For the Week of June 1, 1998

The following playlist is for one (1) week of ECHOES programming (5 days, 2

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                           HIGHLIGHTS FOR THE WEEK

                            Monday, June 1, 1998

                         TECHNO-TRIBAL TIMBUK TUU

Tuu combines waterdrums and flutes, synthesizers and drum machines to

create a sound that is sometimes rooted in rhythm, sometimes rooted in

space. Over the course of several albums, including their latest, MESH

(Fathom), Tuu have brought an organic sound to the techno-tribal formula,

creating a music of ritual and magic.  We enter the sanctum of Tuu in

England where they talk about their sound.

                            Tuesday, June 2,1998


Twenty years ago, Brian Eno played a few notes and created a few tape-loops

that resulted in the first road sign on the Ambient highway, "Music for

Airports."  Now that work has been transformed into an ambient chamber

music piece by Bang on a Can, a group of New York avant-gardists. We talk

with Bang on a Can about converting electronic and constructed music to

live musicians on Echoes.

                          Wednesday, June 3, 1998


Baka Beyond is a British group that began by fusing Baka Pygmy songs and

instruments with their own Celtic roots on the critically acclaimed album,

"Spirit of the Forest".   Since then, Baka Beyond's sound has embraced the

world, but still retains their own sense of rich melodicism and intricate

musicianship. Baka Beyond brings this sound to the Echoes living room,

playing music from their albums, "The Meeting Pool" and "Journey Between"


                          Thursday, June 4, 1998


Mychael Danna started out as a New Age musician, but over the years he's

found himself drawn to films, scoring many of Canadian director Atom

Egoyan's movies, including "The Sweet Hereafter".  Danna's scores also

include "Kama Sutra" and "The Ice Storm".  In his Toronto studio, Danna

talks about soundtracks that include the Hilliard Ensemble, synthesizers

and sitars.


*denotes compilation

ID# 98-J07-00108 Monday, June 1, 1998 (Echoes Program Y-13)

ARTIST                            SELECTION               RECORDING

                                  First Half Hour

Paul Avgerinos                    The Flames Are Awakened Balancing Spheres

Michael Hedges                    Java Man                Sounds of Wood &


Oruc Guvenc                       Version 2               Rivers of One

Forrest Fang                      Archipelago             World Diary

Sven Vath                         L'Esperanza             Accident in


                                  Second Half Hour

Will Ackerman                     Unconditional           Sound of Wind

Driven Rain

Yas-Kaz                           Journey from Water      Darkness in Dreams

George Winston                    Northern Plains         All the


Ceoltoiri                         My Darling, I'm Fond    Women of Ireland

                                  of You

Gustavo Santaolalla               Pampa                   Ronroco

Mark Hafer                        The Arrival             Eternum

                                  Third Half Hour

David Pritchard                   Driven                  Just One Look

Robert Rich                       Rites of the Bronze     Echoes Living Room

                                  Age                     Concerts V.3

Roedelius                         More of It              Aquarello

Liz Story                         17 Seconds to Anywhere  17 Seconds to


Helen O'Hara                      Love and Respect        Southern Hearts

                                  Fourth Half Hour

                                      FEATURE: TECHNO-TRIBAL TIMBUK TUU

Tuu                               All Our Ancestors       All Our


Bill Nelson                       Her Presence in Flowers Practically Wired

Najma                             Jheel Mai Chand         Pukar

Maire Breatnach                   Diarmuid                Celtic Lovers


        ID# 98-J07-00109 Tuesday, June 2,1998 (Echoes Proram Y-14)

ARTIST                            SELECTION               RECORDING

Lisa Lynne                        A Gentle Place          Daughters of the

                                                          Celtic Moon

Mychael Danna                     A Different Town        The Sweet


Robert Rich                       Rites of the Bronze Age Echoes Living Room

                                                          Concerts V.3

Dadawa                            Question From the       Voices From the


                                  Other Shore

R. Carlos Nakai                   Swallows & Nighthawks   Mythic Dreamer

                                  Second Half Hour

                                      FEATURE- BANG ON A CAN: AMBIENT


Bang on a Can                     1/1                     Music for Airports

Roedelius                         Elena                   Aquarello

Diva                              Choro Por Mim           Music From the

Edge of

                                                          Europe: Portugal

Mark Hafer                        Cavern                  Eternum

                                  Third Half Hour

Richard Burmer                    Cabrini                 Treasures of the


Ulli                              Children's Dance        Ageless

Cherish the Ladies                Her Mantle So Green     Threads of Time

Optical Image                     Act of Innocence        Another Treasure


Soul Food                         Wayob                   Breathe

Ken Bonfield                      Homecoming              Homecoming

                                  Fourth Half Hour

Ceoltoiri                         Joy Be With You...      Women of Ireland

David Pritchard                   Stairs                  Just One Look

Rasha                             Aquis Mahasnik Biman    Sundaniyat

Steve Erquiaga                    Presto                  Cafe Paradiso

Craig Armstrong                   Glasgow                 The Space Between


Hemisphere                        Spiritual Tramp         From Inside the



      ID# 98-J07-00110 Wednesday, June 3, 1998 (Echoes Program X-23)

ARTIST                            SELECTION               RECORDING

                                  First Half Hour

Kodo                              Akabanah                Ibuki

Darren Curtis Skanson             Drift Away              The Guitar Tree

Michael Thomas Berkley            The Emergence Of Man    Images from Earth

Irina Mikhailova                  Kamchelaya              Gothica

Simpson/Krishman/Hidalgo          The Slow Pageant        Kambara Music In



                                  Second Half Hour

Rudiger Opperman                  Emerald Forest          Unchain My Harp

Nakai, Eaton, Clipman             Magicians of the        Red Wind

                                  Red Wind

Kitaro                            Wood Fairy              Gaia

Gavin Lurssen                     Slow Burn               Restless

Monk                              Cascades                Hush

                                  Third Half Hour

Ancient Pathways                  Rosetta Stone           Ancient Pathways

Jesse Cook                        Byzanatium Underground  Vertigo

Alice In Chains                   Whale & Wasp            Jar of Flies

Michael & Mead                    Sky Safari              Courtship of

                                                          the Moon

Vangelis                          Movement 4              Soil Festivities

                                  Fourth Half Hour


                                  Track                   Original Album

Baka Beyond                       Mountain Song           Journey Between

Baka Beyond                       Kotu                    Journey Between

Baka Beyond                       Soiridh Leis            Journey Between

Baka Beyond                       Ohureo                  The Meeting Pool

Baka Beyond                       Journey                 The Meeting Pool


        ID# 98-J07-0111 Thursday, June 4, 1998 (Echoes Program Y-23)

ARTIST                            SELECTION               RECORDING

                                  First Half Hour

Bobby McFerrin                    Circlesong 6            Circlesongs

Steve Porcaro                     Banks Goes to           The Sentinel

                                  South America

Dean Evenson                      Emerald Sea             Sound Healing

Pilgrimage                        Ceremony                9 Songs of Ecstacy

Jam Nation                        Mekong                  Bliss*

Tingstad & Rumbel                 Sacajawea               American Acoustic

                                  Second Half Hour

Autumn's Child                    Born Out of Silence     Born Out of


Wm. Coulter /                     Stor Moi Chroi          Celtic Requiem

 Mary McLaughlin

Bill Nelson                       Themis Aurea            Echoes Living Room

                                                          Concerts V.2

Willie & Lobo                     Desert Sun              Caliente

Lisa Gerrard /                    Tempest                 Duality

  Pieter Bourke

                                  Third Half Hour

Liz Story                         17 Seconds to Anywhere  17 Seconds to


One Alternative                   Surrounded By Green     Changes

Steve Roach/                      Gone West               Dust to Dust

  Roger King

Night Ark                         Lullaby for the Sun     In Wonderland

Mark Rownd                        Eyes of Azure           Painting Twilight

                                  Fourth Half Hour

Chinmaya Dunster/                 Bliss of Ruantallian    Celtic Ragas

   Vidroha Jamie

Angels of Venice                  Si Je Perais Mon Amour  The Renaissance


Ken Bonfield                      La Petite Martha        Homecoming

Optical Image                     Discovery               Another Treasure


Ralf Illenberger                  Full Moon               Sedona

Synthetic Block                   Silver Sky              Synthetic Block


                 ID# 98-J07-0112 Friday, June 5, 1998 (Z-23)

ARTIST                            SELECTION               RECORDING

                                  First Half Hour

One                               Earth Calling           Blue Desires

Thomas Newman                     Prayer Wounds           Oscar & Lucinda

Will Ackermann                    Hawk Circle             Sound of Wind

Driven Rain

Ruben Garcia                      I Can Feel The Heat     I Can Feel The

                                  Closing In              Heat Closing In

Xumantra                          Xumantra                Sacred Singing


                                  Second Half Hour


Mychael Danna                     A Different Town        The Sweet


Michael Hedges                    Fantasia                The Renaissance

Album *

Armen Chakmakian                  Rain, Rain Go Away      Ceremonies

R.Carlos Nakai/                   Compassion              Winds of Devotion

    Nawang Khechog

                                  Third Half Hour

David Pritchard                   Driven                  Just One Look

Roedelius                         More Of It              Aquarello

Steve Roach/Roger King            Paint & Creosote        Dust To Dust

Kitaro                            Gaia                    Gaia

Ulli                              Certainly Maybe         Ageless

Douglas Spotted Eagle             Pure                    Pray

                                  Fourth Half Hour

John Wubbenhorst                  No Mind                 Facing East

Philip Glass                      Dreaming Of Fiji        The Truman Show*

Zoar                              If Only You Knew        Cassandra

McLauglin / Coulter               Keening Of The          Celtic Requiem

                                  Three Marys

Patrick O'Hearn                   Hear Our Prayer         Eldorado

Anthony Phillips &                Underwater Forest       Time & Tide

   Joji Hirota




Ackerman, Will            Sound of Wind Driven Rain($15.98/$10.98)

Alice In Chains                   Jar of Flies ($17.98)

Angels of Venice                  The Renaissance Album ($17.98)

Armstrong, Craig                  The Space Between Us ($16.98)

Autumn's Child                    Born Out of Silence ($17.98)

Avgerinos, Paul                   Balancing Sphere (N/A)

Bang On A Can                     Music For Airports ($17.98)

Berkley, Michael Thomas           Images From Earth ($17.98)

Bonfield, Ken                     Homecoming ($15.98/$8.98)

Breatnach, Maire                  Celtic Lovers ($17.98 cd only)

Burmer, Richard                   Treasures of the Saints ($17.98)

Ceoltoiri                         Women of Ireland ($17.98)

Cherish the Ladies                Threads of Time ($17.98)

Coulter & McLaughlin              Celtic Requiem ($16.98/$10.98)

Cook, Jesse                       Vertigo (New - $17.98)

Danna, Mychael & Jeff             A Celtic Romance ($15.98)

Danna, Mychael                    The Sweet Hereafter ($17.98)

Dadawa                            Voices From The Sky ($18.98)

Diva                              Music Froma The Edge of Europe ($17.98)

Dunster, Chinmaya                 Celtic Ragas ($17.98)

Douglas Spotted Eagle             Pray ($17.98)

Erquiaga, Steve                   Cafe Paradiso ($16.98)

Forrest Fang                      World Diary ($17.98)

Glass, Phillip                    Kundun ($17.98)

Glass, Phillip                    The Truman Show (New)

Guvenc, Oruc                      Rivers of One ($17.98)

Hafer, Mark                       Eturnum ($15.98)

Hedges, Michael                   Sounds of Wood & Steel ($15.98/$10.98)

Hemisphere                        From Inside the Cyclone(Import, $18.98)

Illenberger, Ralf                 Sedora  ($17.98)

Kitaro                            Gaia ($17.98)

Kodo                              Ibuki ($17.98)

Lynne, Lisa                       Daughters of the Celtic Moon ($15.98)

McFerrin, Bobby                   Circle Songs ($17.98)

Michael, David /                  Courtship of the Moon ($15.98)

   Mead, Randy

Mikhailova, Irina                 Gothic ($17.98)

Nakai,R. Carlos                   Mythic Dreamer ($16.98/$10.98)

Nakai, Easton, Chipman            Red Wind ($16.98)

Najma                             Pukar ($17.98)

Nation, Jim                       Bliss * ($17.98)

Nelson, Bill                      Practically Wired ($16.98)

Nelson, Bill                      Echoes LRC II ($15.98)

O'Hara, Helen                     Southern Hearts ($17.98)

O'Hearn, Patrick                  Eldorado ($15.98 / $10.98)

One Alternative                   Changes ($12.98)

Opperman, Rudiger                 Unchain My Harp ($17.98)

Optical Image                     Another Treasure Point (Import, $18.98)

Pilgrimage                        9 Songs of Ecstacy ($17.98)

Phillips /Hirota                  Time & Tide(Import,$18.98)

Pritchard, David                  Just One Look ($15.98)

Rasha                             Sundaniyat ($17.98)

Roedelius                         Aquarello ($17.98)

Rich, Robert                      Echoes LRC Vol. 3 ($15.98)

Roach / King                      Dust To Dust ($17.98)

Roedelius                         Aquarello ($17.98)

Rownd, Mark                       Painting Twilight ($17.98)

Santaolalla, Gustavo              Ronroco ($17.98)

Skanson, Darren Curtis            The Guitar Tree (New - $17.98)

Soul Food                         Breathe ($17.98)

Story, Liz                        17 Seconds to Anywhere ($15.98)

Synthetic Block                   Synthtic Block ($17.98)

TUU                               All Our Ancestors ($16.98)

Tingstad & Rombel                 American Acoustic ($7.98)

Vangelis                          Soil Festivities (N/A)

Vath, Sven                        Accident in Paradise ($17.98)

Ulli                              Ageless($17.98)

Willie & Willie                   Caliente ($17.98)

Winston, George                   All The Seasons of....($15.98/$10.98)

Wubbenhorst, John                 Facing East ($14.98)

Yas-Kaz                           Darkness in Dreams ($15.98)

Zoar                              Cassandra ($17.98)


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