For the Week of May 25, 1998

The following playlist is for one (1) week of ECHOES programming (5 days, 2

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hours 3&4 become 1&2.


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                 *******HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK ON ECHOES*******

         Monday, May 25, 1998  #98-J07-00103  (ECHOES Program Z-12)


Tunde Jegede is a British born black who plays classical music on cello and

Griot music on kora and balaphon.  He brings these elements together in an

African chamber music heard on his album, "Lamentation" (Triciom)  We talk

with Tunde Jegede about his cross cultural music.

         Tuesday, May 26, 1998  #98-J07-00104  (ECHOES Program W-22)


Lisa Lynne plays modern music on Celtic harp surrounded by the imagery of

elves and wizards.  She's been playing her music for years on the arts

festival circuit.  Now she's releasing her first album on a major label,

Windham Hill, with production from David Arkenstone. It's called Daughter

of the Celtic Moon. Lisa Lynne talks about her Celtic fantasies.

        Wednesday, May 27, 1998  #98-J07-00105  (ECHOES Program X-22)


Irina Mikhailova transforms a Bay Area living room into an exotic and

ethereal celebration, singing music form her album, Russian Twilight

(Well-Tempered World).  Irina is joined by and ensemble that includes

cello, sarangi, oud, violin and two frame drummers. Together they weave a

pan-global music born from the folk and classical music of Irina's homeland

in Kazakstan.

         Friday, May 29, 1998  #98-J07-00106  (ECHOES Program W-13)

                       BOB HOLROYD'S GLOBAL PICTURES

Bob Holroyd plays a world of sound on his synthesizers, mixing samples and

rhythms from around the world in a music that can be kaleidoscopic or

psychotropic. He's best known in the States for  his appearance on a

Windham Hill collection of ambient music called PATH.  Bob Holroyd talks

about traveling the world and creating his sonic tapestries on FLUIDITY &



*denotes compilation

ID# 98-J07-00103 Monday, May 25, 1998 (Echoes Program Z-12)

ARTIST                            SELECTION               RECORDING

                                  First Half Hour

Eddie Jobson                      Lakemist                Theme of Secrets

Steve Roach/Robert Rich           Grotto of Time Lost     Strata

Snuffy Walden                     Who Lives up There      Sounds of Wood and


Turtle Isl. String Qrt            Sorcerer of Sorts       A Shock to the


Xumantra                          Xumantra                Sacred Singing


                                  Second Half Hour

Liquid Didj                       Moonlight Didj          Submerged

Pilgrimage                        Ceremony                9 Songs of Ecstacy

Jeff Pearce                       With the Morning Light  Vestiges

Tony Geballe                      Native of the Rain      Native of the Rain

Vas                               Roya                    Echoes Living Room

                                                          Concerts V.3

Art Turner                        Gateway                 Story Water

                                  Third Half Hour

Nightnoise                        Morning in Madrid       A Different Shore

Ulli                              Children's Dance        Ageless

Ry Cooder                         End Titles              The End of


Madredeus                         O Parasio               O Parasio

Mercan Dede                       Dream of Shams          Sufi Dreams

Andrew Thomas Wilson              Skirmish                Oz: Tales from

                                                          the Blue Ship

                                  Fourth Half Hour


Tunde Jegede                      Caravans of Gold        Lamentation

Loituma                           There is My Lover       Things of Beauty

Mecca Bodega                      The Isle of Cadapous    Hammered Dulcimer

Steve Erquiaga                    Presto                  Cafe Paradiso


        ID# 98-J07-00104 Tuesday, May 26,1998 (Echoes Proram W-22)

ARTIST                            SELECTION               RECORDING

                                  First Half Hour

Ancient Pathways                  Rosetta Stone           Ancient Pathways

Irina Mikhailova                  Leaf on a Wind          Gothica

Liz Story                         Captain April           17 Seconds To


Rudiger Opperman                  Emerald Forest          Unchain My Harp

Night Ark                         Keesher Bar             In Wonderland

                                  Second Half Hour


Lisa Lynn                         Crimson Moon            Daughters Of

                                                          The Celtic Moon

Ken Bonfield                      Taos                    Homecoming

Steve Roach/Roger King            Rain & Creosote         Dust To Dust

Gavin Lurssen                     Slow Born               Restless

Bill Laswell                      In a Silent Way         Panthalassa

Third Half Hour

Patrick Moraz                     Light Elements          Human Interface

Autumn's Child                    Born Out of Silence     Born Out of


Ceredwen                          The Gates of Annwn      Or Mabinogi

Robert Rich                       Lifeblood               Propagation

Air                               La Femme D'Argent       Moon Safari

Fourth Half Hour

Ulli                              A Touch of Yearning     Ageless

Soul Food                         Wayob                   Breathe

Friedemann                        Indian Summer           In Concert

Strange Cargo                     Hinterland              Hinterland

Lisa Gerrard /                    Shadow Magnet           Duality

  Pieter Bourke


      ID# 98-J07-00105 Wednesday, May 27, 1998 (Echoes Program X-22)

ARTIST                            SELECTION               RECORDING

                                  First Half Hour

James McNally                     Black Is The Color      Everybreath

Eric Wollo                        Solstice                Solstice

David Michael/Randy Mead          Sky Safari              Courtship of The


Chinmaya Dunster /                The Mists of            Celtic Ragas

 Vidroha Jamie

Nocy                              You Never Left Me Alone Flames of Spain

                                  Second Half Hour

Jeff Pearce                       With The Morning Light  Vestiges

John Wubbenhorst                  No Mind                 Facing East

Michael Hedges                    Fantasia                The Renaissance

Album *

Kitaro                            Wood Fairy              Gaia

Arc                               Who Walks Behind You    Octane

                                  Third Half Hour

Badi Assad                        Waves                   Chameleon

Bernd Scholl                      Moondance               Light of the Moon

Gustavo Santaolalla               Jardin                  Ronrocco

Helen O'Hara                      Elegy II                Southern Hearts

                                  Fourth Half Hour


ARTIST                            TITLE                   ORIGINAL ALBUM

Irina Mikhailova                  Streamlet               Russian Twilight

Irina Mikhailova                  Yola                    Russian Twilight

Irina Mikhailova                  Mohlita                 Russian Twilight

Irina Mikhailova                  Vo Shredum              unreleased


        ID# 98-J07-00106 Thursday, May 28, 1998 (Echoes Program Y-22)

ARTIST                            SELECTION               RECORDING

                                  First Half Hour

Kirt Rieman                       Auroa                   Alaska

Do'a                              Tribute                 Companions of The


                                                          Colored Ark

Baka Beyond                       Mountain Song           Journey Between

David Downes                      Casting The Stone       The Rusted

                                                          Wheel of Things

Brian Eno                         The Big Ship            Another Green


                                  Second Half Hour

Michael Thomas Berkley            Liquid Canopy           Images from Earth

Mychael & Jeff Danna              Iona                    A Celtic Romance

Geoffrey Richardson               Blossomville            Viola Mon Amour

Mark Rownd                        Earthbody Spiritbody    Painting Twilight

R. Carlos Nakai/                  Compassion              Winds of Devotion

 Nawang Khechog

                                  Third Half Hour

Paul Machlis                      Whistle On The Path     Greenwoods

Will Ackerman                     A Child's Song          Sound of Wind

Driven Rain

Robert Powell                     Delta Waves             Desert Beach

Loop Guru                         9AM Distant Train       The Third Chamber

Nakai/Eaton/Clipman               Arriving at Now         Red Wind

                                  Fourth Half Hour

Roedelius                         More of it              Aquarello

One Alternative                   Underwater              Changes

Popol Vuh                         Wo Bist Du              Popol Vuh

Alpha Wave Movement               Across The Abyss        Soundscape Gallery


Armen Chakmakian                  Distant Lands           Ceremonies


                ID# 98-J07-00107 Friday, May 29, 1998 (W-13)

ARTIST                            SELECTION               RECORDING

                                                          First Half Hour

Barry Cleveland                   Voluntary Dreaming      Barry Cleveland

Craig Armstrong                   Glasgow                 The Space Between


Michael Thomas Berkley            Liquid Canopy           Images From Earth

R. Carlos Nakai                   Silver Salmon Bear      Mythic Dreamer

Dadawa                            The Believer            Voices From the


Xumantra                          Xumantra                Sacred Singing


                                  Second Half Hour

Helen O'Hara                      Ceide                   Southern Hearts

Dominic Miller                    Looking For             First Touch

Daniel Lanios                     White Mustang II        Acadie

Armen Chakmakian                  Ceremonies              Ceremonies

McLaughlin & Coulter              The Weeping of the      Celtic Requiem

                                  Women in the Slaughter

Monk                              Lullaby                 Quiver

Liz Story                         Out of Time             17 Seconds to


                                  Third Half Hour

Ulli                              Certainly Maybe         Ageless

Jon Hassell                       Empire pt. 3            Aka Darbari


Pilgrimage                        Ceremony                9 Songs of Ecstacy

Jonn Serrie                       Gentle the Night        And the Stars

                                                          Go With You

John Wubbenhorst                  All Bliss               Facing East

                                  Fourth Half Hour


Bob Holroyd                       In An Angel's           Fluidity and



Cherish the Ladies                Her Mantle So Green     Threads of Time

George Winston                    Hummingbird             All the Seasons

                                                          George Winston

Ceredwen                          Lady of the Flowers     Or Mabinogi




Ackerman, Will            Sound of Wind Driven Rain($15.98/$10.98)

Air                               Moon Safari ($16.98)

Alpha Wave                        Soundscape Gallery #2 ($17.98)

Ancient Future                    Natural Rhythms (17.98)

Armen Chakmakian                  Ceremonies ($17.98)

Armstrong                         The Space Between Us ($16.98)

Ash Ra                            Sunrain ($16.98)

Baka Beyond                       Journey Between ($17.98)

Bang On A Can                     Music For Airports ($17.98)

Berkley, Michael Thomas           Images From Earth ($17.98)

Budd, Harold/Eno, Brian           The Pearl ($16.98)

Cedar Wind                        Feather on the Wind ($17.98)

Ceredwen                          Or Mabinogi ($16.98/$10.98)

Chakmakian, Armen                 Ceremonies ($17.98)

Cherish the Ladies                Threads of Time ($17.98)

Cleveland, Barry                  Barry Cleveland (Not available)

Cooder, Ry                        The End of Violence ($17.98)

Coulter & McLaughlin              Celtic Requiem ($16.98/$10.98)

Dadawa                            Voices From The Sky ($18.98)

Danna, Mychael & Jeff             A Celtic Romance ($15.98)

Dede, Mercan                      Sufi Dreams ($15.98)

Downes, David                     The Rusted Wheel of Things ($17.98)

Echoes Living Room Concerts, Vol. 3 ($15.98)

Eno, Brian                        Another Green World ($16.98/$10.98)

Erquiaga, Steve                   Cafe Paradiso ($16.98)

Guvenc, Oruc                      Rivers of One ($17.98)

Jegede, Tunde                     Lamentation ($17.98)

Jobson, Eddie                     Theme of Secrets (Not Available)

Hassell, Jon                      Aka Darbari Java (Not Available)

Holroyd, Bob                      Fluidity and Structure ($17.98)

Khechog, Nawang                   Quiet Mind ($16.98/$10.98)

Lanois, Daniel                    Acadie N/A

Liquid Didj                       Submerged ($17.98)

Loituma                           Things of Beauty ($17.98)

Loop Guru                         The Third Chamber (Not available)

Lynne, Lisa                       Daughters of the Celtic Moon ($15.98)

Machlis, Paul                     Green Woods ($16.98)

Madredeus                         O Parasio ($17.98)

Mecca Bodega                      Hammered Dulcimer ($17.98)

Miller, Dominic                   First Touch ($17.98)

Minogue, Aine                     Circle of the Sun ($17.98)

Monk                              Quiver ($16.98)

Nakai, R.Carlos                   Mythic Dreamer ($16.98/$10.98)

Nakai/Khechog                     Winds of Devotion ($16.98)

Nakai, Eaton, Clipman             Red Wind ($17.98)

Nightnoise                        A Different Shore ($15.98/$10.98)

O'Hara, Helen                     Southern Hearts ($17.98)

One Alternative                   Changes ($12.98)

Pearce, Jeff                      Vestiges ($13.98)

Phillips/Hirota                   Time & Tide(Import,$18.98)

Pilgrimage                        9 Songs of Ecstacy ($17.98)

Popol Vuh                         Popol Vuh (Not Available)

Powell, Robert                    Desert Beach ($13.98/$7.98)

Rahman, A.R.                      Vande Mataram ($17.98)

Rieman, Kurt                      Alaska (N/A)

Roedelius                         Aquarello ($17.98)

Roach & Rich                      Strata ($15.98)

Rownd, Mark                       Painting Twilight ($17.98)

Serrie, John                      And the Stars Go With You ($16.98)

Stark, Bruce                      Shadow Bright ($17.98)

Story, Liz                        17 Seconds to Anywhere ($15.98)

Turner, Art                       Story Water ($17.98)

Turtle Island                     A Shock To The System   ($17.98/$10.98)

 String Quartet

Uakti                             Trilobyte ($17.98)

Walden, Snuffy                    Sounds of Wood & Steel*($15.98/$10.98)

Wilson, Andrew Thomas             Oz:Tales from the Blue Ship($18.98)

Winston, George                   All The Seasons of....($15.98/$10.98)

Wubbenhorst, John                 Facing East ($14.98)

Ulli                              Ageless($17.98)

Xumantra                          Sacred Singing Metals ($16.98)


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Pricing is subject to change without notice.

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