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April 29-May 3, 2002

Following is a listing of the musical selections airing on Echoes for the week of April 29-May 3, 2002.  The dates on the playlists are the dates the programs are distributed to stations.  Please check the program ID number to verify the program if your station broadcasts the program on a different day than it is distributed.

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Monday 04/29/02
The Boston Herald called Solas the "The Best Irish traditional band in the world." But they aren't so traditional now as they infuse their music with contemporary rhtyhms and songs by such anceint bards as Bob Dylan and Tom Waits. Solas comes to the Echoes Living Room to play their new music live, exploring instrumental Irish aires, tales of Black Annis and a song by The Youngbloods. Headed up by Seamus Egan playing electric guitar, Solas weaves their Irish fiddle, button accordion and acoustic guitar with the voice of Irish champion singer, Diedre Scanlan in a magical performance.

Wednesday 05/01/02
Bobby McFerrin is a chameleon vocalist. His career began by imitating acoustic instruments, but over the years he's evolved a sound more like a global language, an esperanto of the soul. He's played with artists like Chick Corea and Yo-Yo Ma and conducts classical orchestras around the world. On his latest album, Beyond Words, McFerrin creates a series of vocal vignettes, over-dubbing his voice, playing synthesizer and featuring guest appearances by Corea, Gil Goldstein and Richard Bona. Now living in Philadelphia, Bobby McFerrin speaks in words about his latest album, BEYOND WORDS (Blue Note).

Thursday 05/02/02
Will Ackerman built his career as a solo acoustic guitarist, founding Windham Hill Records 25 years ago and launching the acoustic guitar renaissance of the 1980s and 90s. On his new album, HEARING VOICES (Windham Hill), he uses his plaintive guitar melodies to underpin exotic and ethereal voices from singers including Happy Rhodes, Heather Rankin, and Samite. Singing in Native tongues, imaginary dialects and occasionally English, HEARING VOICES has a hymn-like quality. Will Ackerman reveals the voices in his head.

Friday 05/03/02
Scott August talks about sending Native American flutes into virtual space on this edition of Echoes. Scott August isn't a Native American, but he plays their flutes on a new album called DISTANT SPIRITS (Cedar Mesa Music). Scott spends most of his time scoring soundtracks for TV commercials, but in his Los Angeles bedroom studio, August takes his collection of Native flutes and deploys them over digital atmospheres of the desert southwest with recordings from Canyon de Chelly and environments of the imagination. Scott takes us into a music that begins in a closet and ends in a canyon.

*denotes compilation 

ID#02-J07-00085 Monday April 29, 2002 (Echoes Program 18Q)

First Half Hour
Roger Eno Sections Getting Warmer  
Danny Heines Fly Bird Fly What Worlds They Bring
Barry Stramp Sky Soundtrack: Ansel Adams*  
Kodo Ektral Mondo Head
Yo-Yo Ma/Silk Road Ensemble Chi Passa Per'sta Strada Silk Road Journeys
Daniel Ho Between Friends Pineapple Mango  

Second Half Hour
3 AM Night Early Distant Warning  
Jeff Johnson/Brian Dunning Elieson Echoes LRC Vol 7*
John Williams Maki The Magic Box
Ancient Future Semara Planet Passion
Deborah Martin/Greg Klamt/Mark Rownd Dreamwalking Convergence

Third Half Hour
Kazu Matsui Dancing in the Remaining Lights Bamboo
Erik Wollo Distant View Wind Journey
Red Shift Mantra Cloud Noise Deep Field Image  
Skyedance The Other Side of Sorrow Live in Spain
Tom Verlaine/Kronos Quartet Spiritual Big Bad Love*
Jack Edward Smith El Sol Mundo Fantasia  

Fourth Half Hour

Artist Composition Original Recording  
Solas Maybe In Prayer The Edge of Silence
Solas Darkness, Darkness The Edge of Silence
Solas Dignity The Edge of Silence
Solas Black Annis The Edge of Silence

ID#02-J07-00086 Tuesday April 30, 2002 (Echoes Program 18R)

First Half Hour
George Winston February Sea Winter Into Spring
Solas Maybe In a Prayer The Edge of Silence
UXB Urban Mutant Urban Mutant  
Drala Opening the Gates Drala

Second Half Hour
Mickey Hart Temple Caves Over the Edge and Back
Louis Sclavis Le Travail Dans la Nuit
Thomas Barquee Salva Me Slow Music for Yoga*
Robert Rich/Ian Boddy State of Flux Outpost  
Danny Heines Six Picture Dream What Worlds They Bring

Third Half Hour
Strunz/Farah Campera Stringweave
Talvin Singh/Rakesh Chaurasia Heaven Vira
Rudy Adrian Eclipse Concerts in New Zealand  
Tina Malia Forever Shores of Avalon
Zero 7 Red Dust Simple Things

Fourth Half Hour
Richard Searles Orb Weaver The Green Man
Archetribe Wine Strand Earthtones
Richard Bone A Splendid Flow of Grace Disorient
Susan Craig Winsberg Hebrean Medley Celtic Love Songs
Scott Helland Golden Retrievers of Good Luck Earthbound
Uakti Promessas Do Sul Uakti

ID#02-J07-00087 Wednesday May 1, 2002 (Echoes Program 18S)

First Half Hour
Bobby McFerrin Sisters/Circlings Beyond Words
Bobby McFerrin Monks/The Shepherd Beyond Words
Kodo Echo Bells Mondo Head
Ma Ja Le/James Johnson Outside In Seed
Lee Bone The Visit Sacred Spaces  
John Williams Musha Musihi The Magic Box
Nacho Sotomayer Dreaming II La Roca Vol 2

Second Half Hour

Bobby McFerrin Kalimba Suite Beyond Words
Patrick Ball Bobby Casey's Fair Play  
Trammell Starks Eye of Adventure Trilogy of Fantasy Part 1  
David and Steve Gordon Guardian Spirit Sacred Drum Visions: 20th Anniversary Collection

Third Half Hour
John Huling Nightfall on Hoskinni Mesa Sunrise
Richard Bone In Japa Disorient
Philip Aaberg At One Point I see Antelope Field Notes  
Jiang Xiao-Qing Morning Dew Breathing Spaces
Mediaeval Baebes Byrd One Brere The Rose
Ancient Future Socha Socha Planet Passion

Fourth Half Hour
Paul Sauvanet Oasis Nomad
Phil Thornton Eagle Dream Dreamscapes
Daniel Schell w/Karo Un Celte If Windows They Have
Lisa Walker Mysticete Grooved Whale
Padmasana A Distant Star Padmasana

ID#02-J07-00088 Thursday May 2, 2002 (Echoes Program 18T)

First Half Hour
Autumn's Child Yellow Field Storytelling
Moodswings Storm in a Teacup Horizontal
Caroline Lavelle Turning Ground Spirit
Tenzin Breathe Songs to the Silent Moon: Meditations for solo piano and solo guitar

Second Half Hour
Chris Spheeris/Anthony Mazzella Looking Back Brio
Al-Andalus Taktokah Illumination  
Nicholas Gunn Trail of Tears Through the Great Smoky Mountains: Musical Journey
Adham Shaikh/Tim Floyd Warm Fuzzys Drift
Ferdoos Ramadan Zen and the Art of Chilling*

Third Half Hour
Will Ackerman Before we Left This all Behind Hearing Voices
Bruce Kaphan High Desert Slider
Doug Smith/Mark Hanson Renewal II The Power of Two
Bobby McFerrin Monks/The Shepherd Beyond Words
Shastro Shaman's Healing Shaman's Healing

Fourth Half Hour

Will Ackerman Illumina Hearing Voices
Kitaro Wave of Sound An Ancient Journey
Mark Dwane Under the Sphinx Planetary Mysteries  
David Bridie The Koran the Ghan and a Yarn Act of Free Choice

ID#02-J07-00089 Friday May 3, 2002 (Echoes Program 10T)

First Half Hour
Scott August Coyote Dance Distant Spirits
Darshan Ambient The Promise Vermilion Sky  
Zhango Wei Liang Sorrow The Heavenly Sound of Xiao
Craig Padilla Folding Space Folding Space & Melting Galaxies  

Second Half Hour

Scott August Emergence Distant Spirits
Sven Grundberg Going Milarepa  
Ancient Future Socha Socha Planet Passion

Third Half Hour
Patrick O'Hearn The Women of Lachaise Metaphor
Doug Smith/Mark Hanson Canyon Canon The Power of Two
Drala Home Drala
Loreena McKennett Marakesh Night Market The Mask and Mirror

Fourth Half Hour
Chinmaya Dunster Natrani On Sacred Ground
Nawang Khechog Rhythm of Dakini Karuna
Archetribe Messages from Synesthesia Earthtones
Phila Aaberg Marias River Breakdown Live from Montana  
Hans Zimmer Reading Stories The Pledge

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