Echoes Playlist May 28-June 1, 2001

Following is a listing of the musical selections airing on Echoes for May 28-June 1, 2001.  The dates on the playlists are the dates the programs are distributed to stations.  Please check the program ID number to verify the program if your station broadcasts the program on a different day than it is distributed.

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Monday May 28, 2001
Patrick O'Hearn has returned with his first new album in 4 years. It's called SO FLOWS THE CURRENT ( and it's an extension of the dark, sensual ambient sound he's been working for the last 15 years. Patrick talks about making music naturally along with guitarist Peter Maunu.

Tuesday May 29, 2001
Kitaro is one of the original avatars of modern instrumental music. He started in a Japanese group called The Far East Family Band before heading out on his own with the 1978 album, TEN KAI-ASTRAL VOYAGE. Twenty three years and dozens of albums later, he's still at it and this year won his first Grammy award for his album, THINKING OF YOU (Domo). Kitaro has just released a new CD, ANCIENT (Domo). He descends from his ranch in the mountains above Boulder, Colorado to come to the Echoes living room to play a couple of pieces live. Only instead of synthesizer, Kitaro plays Native American flute, accompanied by his wife, Keiko, on keyboards. It's a rare live performance by Kitaro, on Echoes.

Thursday May 31, 2001
Gary Stroutsos built his reputation playing Native American flute, but in the last two years, this Seattle based musician has turned to wind instruments from around the world, creating a music that breathes with shadowed ambiences. Last year he released HIDDEN WORLD (Narada) with synthesist Jonn Serrie. The two get together again on Gary's PACIFIC MOON (Paras) album. This time the tone is Asian with the addition of koto player, Elizabeth Falconer. Gary Stroutsos and his Pacific moon gazers talk about a meeting of tradition and ambience.

*denotes compilation 

ID#01-J07-00106 Monday May 28, 2001 (Echoes Program 13N)

First Half Hour
Shastro Before Dawn Oasis Night
Jalan Jalan Wari Bali Dua
Ron Boots Giants of Once Before Close But Not Touching  
Luis Delgado El Diwan de las Poetisas El Hechizo de Babilonia
Gary Stroutsos Pacific Moon Reprise Pacific Moon

Second Half Hour
Rivertribe House of Light Journey
Robert Mirabal Courtship Song Music from a Painted Cave
Green Isac Wasa Groundrush
George Kahumoku Nakalele Hawaiian Love Songs
Andreas Vollenweider Behind the Garden Behind the Wall Under the Terrace The Essential Andreas Vollenweider

Third Half Hour
Patrick O'Hearn So Flows the Current So Flows the Current
Ronu Majumdar African Queen Hollow Bamboo
Geoffrey Richardson 54 Homes Viola Mon Amour  
Carl Weingarten Come With Me Blue Faith
Ralph Towner Solitary Woman Anthem
Peter Gabriel The Time of the Turning OVO

Fourth Half Hour
Patrick O'Hearn Traveler's Rest So Flows the Current
Aine Minogue Gabhaim Molta Bride Echoes LRC Vol 4*
Stephan Micus Mikhail's Dream Desert Poems
Pierre Bensusan Kadourimdou Intuite  

ID#01-J07-00107 Tuesday May 29 2001 (Echoes Program 22L)

First Half Hour
Kitaro Dholavira Ancient
Green Isac Groundrush Groundrush
State of Grace Veni Creator Spiritus State of Grace*
Pat Thomi Dunes Pyramids
Yashu/Harida Ganga Shanti Shanti

Second Half Hour

Artist Composition Original CD  
Kitaro Ceremony unreleased  
Kitaro Mercury Thinking of You

following the concert:
Pierre Bensusan So Long Michael Intuite  
Tim Story When all Beyond was Wild Shadowplay
Carol Tatum Parson's Farewell Music for Harp

Third Half Hour
Richard Leo Johnson Sketches of Miles Language
Kit Watkins Logarhythm The Unseen  
Gary Stroutsos Silent Wave Pacific Moon
Susheela Raman Mahima Salt Rain
Hans Christian Backwards Phantoms  

Fourth Half Hour
Kim Robertson I Once Loved a Lass Dance to Your Shadow
Air Radian 10000 Hz Legend
Epiphany Project Gone Epiphany Project
Steve Tibbetts 100 Moons Big Map Idea
James Wilkinson Westward From A Distant Shore
Bruce Kaphan Clouds Slider

ID#01-J07-00108 Wednesday May 30 2001 (Echoes Program 22M)
ARTIST                        SELECTION RECORDING  

First Half Hour
Geist Great Ocean Echoes LRC Vol 3*
Jalan Jalan Hug with the Wind Bali Dua
Carol Tatum Voyage of the Sea Witch Music for Harp
Spacecraft Creative Acceleration Cybersphere  
Kouame Gerrard Sereba Amina Kilimandjaro  

Second Half Hour
Gustavo Santaolalla Gaucho Ronroco
Habib Khan Midnight Dream Longing
Patrick O'Hearn Panning the Sands So Flows the Current
Monica Ramos Angelina Behind that Light
Samite Stars to Share Stars to Share

Third Half Hour
Ralph Towner Anthem Anthem
Gerry O'Beirne Off the Rocks at Clahane Half Moon Bay  
R. Carols Nakai/Wind Travelin' Band Island of Bows Island of Bows
Rajna Yak Ishati
Solea Amphibia Intergalactica Stratosphear

Fourth Half Hour
Rivertribe House of Light Journey
Bill Frisell Blues Dream Blues Dream
Paul Horn Inside Inside the Taj Mahal I & II
Sheila Chandra This This Sentence is True
Tuu One Thousand Years One Thousand Years

ID#01-J07-00109 Thursday May 31 2001 (Echoes Program 22N)

First Half Hour
Trilok Gurtu Peace of the Five Elements The Beat of Love
Jeff Beal The Look Pollock
Tangerine Dream Girl on the Stairs Vol. 3-Dream Mixes
Tito La Rosa All One Nation The Prophecy of the Eagle and Condor
Tim Story Intemporate Shadowplay
Jack or Jive Your Long Shadow Kismet  

Second Half Hour
Helen O'Hara Love & Respect Southern Hearts
Bruce Kaphan High Desert Slider
Ottmar Liebert Little Wing Little Wing
Makyo Skin as Soft as Moonlight Interior Horizons*
Carol Tatum Persentio Music for Harp

Third Half Hour
Gary Stroutsos Silent Wave Pacific Moon
Karen Ashbrook/Paul Oorts Valse Petit Dejeuner Celtic Cafe
Wim Mertens Tout est Visible Written Conversations  
Robert Fox From the Heart The Stuff of Dreams  
Rama IV Temple of the Rising Dawn Silk Mind

Fourth Half Hour

Gary Stroutsos Morning Wave Pacific Moon
William Coulter/Benjamin Verdery Tibetan Prayer Song Song for our Ancestors  
Jeff Johnson/Brian Dunning Wayfarer The Enduring Story
Afro Celt Sound System Silken Whip Volume 3: Further In Time

ID#01-J07-00110 Friday June 1 2001 (Echoes Program 22P)

First Half Hour
Ceredwen The Black Lake The Golden Land
George Kahumoku Jr Nakalele Hawaiian Love Songs
David Darling Sweet River 8 String Religion
Tranquility Aural Sediments Core  

Second Half Hour
Green Isac Wasa Groundrush
Euphoria Desert Drive Beautiful My Child  
Manuel Barrueco Beyond the Mirage Nylon & Steel  
Zero One Possibilities Prototype 2
Jami Sieber Edge of My Soul Second Sight

Third Half Hour
Brian Gore Legacy Legacy
Mars Lasar Great Beast of Wisdom Karma
Eri Sugai Rakuen Mai
Tito La Rosa El Munay The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor
Liv & Let Liv He'enelu Surfin' Pachelbel

Fourth Half Hour
Epiphany Project Goth Epiphany Project
Timothy Vajda October Bootstrap Physics
Moby Whispering Wind Play: The B Sides
Loreen McKennitt Full Circle The Mask & The Mirror
Ottmar Liebert Omnia Bona Bonis Little Wing
Afro Celt Sound System Onwards Volume 3: Further In Time

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