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May 20-24, 2002

Following is a listing of the musical selections airing on Echoes for the week of May 20-24, 2002.  The dates on the playlists are the dates the programs are distributed to stations.  Please check the program ID number to verify the program if your station broadcasts the program on a different day than it is distributed.

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Tuesday 05/21/02
In her Marin County home overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Mount Tamalpais, Suzanne Ciani performs live on Echoes. She started out as an avant-garde electronic composer, came to renown for commercial jingles and sound effects, and helped launch New Age music. Now Suzanne concentrates on her piano music, releasing PIANISSIMO III (Seventh Wave) her third album of unaccompanied solos. We captured Suzanne on a glorious Northern California day, seated at her grand piano, playing music born in the view right outside her windows.

Wednesday 5/22/02

Laurie Anderson is currently out on tour with her new performance work, "Happiness" and a new album, LIVE IN NEW YORK (Nonesuch). We return to our feature with Anderson from the summer of 2001. At that time, Laurie Anderson was contemplating the designs of her latest studio album, LIFE ON A STRING (Nonesuch). In Laurie Anderson's Manhattan studio, she tells the stories of her life in New York, pre- 9/11.

Thursday 05/23/02
Darshan Ambient is the recording persona of Oakland-based musician Michael Allison. He began as a rock and roll bassist, playing in groups that included former Labelle singer Nona Hendryx. But he switched several years ago into more ambient designs, inspired by his studies in yoga and other spiritual disciplines. He's released nearly a dozen albums, most of them on Michael Allison talks about the sonic designs of Darshan Ambient.

Friday 05/24/02
A self-described "jazz drummer gone AWOL," Alex Cline takes us into a world of rhythm and Zen in his Los Angeles percussion room. A longtime fixture on Southern California's noisy avant-garde jazz scene, Cline explores a more contemplative sound on his own recordings, including his latest, THE CONSTANT FLAME (Cryptogramophone). The liquid melodies of violin, guitar and voice overlay his restrained rhythms to create a sound somewhere between chamber jazz and Japanese court music. We take a tour through Cline's massive percussion arsenal, and talk with him about the zen of improvised music.

*denotes compilation 

ID#02-J07-00100 Monday May 20, 2002 (Echoes Program 9T)

First Half Hour
Philip Aaberg Before Barbed Wire Live from Montana  
Skydance The Other Side of Sorrow Live in Spain
Hariprasad Chaurasia Now Now
Edgar Froese Specific Gravity of Smile Pinnacles
Dusted Childhood When we Were Young

Second Half Hour
Doug Smith/Mark Hasson Canyon Canon The Power of Two
Mary Youngblood And we will Fly Beneath the Raven Moon
Samite Buli Muntu Kambu Angels
Solas Maybe in a Prayer The Edge of Silence
Rob Eberhard Young En Soleil Sticks and Stones

Third Half Hour
Ketil Bjornstad/David Darling The Sea V Echoes LRC vol 7*
John Lakveet Sensifier Sequentiagite  
Lisa Gerrard/Pieter Bourke See the Sun Ali*
Chris Spheeris/Anthony Mazella The Longing/The Rushes Brio
Amethystium Avalon Odonata

Fourth Half Hour
Will Ackerman For the Asking Hearing Voices
Jade Warrior Waves pt 2 Elements
Noirin Ni Riain Kitty My Love Celtic Soul
Kitaro The Pharaoh An Ancient Journey
Michael Hedges The Double Planet Beyond Boundaries
Mark Dwane Geoglyphs Planetary Mysteries  

ID#02-J07-00101 Tuesday May 21, 2002 (Echoes Program 21R)

First Half Hour
Cybertribe Finding the Magic Oyster Fast Forward*
Moodswings Melted Teacup Horizontal
Chris Spheeris/Anthony Mazzella The Longing/The Rushes Brio
Vas The Inward Coil In the Garden of Souls
Richard Burmer Ave Pladealio Mosaic  

Second Half Hour
Patrick Ball Bobby Casey's Fair Play
Constance Demby Alleluliah Sanctum Sanctuorum
Dom F. Scab After Scarab Analogical Confessions More Info
Phil Thornton Forest Pathways Dreamscapes
Steve Roach Spirit Moves Streams & Currents
David Bridie Dive Act of Free Choice

Third Half Hour
David & Steve Gordon Sunrise Ritual Sacred Drum Visions
Boots/Aerts/Volterjdim Triple Rock Livelines  
Laurie Anderson O Superman Live in New York
Bobby McFerrin Monks/The Shepherd Beyond Words
Barbara Higbie True Story Variations on a Happy Ending

Fourth Half Hour
Artist composition Original CD
Suzanne Ciani La Mer Pianissimo 3
Suzanne Ciani If I Could Pianissimo 3
Suzanne Ciani Full Moon Sonata Pianissimo 3
Suzanne Ciani Terra Mesa Pianissimo 2
Suzanne Ciani Rain Pianissimo
Suzanne Ciani Butterflies Pianissimo 3

ID#02-J07-00102 Wednesday May 22, 2002 (Echoes Program 21S)

First Half Hour
Laurie Anderson Coolsville Live in New York
Yann Tiersen La Valse d'Amelie Amelie
Mediaeval Baebes Blow Northern Wind The Rose
Zhang Wei-Liang Sorrow The Heavenly Sound of Xiao
Tom Heasley Prelude On the Sensations of Tone

Second Half Hour

Laurie Anderson Slip Away Live in New York
Robert Rich/Ian Boddy Edge of Nowhere Outpost  
Kazu Matsui Talking with the Rice Spirits Bamboo
John Williams Maki The Magic Box

Third Half Hour
Ray Russell Outland Childscape
Victor Spiegel Raga in E Evocation
Mickey Hart Sweet 16 Over the Edge and Back
Danny Heines Vir Vir What Worlds They Bring
Craig Armstrong Starless II As If to Nothing

Fourth Half Hour
Phil Thornton Forest Pathways Dreamscapes
Tina Malia Lullaby Shores of Avalon
Al-Andalus Secrets Genetic Memories
Pedro Cortes Celestina Flamenco Soul  
Medwyn Goodall Kilimanjaro Snows of Kilimanjaro

ID#02-J07-00103 Thursday May 23, 2002 (Echoes Program 21T)

First Half Hour
Philip Aaberg Montana Half Light Live from Montana
Moodswings Storm in a Teacup Horizontal
Deva Premal Om Namo Bhagavate Embrace
Mark Knopfler It's Over A Shot at Glory

Second Half Hour
Leni Stern Love Everyone Reprise Finally the Rain Has Come
3am Marshland Distant Early Warning  
Tony McManus Ye Banks and Braes Ceol More
Michael Stipe/Asha Bosle The Way you Dream One Giant Leap*
Zero 7 End Theme Simple Things
Jack Edward Smith El Sol Mundo Fantasia  

Third Half Hour
Darshan Ambient The Promise Vermilion Sky  
Gary Sill Restless Hearts Restless Hearts
Michelle Shocked I Know What you Dub Deep Natural
Martin/Klamt/Rownd Dreamwalking Convergence

Fourth Half Hour

Darshan Ambient Night Fishing Providence  
Red Shift Mantra Nalu Deep Field Image  
Shastro Shaman's Healing Shaman's Healing

ID#02-J07-00104 Friday May 24, 2002 (Echoes Program 13S)

First Half Hour
Outback Desert Rain Dance the Devil Away
The Circular Ruins Confluence Confluence  
Gary Stroutsos Silent Wave Pacific Moon
Ed Gerhard Howl Soundtrack: Mark Twain*
Will Ackerman Before we left this all Behind Hearing Voices
Carl Witt Part 1 Quiet Mind  

Second Half Hour
Kitaro Wave of Sound An Ancient Journey
Robert Rich/Ian Boddy State of Flux Outpost
Jeff Johnson/Brian Dunning Elieson Echoes LRC Vol 7*
Michelle Shocked I Know What You Dub Dub Natural  
Shaman's Dream Warming the Soul Prana

Third Half Hour
Alex Cline Emerald Light The Lamp and the Star
Daniel Ho Between Friends Pineapple Mango  
Patrick Ball Bobby Casey's Fair Play  
Michael Hedges Dream Beach Beyond Boundaries
Ishq Yu Orchid

Fourth Half Hour

Alex Cline Ensemble Benediction The Constant Flame
Tony McManus The Old Bush Ceol More
Drala Home Drala

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