinealh na          Celtic Requiem
Craig Armstrong        Glasgow               The Space Between Us
Roedelius              Isleta                Aquarello
Steven Cragg           Summertime            Discovery

                       Fourth Half Hour

                       FEATURE: NAJMA - PERFUMED LOVE

Najma                  Pukar                 Pukar

Ceredwen               In the Realm of       Or Mabinogi
                       the Summer Stars
SurSudha               Resham Firri          Images of Nepal
Diva                   Chora Por Mim         Music From the Edge of
                                             the Europe: Portugal
               ID# 98-J07-00071 Thursday, April 9, 1998 (W-7)

                       First Half Hour
David Helpling         Worlds                Between Green and Blue

Tim Farrell            On A Winter's Night   Skydancer
Aine Minogue           The Butterfly         Circle of the Sun
Liz Story              Rumors of Discipline  17 Seconds to Anywhere
Ry Cooder              End Title             The End of Violence
Optical Image          Sequences             Another Treasure Point

                       Second Half Hour
Open Canvas            Haj                   Nomadic Impressions
Rise and Fall          Pure Hands            Heavenly Voices*
 of a Decade
Michael Hedges         Java Man              Sounds of Wood & Steel*
Tunde Jegede           Departure             Lamentation
Banco De Gaia          Big Men Cry           Big Men Cry
Philip Glass           Sand Mandala          Kundun

                       Third Half Hour
Deuter                 Magic Island          Terra Magica

R. Carlos Nakai        Rocks & Rills         Mythic Dreamer
Iarla O'Lionaird       Lament at Calvary     The Seven Steps to Mercy

Robert Fripp           Pie Jesu              Pie Jesu (EP)
Gustavo Snataolalla    Jardin                Ronroco
Mychael Danna          It's Important That   The Sweet Hereafter
                       We Talk

                       Fourth Half Hour
Peter Ratzenback       Sunday's Fantasy      Travelogue
Stellamara             Kereshme              Star of the Sea
Caryn Lin              In the Abbey of       Tolerance for Ambiguity
Paul Winter            Waltz of the Ravens   Canyon Lullaby
Jeff Greinke           City Light            Cities in Fog

               ID# 98-J07-00072 Friday, April 10, 1998 (Z-15)

                       First Half Hour
Helen O'Hara           Love & Respect        Southern Hearts

John Surman            Piperspoal            Road to St. Ives
Cerewden               The Wasteland         Or Mabinogi
                       Pryderi's Lament
John Wubberhorst       No Mind               Facing East

                       Second Half Hour


Jim Cole               Celestial Tides       Coalesence

Loreena McKennitt      Le Serenissim         The Book of Secrets
Ken Bonfield           Dancing with Shadows  Homecoming
Dadawa                 The 6th Dalai Lama's  Voices From the Sky
                       Love Song

                       Third Half Hour
Bernard Scholl         Moondance             Light of the Moon

Aine Minogue           Days of Emerald       Circle of the Sun
Doyle Dykes            Nothing's Too Good    Sounds of Wood & Steel*
                       (For a Friend)
Baka Beyond            Mountain Song         Journey Between
Vidna Obmana           Forest Arrow          Crossing the Trail

                       Fourth Half Hour
Roedelius              More of It            Aquarello
Darren Curtis Skanson  Drift Away            The Guitar Tree
Jeff Pearce            The Outer Circle      Vestiges
Liz Story              Out of Time           17 Seconds to Anywhere
Air                    Talisman              Moon Safari
The Spirit of Eden     Legend of Cuan        The Sun, The Moon & The Stars

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