Echoes Playlist

June 3-7, 2002

Following is a listing of the musical selections airing on Echoes for the week of June 3-7, 2002.  The dates on the playlists are the dates the programs are distributed to stations.  Please check the program ID number to verify the program if your station broadcasts the program on a different day than it is distributed.

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Monday 06/03/02
Guitar wizard Danny Heines plays live on Echoes. Danny Heines is a guitar virtuoso who uses the two-handed tapping techniques pioneered by Stanley Jordan and the late Michael Hedges. On his new CD, WHAT WORLDS THEY BRING (Vadadisc), Heines adapts Eastern European folk songs to his own atmospheric designs. In his San Francisco living room, Heines gathers Russian singer Irina Mikhailova, bassist Michael Manring, singer Artemis Robison and vocal percussionist Andrew Chaikin. Together they weave a live tapestry of Danny Heines' music. In his San Francisco home, Danny Heines talks about music between tones and between worlds.

Tuesday 06/04/02
Craig Armstrong is a classically trained composer and arranger from Glasgow, but his muse keeps drawing him towards rock music. He had a band called Texas in the 1980s and came to renown working with Bristol's Massive Attack. His skills with electronica orchestrations led to his film scores on Romeo & Juliet and Plunkett and Macleane. He's just released his second solo album, AS IF TO NOTHING (Melankolic), which features collaborations with U2's Bono and an ambient reworking of King Crimson's Starless. Craig Armstrong opens up his ambient scores on Echoes.

Wednesday 06/05/02
Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart casts the alloy of his drum orchestra. Best known for providing the rhythm for the legendary San Francisco rock group, Mickey Hart has also been pursuing a vision for a global orchestra. He's recently produced an album with Japanese Taiko drum ensemble, KODO and has released a best-of collection, To the Edge and Back. On Mickey Hart's northern California estate, we walk his Zen gardens and talk about his percussion utopia.

Friday 06/07/02
In his Los Angeles home, Rick Cox plays his guitar with maracas and a sponge, revealing the audio alchemy of his mutant guitar playing. Cox is a veteran musician who has appeared on dozens of film scores, including just about everything by composer Thomas Newman. Noted for his ability to create rich atmospheres, unusual sounds and angular melodies, Cox has also been a fixture on the Southern California avant-garde scene, recording on the Cold Blue label. Last year he released the solo album, MARIA FALLING AWAY (Cold Blue) which The Wire said had "prettiness with a tough core." A musician whose personality is as wild as his music, Rick Cox takes us on a ride.

*denotes compilation 

ID#02-J07-00110 Monday June 03, 2002 (Echoes Program 23Q)

First Half Hour
Giles Reaves Reverie Sea of Glass
Phil Thornton Forest Pathways Dreamscapes
Pedro Cortes Pani Flamenco Soul
Brian Keane To the Summit Ansel Adams
Zero Seven End Theme Simple Things
Ian Ritchie Lost People Globe Trekker*

Second Half Hour
Mark Knopfler Sons of Scotland A Shot at Glory
Luis Perez Sleeping Woman Tales of Astral Travelers
Michael Stipe/Asha Bhosle The Way You Dream One Giant Leap*
Elenei Karaindrou Cassandra's Theme Euripedes: Trojan Women
Robert Powell Delta Waves Desert Beach  
Shastro Shaman's Healing Shaman's Healing

Third Half Hour
Al-Andalus Chiaroscoro Genetic Memories
Moodswings Melted Teacup Horizontal
Jeff Pearce 11/11 Daylight Slowly
Dana Cunningham Above the Canopy Dancing at the Gate
Red Shift Mantra Cloudnoise Deep Field Image  

Fourth Half Hour

Danny Heines I Thought it was Raining What Worlds They Bring
Danny Heines Sketchy in Spain What Worlds They Bring
Danny Heines Bending Lament What Worlds They Bring
Danny Heines The Lonliest Monk What Worlds They Bring
Danny Heines Vir Vir What Worlds They Bring

ID#02-J07-00111 Tuesday June 04, 2002 (Echoes Program 23R)

First Half Hour
Craig Armstrong Hymn 2 As If To Nothing
Patrick Ball Bobby Casey's Fair Play
The Mediaeval Baebes Byrd One Brere The Rose
Riri Shimada Trois Gnossiennes: Lent Pianoworks: Satie
Ben Verdery Song Before Spring Ufonia
 Drala  Home  Drala  

Second Half Hour

Craig Armstrong Starless II As If To Nothing
Robert Rich/Ian Boddy State of Flux Outpost more info
Brian Ferry San Simeon Frantic
Margie Adams Avalon Avalon  

Third Half Hour
Michael Brook Ocean Motion Hybrid
Kitaro Inca An Ancient Journey
Bobby McFerrin Monks/The Shepherd Beyond Words
Deep Sky Divers Second Childhood's End Highlands & Skylands More Info
R. Carlos Nakai/William Eaton/Will Clipman Prelude to a Storm Echoes LRC Vol 7*
Kazu Matsui Small Monk Opening the Gate Bamboo

Fourth Half Hour
Jian Xiao-Qing Morning Dew Breathing Spaces
Lino Dali's Hoppers Satin Blue
The Brave Jilala Nocturnal Ritual Moroccan Spirit
Richard Bone Templenet Disorient
Tony McManus The Old Bush Ceol More
Scott Helland Golden Retrievers of Good Luck Earthbound

ID#02-J07-00112 Wednesday June 05, 2002 (Echoes Program 23S)

First Half Hour
Paul Avgerinos Song Without End Words Touch
Solas Maybe in a Prayer The Edge of Silence
Suzanne Teng Topanga Dreams Mystic Journey
Zero Ohms/Brannan Lane Soundfall Soundfall to the Infinite  

Second Half Hour
Tim Story Liquid Shadow Night The Perfect Flaw
Strange Cargo Hinterland Hinterland  
Tina Malia Forever Shores of Avalon
Al-Andalus Jinete Illumination  
Ancient Future Forest Frolic Planet Passion
Dan Siegel The Picnic Another Time Another Place  

Third Half Hour
Mickey Hart Sweet 16 Over the Edge and Back
Jalan Jalan Sembahyang Bali
Vangelis Movement 4 Mask  
Tom Heasley Prelude On the Sensations of Tone

Fourth Half Hour

Mickey Hart Udu Chant Over the Edge and Back
Martin/Klamt/Rownd Dreamwalking Convergence
Richard Souther Vision Vision

ID#02-J07-00113 Thursday June 06, 2002 (Echoes Program 23T)

First Half Hour
Chris Spheeris/Anthony Mazzella Toward the Light Brio
David Michael/Randy Meade Misty Morning Mountain in the Sky
Constance Demby Alleluliah Sanctum Sanctuorum
John Lyel/Brent Reiland Ethereal Float Synthetic Universe  
Iasla O'Lionaird Lament at Calvary The Seven Steps to Mercy

Second Half Hour
Klangwelt Nice 2CU Weltweit  
Operatica Khodoya Shine
Weather Report Scarlet Woman Mysterious Traveler
Tom Verlaine/Kronos Quartet Spiritual Big Bad Love
Yo-Yo Ma/Silk Road Journey Chi passa per'sta strada  Silk Road Journeys

Third Half Hour
John Zorn Mo'ed Bar Kohba  
Danny Heines Bending Lament What Worlds They Bring
Cybertribe Welcome to the Journey Dharma Cafe
Deborah van Dyke Journey Travelling the Sacred Sound Current

Fourth Half Hour
George Winston Tamarack Pines Forest
Stella Chiweshe Hovhimi Spirits of Liberation
Leni Stein Love Everyone Reprise Finally the Rain has Come
Talvin Singh/Rakesh Chaurasia Heaven Vira
The Paul Schwartz Project Vol de Nuit Earthbound

ID#02-J07-00114 Friday June 7, 2002 (Echoes Program 14R)

First Half Hour
Richard Bone Templenet Disorient
Chris Spheeris/Anthony Mazzella The Longing Brio
The Section Sober The String Tribute to Tool
Zero 7 End Theme Simple Things
Archetribe Wine Strand Earthtones
Der Spyra Cardoid Elevator to Heaven  

Second Half Hour
Ancient Future Semara Planet Passion
Erik Wollo Huldra 2 Wind Journey
Ishq Sky Blue Orchid
David Bridie The Koran the Ghan and a Yarn Act of Free Choice
Tim Clement/Kim Deschamps Waterline Wolfsong Night
Kitaro Sitara IV An Ancient Journey

Third Half Hour
Thomas Newman Brooks Was Here The Shawshank Redemption
Maggie Sansone A Traveler's Dream A Traveler's Dream
Ozzie Kotani Liliko'i To Honor a Queen
Happy Rhodes The Chariot Echoes LRC Vol 5*
Drala Home Drala

Fourth Half Hour

Rick Cox Long Distance Maria Falling Away
Solas Maybe in a Prayer The Edge of Silence
Darshan Ambient Night Fishing Providence  


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